Losing can only last for so long before a team is finally rewarded. Tonight, the Canucks take on their arch-rival, the Boston Bruins in a game that should set rating records all across the Lower Mainland and parts of rural British Columbia. Ryan Miller is coming off of a spectacular outing against the Penguins and if tonight’s matchup is anything like Saturday, keep the energy drinks in the fridge because you won’t need them.

There’s enough intensity to go around.


Whether it be the flu, mumps, or food poisoning, the Canucks are getting to see most of their expanded roster by default. Joe Labate is back in the fold, Jayson Megna is riding shotgun with Bo Horvat. Alexandre Grenier is still here… so far. There may be some good news later in the day that could see a player or two return this evening.

Ryan Miller will once again be Vancouver’s champion and start against the Bruins.

Vancouver Canucks lines courtesy of Dailyfaceoff.com:

Ryan Spooner is still out with a concussion and will not play. The top line of Brad Marchand, Patrice Bergeron and David Backes will definitely have the Canucks on edge which will allow the next two lines to wreak havoc. The Bruins came into Vancouver at the right time.

Tuukka Rask should get the start.

Boston Bruins lines courtesy of Dailyfaceoff.com:


  • Goal droughts have hit the Canucks hard and it’s up to Horvat and oddly enough Michael Chaput to get them out of it. Hate to say it, Chaput has been impressive enough that I’m rooting for him. Look what this team has done to us.
  • Ryan Miller has faced 175 shots in his last five games, that’s an average of 35/game. He has one win in that span and has allowed 14 goals. The scary thing is: what happens if he burns out? Jacob Markstrom isn’t quite ready so Richard Bachman will have to be ready at a moments notice. This could be a blessing in disguise, potentially.
  • Vancouver signed forward Drew Shore to a contract for the remainder of the season. Jim Benning has hit some homers lately so maybe he’s another one?
  • Going into tonight’s game, Bergeron, Marchand and, Colin Miller are in the top-6 Corsi% in the league with 60.29, 60.20 and, 59.05 respectively. Clearly a team headed in the right direction.
  •  I think we can call it: with a 10-point deficit, the Canucks are eliminated from the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs. I wanted to be the first to tell you all. Better luck next year.


If anything, it keeps everyone interested a bit longer. Tonight’s game would be fun to see him and Chara hit each other like big horn sheep.


I believe in the Canucks, I really do, but a streaking Bruins club and countless games where the Canucks allow 35-40+ shots per night are adding up and it can’t continue or every game here on out will be a loss.


Well, I think the only thing that could get any worse would be the Draft Lottery deciding the Canucks fall further to once again pick around the 5th spot. That’s about it. OK, giving the captaincy to Jayson Megna would maybe be worse.

  • Dirty30

    It’s games like this where I miss Prust and his groin-spearing ways. Last season Daniel was turning into a thug … maybe he will speed-bag Marchand as a way of saying all is forgiven but not forgotten.

    This could be an ugly game …

  • TheRealPB

    Shore draws in and Grenier takes a seat. Grenier is likely done as he really hasn’t shown enough even if his chances have not been Megna-esque (though to be fair to Megna, whether he scores or generates enough shots or not, he is clearly a hard-working and legitimate fourth-liner; it’s not really his fault he’s being misused like this).

    • Chris the Curmudgeon

      I don’t know why you think that, Grenier has been just fine in the games he’s played for us this year. He’d be perfectly acceptable as a 12th forward at this point, which is more than I can say for some of the plumbers who we’ve seen more frequently this year.

      • TheRealPB

        Three games in which he’s averaged six and a half minutes, one shot, a -1 and little time on the ice to really measure his effect? He’s had 9 games over 2 seasons. You could argue that he hasn’t gotten a decent shot with the Canucks (and I’d say the same about Pedan) but has he really done that much to show potential? I guess he’s been ok in the AHL, but not much better than Megna or Chaput. For all the grief those two get, they’re basically the same as some of our callups or pro signings and Chaput is actually a year younger than Grenier.

        • Chris the Curmudgeon

          I’ve been pretty happy with Chaput lately, actually. I don’t think he and Megna are interchangeable (Megna also quite a bit older than Grenier). In his limited time with the team, Grenier has actually 5 on 5 corsi’d at around 68%: low sample size, but still justification enough to play him more and see if it’s just a fluke or if he can actually drive play. Pretty low harm in giving him enough time and games to see if he can actually stick in the NHL (I agree and feel the same way about Pedan also not getting a fair chance, BTW).

  • wojohowitz

    The Bruins have also had quite a turnover in personnel since winning the cup, but given their place in the standings, they have done it well. I count three forwards and three defencemen still left over.