Canucks Army Roundtable: Into the Stretch Run

It’s that time of the week again for the Roundtable, and today’s question focuses on the stretch run for the Canucks. With a playoff berth a major longshot at this point, what is there to get out of the rest of the season?

I’ve asked our writers what they deem to be a successful end to the season.

Jackson McDonald

Losing every remaining game and drafting in the top 3

J.D. Burke

I want the Canucks to perform like the Toronto Maple Leafs of last year down the stretch. Keep losing, but do so in glorious fashion with a plethora of youth making their NHL debut’s and getting legitimate chances in positions where they can succeed. Obviously, the desired goal here is a high draft pick. To that exact end, you’ll have to pardon my nihilism, but I want this team to lose and often. I just wouldn’t mind if they looked half-decent throughout the process.

Vanessa Jang

Play the young players and give them the opportunity to succeed. We’re probably going to be drafting in the top 10 regardless of whether Willie coaches to win, so might as well get to that position with some entertaining, youth-filled hockey!!

Tyler Horsfall

A successful season from this point on is playing their top young guns in more prominent roles and accepting the fact that they likely will make mistakes, but will grow with proper coaching. This means playing them in all situations, whether it’s defending a lead or trying to tie it up in the last minute. It means not benching a rookie after they’ve made a turnover or error. It means having them rub elbows with the Sedins, Edler, Miller, Eriksson to learn about what it takes to win, proper work ethic, proper training, and proper mental preparation. If the Canucks commit to playing their youth more, the end of game results don’t matter. If the team wins while playing youth more? Great! If the team loses while playing youth more? Great! The whole point of a rebuild or tank is to inject youth into the lineup and get them used to the NHL game and help them grow. That’s what the rest of the Canucks season should look like: giving the young guns like Goldobin, Horvat, Baertschi, Gaunce, Tryamkin, Stecher, etc. every opportunity to improve their game, learn from their mistakes, learn from the veterans on what it takes to succeed, and grow.

Taylor Perry

Play the prospects. Play the young kids who the organization views as the future of the franchise. If they win that way, fine – I just want them to approach the remainder of the season with an eye towards the future. When Desjardins plays Megna and Chaput in prominent roles, when we know they are not part of the Canucks’ future, it suggests the team (or at least Willie) is still focused on short term goals, like “making the playoffs.” If the Canucks play the kids and win – even if it costs them a few spots in the draft lottery standings – then that’s a middle ground on which I believe most every fan can stand. If the kids try their best and lose, the Canucks draft lottery odds improve. With this season a lost cause in terms of winning a championship, it’s time to fully look towards the future.

Matthew Henderson

It’s giving the younger players the experience and not worrying about ice time for the aging veterans that won’t be here passed next season.

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    • Vanoxy

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      • Bud Poile

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      • Bud Poile

        The new spam advertising is seriously screwing with my connection’s ability to function.
        The inability to edit is a big no-no for anybody writing anything.
        Essentially,this site is now more about revenue than ever before.

  • Bud Poile

    I agree with Bob. You ask us our opinions but just got rid of a user-friendly platform where now the task is onerous.As for the Canucks they still have a mathematical chance at playoff in the middle of March.At 65 points over 67 games the year is a success. As for the tanking enthusiasts, that’s not how the game is played. Winniong is the game and then picking up a Boeser at 23 or Demko at 36,Tryamkin at 66 or a Gaudette at 149.

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  • LouSlips

    I totally understand that it must be infuriating to post a comment and lose it, but this site is way better for phones than it was before.

    Oh, and yeah, the Canucks should play young players and still try to win, which would be a win if they start winning, and if they lose, so it’s a win-win. Although I guess there was a “lose” in the middle there, but sort of a soft “lose”, so more like a “win-*lose*-win”

  • Dirty30

    A winning season would be getting all the prospects up for a look and to showcase what the future will look like for a while.

    It would be a good time to sit out some banged up vets or anyone nursing injuries, even if some plodders have to play.

    Exposing Sutter and his four mil salary to shelter Gaunce would also be a success. I’m still not convinced that Sutter is the future and not at that cost-benefit ratio. We’re stuck with Loui and six mil worth of declining production, adding Sutter’s four mil makes 10 mil worth of cap that could have been better spent.

    Finally, either wake up Willie or set him free but that has to change. New systems or a new coach equals success.

  • TD

    I want a high pick as well and can respect some of what JD said, losing but competitive, but Jackson’s comments are ridiculous. I get wanting to draft in the top 3, but how does losing every remaining game help any of the young players in the line-up. Does he want them to develop in the Oilers’ model from the last 10 years?

    Play the kids equally with the vets. Let the kids get the PP time. At the same time, I don’t mind sitting the kids if they make stupid mistakes or fail to follow clear directions. There has to be consequences in order to learn properly. But play them through the normal learning pains.

    I don’t mind Chaput or Megna as long as they are on the fourth line. I can’t stand Megna on the first, second, or third lines. Megan and Chaput should never be on the ice late in games when down a goal. Fire Willie now if he can’t deploying for the future development of the kids.