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Tonight marks the second-last meeting between the Canucks and Kings both teams have something to prove. For the Canucks, it’s now about developing the talent rising through the ranks and getting the most out of aging stars Daniel and Henrik Sedin. Los Angeles, however, is trying to keep their playoff hopes alive and two points would help that cause.

The Canucks will debut Nikolay Goldobin against LA so it’s Saturday night fever for Canucks fans as the puck drops in Hollywood.

Not like a REAL fever from say, the mumps, but just the Saturd… you know what, I think you get it.


There will be some changes in the lineup tonight as Goldobin debuts and Brendan Gaunce will probably fall to the fourth line. Joe Labate played for Utica last night so it’s entirely possible he doesn’t get to LA in time.

Hopefully, Jacob Markstrom starts to give Ryan Miller at least one game off. With 4 wins in his last 14 games played, Miller needs a break because he just can’t be what he was 10 years ago.

Vancouver Canucks lines courtesy of

Defensive Pairings
Alexander Edler
Alexander Edler
Troy Stecher
Troy Stecher
Luca Sbisa
Luca Sbisa
Philip Larsen
Philip Larsen
Ben Hutton
Ben Hutton
Alex Biega
Alex Biega


Jarome Iginla is the newest King and he gets top billing for this one. LA can dish it out on any line and even though they’re sitting 8th in the West, all they need to do is get in and it’s entirely possible they do some serious damage this spring.

Jonathan Quick is getting back into form and will start this one.

Los Angeles Kings lines courtesy of


  • In his last six games against the Kings, Henrik Sedin is a point per game player. Four of those points have come on the power play and one was a GWG. Stats say he should do something productive tonight.
  • Loui Eriksson needs to show the Canucks he still plays for them. He has four points in 2017 and they weren’t exactly recent. I think if he was healthy, Derek Dorsett would be playing better than Eriksson. That’s saying something.
  • Bo Horvat is a bit off of his streak right now scoring once in his last five games. He had a run for a bit and he’s cooled off. He had a pretty good showing at the All-Star Game so maybe he will rekindle that flame. Bonus tidbit – no Sean Monahan to pass to.
  • Brendan Gaunce still sporting an above average CF% with 52.5%. He may not be scoring but he’s making his time count. Being a defensive forward isn’t exactly sexy but its necessary.
  • I could really use a Tryamkin smash


Very original


The Canucks have to be sick of losing these close ones, losing games where a bad period buries them or where it just isn’t going their way. Are they the best anymore, no they are not. What is promising, though, is that Willie Desjardins is willing to get the next generation in the lineup now, whereas he was a bit hesitant before.

As the great Jay-Z once said “Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t”. Willie, the numbers tell the story, time to change it up.


Everything points to Goldobin but I can see Markus Granlund being the hero for Vancouver. What a season he has had. His career year of 16G and 11A has bumped him up the roster, even though he’s spent time pretty much everywhere.

  • Steamer

    Excitement abounds! Megna back with the Sedins? Goldobin & Boucher on the 4th line? A PP featuring only players 30+ – can it be done? Willie will try! Best of all, absolutely no evaluation of young guns from the farm: no Subban, no McEneney, Grenier – because it isn’t the time to appraise our prospects in the midst of a playoff race!!! Must confess, beginning to wonder if it could have been any worse if Benning had signed Ludwig Blomstrand instead of Eriksson?

  • Freud

    I have been constantly told bringing young players like Goldobin into a losing environment is extremely bad for their development. Something, something, Edmonton Oilers?

  • RIP

    Miller played amazing against the Sharks last game. So not sure what the comment on giving him a break is about. So frustrating that this blog continues to state that Miller can’t handle the workload yet he has proven them wrong every time. It like beating a dead horse; CA keeps pointing to it. Pretty sure those 10 loses had something to do with the team in front of him.

    Ray Ferraro bluntly stated on team 1040 that the Canucks need Miller and Marksttom is not ready and may never be. He referenced the Jets disaster as an example on when you go into a season with an unproven goalie.

    By the way how is Eddie Lack doing?

    • Roy

      Ray Ferraro is also a hooting simpleton.

      Isn’t Tanev playing? I didn’t watch too closely but he did play the Sharks the other day, no? – or is this the typical Dailyfaceoff week-old info.

      I’d much rather see a text-only educated guess at the lines and pairings than a pretty looking but consistently incorrect cluster of colourful jerseys.

      Also, the first sentence of this article hurts my brain.

    • defenceman factory

      I thought Markstrom was still hurt. Other sites are reporting he won’t be on the bench as a back-up.

      A few months ago the future plan for goaltending was Miller-Markstrom-Demko. Seemed like a reasonable plan at the time.

      Given the sparse use of Markstrom this year, Miller not moving at the deadline and some growing pains for Demko is a new plan in the works?

      Paying over $9mil for goaltending probably shouldn’t persist. This is well above where most teams are at.

      • DJ_44

        They are not paying $9M; Miller/Markstrom have been paid a combined $7.5M for last season and this season.

        Markstrom’s extension kicks in next year. Miller is a UFA.

        • defenceman factory

          Thank you, I stand corrected on current contract values.

          $7.5 mil is still on the high side for goaltending and with Markstrom due a large raise. Where to from here?

          Without Markstrom getting regular starts is there confidence he can take over from Miller? I seriously doubt Miller will sign a one year deal if the Canucks want to resign him.

  • Dirk22

    Goldobin with Sutter and Megna?!. He’s going to be missing his Barracuda line mates once he sees the playmaking ability of these guys. Nice way to introduce him to his new team.

  • wojohowitz

    This is game 2 of a 20 game mini-season that decides Willie`s future with the team. Will we be seeing a lot of the twins, Eriksson, Megna and Miller? Will the Canucks be losing by a score of 3-1 or 4-1? Will Goldobin, Boucher and Cramarossa get more or less than 5 minutes of icetime? Will the power play be 0 for 6? Will the penalty killing go 2 for 4? In his post game comments will Willie talk about the good effort the team put out?

  • RIP

    Forgort to mention that I think it is about time we bench Erikson. I know we are a better team when we ice him. But man does he need a wake up call. He needs to know it’s not acceptable to not produce at $6m per year. Give him a game or 2 in the box.

  • Bud Poile

    This was the season they hoped Markstrom would become a #1 but as RIP/Ferraro stated that has been revisited.

    That decision was made prior to the New Year so it’s pretty old news now.

  • Lets hope Willie got the memo about change in direction. Zed is dead, and so is retool on the fly. Time to change things up. Forget about playoffs and winning for now. It’s all about see what we have in our younger players, players unknown to Willie, and how they fit in our future. For now, the NHL is a development league for us.