Jannik Hansen: ‘6 or 7 Playoff Teams on trade list’

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Photo Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin – USA TODAY Sports

If the Vancouver Canucks have designs on trading Jannik Hansen, it sounds as though the player aims to be reasonably accommodating throughout.

Speaking with reporters after practice on Friday, Hansen didn’t shy from the deadline ruminations. Confronted by a horde of reporters, Hansen talked about the deadline, his expectations and where he’s willing to go. Hansen, candid as always, delivered a handful of useful quotes that grant insight into what challenges — and opportunities — await the Canucks as the days count down to March.

Luckily for us, TSN 1040 AM was there to record the media availability in its entirety. We’re a little bit late to the story, but I’ve gone to the trouble of jotting down everything worth discussing. Let’s dive right in.

Hansen starts by addressing how he’s feeling going into this deadline. He’s affable throughout and seems more or less accepting of what the deadline holds.

“Again, it’s out of my hands — it has been out of my hands the whole season. Of course, we’ve moved a step closer now that they’ve actually asked [for a list of eight teams I’d waive my no-trade clause for]. Again, it’s something that’s always been there.”

A reporter then goes on to ask whether Hansen was put off by Canucks general Manager Jim Benning asking him to submit his list of teams he’s willing to waive his no-trade clause and report to, after previously stating that he wouldn’t ask players with no-trade protection to waive under any circumstances. To Hansen’s credit, he’s fairly level-headed about it all and only willing to cite the benefits of Benning’s feigned promise.

“No, I think [Benning’s previously stated position on no-trade clauses] was smart. [Benning] gave us an option to tell you guys to leave us alone, and it worked. It wasn’t up until about a week ago [that I fielded trade deadline questions]. I mean, it was nice and easy. We could refer to him. He obviously took a lot of heat for it. It made it very easy for us.”

That’s a fair point to make, and I’m sure Benning appreciates Hansen’s response to the Canucks shifting position on no-trade clauses. By that same token, it’s not like this kind of media firestorm was going to intensify before February, and Canucks players have fielded deadline questions for most of February because of the Canucks changing stance on veterans and no-trade protection.

This is where things started to get a little more difficult for Hansen. One reporter asks of the quality and viability of the eight teams on Hansen’s list, citing Radim Vrbata’s notorious list of non-playoff teams that he was willing to sign off on a trade to at last deadline. Hansen’s answer is pleasantly surprising, insofar as he gives one.

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“Majority are playoff teams. I think I put six or seven playoff teams and one personal team. I think it was a fair list. At least by my perception. Whether or not he can make a deal with them [or] if he wants to — I can’t tell you that.”

Like I said, that’s a surprisingly detailed answer for this time of year. Usually, it’s canned responses and cliches as far as one can type. Hansen wasn’t done there, though. When pressed about what he prioritized when making his list (whether that’s location, contender’s status, etc.) he goes on to list concerns about uprooting his family as reasons for pause throughout the process.

“For me, it’s also [about] next year. I need to move a family. If it was just a matter of going on a run with a team — maybe you could leave your family here, keep the kids in school. I also have to think a little further than that. Make it obviously complicated a little bit — not just picking the top eight teams in the league.”

Part of the reason the Canucks have to deal Hansen is the looming Expansion Draft. It appears that’s part of the reason Hansen isn’t wont to go just anywhere else, too. It doesn’t make a tonne of sense for a family man like Hansen to move on for a Stanley Cup run, only to find himself with the Vegas Golden Knights for the final year of his contract, assuming they keep him through to its conclusion.

For those reasons, I’d suggest that many of the teams on his list of seven playoff contenders that he’d willingly report to have space in their expansion draft plans to keep him. Those teams exist, but they are rare.

Whatever the case, we’ve a better idea now than we did going into today of the likelihood of a Hansen trade. And for those among us hoping the Canucks sell off assets at this year’s deadline, today’s new is mostly positive. It’s a start.

  • Braindead Benning

    Hansen will be sorely missed for sure, can’t think of many player types like him that are not only cost friendly but very useful in all situations/line combos and will stick up for teammates.

    After the recent trade of Patrick Eaves fetching a 2nd or potentially a 1st should no doubt be the minimum starting point the Canucks could receive for Hansen and maybe perhaps a prospect in return

  • TheRealPB

    I have no problem with NMCs or NTCs — players have earned the right to dictate at least some of the terms of their employment when they’ve established themselves in the league. But there are players who show professionalism in the way in which they wield this small amount of leverage and those that do not. Sometimes it’s really in the player’s best interest to be more accommodating — I see Vrbata last year as really screwing himself (and yes he might have been pissed at the Canucks for taking him from a prime position on the Sedin’s wing to babysitting Horvat and Baertschi) but I think that was part of the reason that he didn’t sign a deal until so late this past summer and for so little money. Kesler got what he wanted but really solidified his reputation as a dick. On the other hand, Bieksa, Garrison, and even Hamhuis really did what was best for both themselves and the Canucks (even if the Canucks screwed up the situation with the latter). It’s refreshing to see Hansen being so candid about this. I would be very surprised and disappointed should a deal NOT be made. I’m really hoping for Minnesota and one of their top prospects rather than a pick. Any of Tuch, Greenaway or Kunin would be an absolute steal.a

  • Bud Poile

    “[Benning] gave us an option to tell you guys to leave us alone, and it worked. It wasn’t up until about a week ago [that I fielded trade deadline questions]. I mean, it was nice and easy. We could refer to him. He obviously took a lot of heat for it. It made it very easy for us.” Jannick Hansen

    Benning is ‘damned if he does and damned if he don’t’ but he puts his players first and that is on display here.

    The insincerity inferred to herein is not coming from Benning.

  • TD

    I hope they are able to make a trade that is good for the team and Jannik. He’s been a good player for this team for a long time. It would be nice to see him win a cup and find a new home so that he doesn’t have to uproot the family a second time.

  • Andy

    It’s unfortunate that Eaves got traded to the Ducks.
    It’d have been amazing to see a Hansen/Hutton package for one of Vatanen/Lindholm/Fowler and a bad contract. Heck, I’d give back a 2nd round pick if it can pry Vatanen out.

    • Braindead Benning

      Agreed Andy,

      I don’t know if it was you or not that made the comment/proposal for Hansen and Miller for the Ducks 1st? But that made total sense considering what the Stars received in Eaves.

  • Rodeobill

    He will always be our honeybadger, no BS on or off the ice. I’m sure he knows (as Burrows must) that it’s not because the fans don’t want him, it’s because they are what we have to deal in a time where we need to. Hope to see him back in blue and green one day. If he does get traded and scores on us in the future, i’d still swear out loud, but after I can see myself saying “we’ll at least it’s the Honninggrævling.”

    That take no shhhht attitude is worth something for the locker room too when times are tough, so I hope they take that into consideration when bargaining.

  • TheRealRusty

    7-8 playoff teams? Now that is what I want to hear from a professional athlete! Someone who values winning the Cup as the ultimate goal. I have always wondered about why some players like Vrbata (if the rumours are true) choose to provide teams with poison pill list of non playoff teams. What does that say about their competitiveness and willingness to do what it takes to win?

    • Fred-65

      If I recall correctly Vrbata’s wife was I the late stage of her pregnancy and he didn’t want to leave town regardless of the out come

      Bennng is also obliged to trade a team with the least chance of play-off success so any draft picks is as high as he can get

    • crofton

      I think some of it may be that they envision themselves as saviours. They can go to a s&*^ club, be an average or maybe slightly better than average player and be a hero. ” Boy that Vrbata, really lighting it up…leading the Coyotes in scoring” BFD what did he do his last year in Vancouver except become invisible.

  • defenceman factory

    It will be a sad day if Hansen leaves the Canucks. He has been and continues to be a hard working consummate professional, even under the pressure of having to move his family. He is the kind of veteran player a rebuilding team needs to lead the youth by example. He is a valuable and proven asset here. If he moves the return must be substantial.

  • Smyl and Snepsts

    Hansen and Burrows are the definition of class and professionalism. Both stick up for their team mates at all costs and are wonders in the community. They will sadly missed but hopefully will go to winners. Hopefully back in the Canucks family one day.