Canucks Army Monday Mailbag: February 20th


That’s a really good question, and one I’m not entirely sure how to answer. There are several layers to it. The team is terrible, and Tanev’s played with all sorts of linemates throughout the season, but rarely with his usual partner, Alexander Edler. There’s also the litany of injuries that Tanev suffered early in the season.

I tend to think that last point is most responsible for Tanev’s poor showing in this light. It’s why I’m not terribly concerned in the bigger picture. Tanev’s usually steady as a rock. I expect that as he returns to full health, and I think he’s getting there, his underlying metrics will reflect as much.

For whatever it’s worth, he certainly appears to be getting more comfortable with the puck. At least to the naked eye he does.

I’d assume you’re referencing my sister’s dog. He goes by J.T. Burke. That stands for James Tiberius. Get it, James Tiberius Burke. I just call him pupper.

I empathize with your plight, truly, I do. I’m probably not the right person to take these complaints up with. If it makes you feel any better, last night’s game wasn’t exactly eye candy. Then again, not many are these days.

I don’t think so, no. Ryan Miller’s played a great season, and I’ve no intention of taking anything away from him. He’s earned all the praise he’s getting. By that same token, he’s 36-years-old. In goalie years, that’s playing with fire.

The clever play for the Canucks would be to find a 1B netminder to run tandem with Markstrom. One such option that comes to mind was just at Rogers Arena, too. I’d check in on the Philadelphia Flyers Michal Neuvirth. He’s flashed potential. Maybe he can take the job here and run with it?

Now, whether they can deal him for a ‘high pick’ is another question entirely. At this stage, I think the rest of the league sees Miller as a 1B himself. Last year James Reimer secured a fourth-round pick for the Leafs, and his contract was much easier to fit than Miller’s. I’d say that’s the benchmark. And you know what? I’d still do that deal in a heartbeat.

The Canucks didn’t even sign Jayson Megna to be a 13th forward — that just kind of happened. He was supposed to play with the Utica Comets all season because he’s an AHL forward. Instead, he plays on the first unit power play. What a world.

The Calgary Flames general manager Brad Treliving is, in my estimation, one of the smartest in the business. He’s done excellent work in Calgary, and once the Deryk Engelland and Dennis Wideman contracts are off the books, I’m terrified to think of what comes next.

All this is to say that I think Treliving is far too smart to accept this trade. I would, however, be curious to find out if the Flames have interest in Hansen. Hansen is a right winger, and Calgary sure could use a few of those in their lineup — especially ones that can score.

I highly doubt it. Adam Fox — taken a few picks after William Lockwood — is over a point per game player as a defenceman. The Flames aren’t moving him. I just can’t imagine it happening. Certainly not for Hansen. I doubt they’d part with a first round pick, either.

Maybe the Canucks can get Oliver Kylington out of Calgary. He’s a young defenceman with great offensive instincts, in a mould not entirely dissimilar to Jordan Subban. That intrigues me.

The Vegas Golden Knights take Hansen and run with it. If not for what he can bring to their lineup in the first year, they’ll want him for what they can get for him at the trade deadline.

You haven’t really narrowed things down for me here. I’m going to be going right off the top of my head for each player.

Hansen: Oliver Kylington

Burrows: Michael McCarron

Ryan Miller: Mattias Backman

Edler: Tomas Tatar

Brendan Gaunce’s teammates surrender ten fewer shot attempts per hour in aggregate when they play with him; they send an extra four-plus at the opposition net. All this is to say: yes. In a big way, Gaunce is driving puck possession.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 12.08.03 AM

@JordanAMHawkins asks:

Think there is any hope in Canucks moving JB to director of scouting and getting a guy to come in to be the trade and asset management portion of the GM. I think he has an eye for talent but not for negotiation.

I think that’s probably a non-starter. Put yourself in Benning’s shoes. That’s a tough pill for a proud man to swallow. I’d almost prefer unemployment if I were in a similar scenario.

I’ve changed my tone a bit over the years, in the sense that I just can’t bring myself to advocate publicly or even privately for someone’s dismissal from their job. I may disagree with most everything Benning does, but ideally, I’d just prefer it if he made adjustments to how he approached management of the Canucks. Let’s hope for that instead.

  • Charlie Allnut

    Your last paragraph there, where you decline to take on the role of a hatchet man, is most admirable and with which I fully agree and for which you are to be commended. Therefore, I say you may also keep your job!

  • Locust

    Wow, two good articles in a row by the guy I have bashed for months. I am impressed that you have eliminated the underhanded snarkiness and replaced it with well thought out criticism. Thanks.

    What are the odds we have both turned the page …. ???

    • TrueBlue

      Uhhh.. I think he’s sounded the same all year. The tone of the comments are what has changed. I think people are a lot more receptive to ‘tank speak’ these days.

      To say nothing of the passive aggressive ‘snarkiness’ in your own comment.

      • Locust

        Total bs.
        JD was the absolute king of douchebaggery and proudly displayed his talents for a long time.
        Your inability to either remember or comprehend is the issue.

  • RobsNNAccount

    Does anyone think Guance’s excellent possession numbers points to higher ceiling than we imagined going into the season? Honestly, despite his poor offensive output I’d like to see him on the third line next year. Put him with some players that can do something with possession.

  • Bud Poile

    Nah,J.D. hasn’t changed.

    The Canucks just lost their run at the playoffs so he doesn’t have to directly/indirectly kick him in the teeth for a little while.

    • Vanoxy

      Luckily, good ol’ Bud P hasn’t changed either.

      Every time I read one of his posts I still get a whiff of the heady aroma of delusion, self-righteousness and Jim Benning’s nuts.

      Don’t ever change Bud. We’re all rooting for you! And there is hope…