Canucks Army Roundtable: Sell High, Buy High!


We are getting closer and closer to the NHL Trade Deadline, which means rumours are starting to fly. The Canucks seem to be keeping quiet on their plans for the deadline, but that hasn’t stopped the likes of Burrows, Hansen and Miller, among others, from being mentioned in deals.

With all of this in mind, what would you consider a successful deadline for the team? I asked our writers for their thoughts!

Taylor Perry

I would consider jettisoning at least two of Hansen, Burrows, and Miller for picks and/or prospects a successful deadline for the Canucks. Even trading one of them would be an improvement over last year’s deadline performance. While Benning’s radio comments today didn’t exactly inspire confidence that this season should be any different, here’s hoping he has already approached the subject with his players and is laying the groundwork for a couple of future-looking trades.

Grainne Downey

having more draft picks than they currently have

Vanessa Jang

I second Grainne

Sillig Ekim

Moving Hamhuis, Vrbata, and the Yard Sale 7

Jackson McDonald

I think the Canucks should look into trading [VETERAN] for [FUTURES]. [VETERAN] has been an important part of this team for a long time, but he’s just not going to be contributing at the level we’re accustomed to by the time the Canucks are competitive again. [FUTURES] on the other hand, could potentially contribute to this team for many years to come.
The answer is simple, trade [VETERAN] for [FUTURES]!


Draft picks are great and all but what Benning has done (ducks for cover) by acquiring players that have already been developed or are already on their way to becoming established players, to me sounds like a better plan than acquiring a multitude of picks. You can bring in players that are closer to making the team or can fit a variety of roles without having to wait for them to pan out or HOPE that they pan out.
At the same time, you have to make sure the cupboards are stocked. As Jackson said, veterans for futures. That can look like a few things and I would rather see more Granlunds and Baertschis where someone else has already put in the time.  Obviously, this isn’t a solution every time but there are enough players that are worth going for right now instead of waiting 3-5 years to maybe get what you want.
Make a splash with your first pick and educate yourself enough with players that are a car trip away in Junior.
Or trade for Malkin

Tyler Horsfall

Trade away all the old, worn-out players for new, shinier ones and draft picks.

  • Steampuck

    Larry Brooks was proposing that the Rangers kick the wheels on an Alexandre Burrows rental. I love the Burrows-to-Montreal narrative, but a return to playing for Vigneault makes a bit of sense. A successful deadline also means moving Hansen. Because otherwise we risk losing him for nothing to Vegas. I don’t know that the return needs to be picks or prospects, so long as it doesn’t involve any players that require protection in the expansion draft.

  • Bud Poile

    Miller- (limited 25 team no-trade list)

    Burrows- NTC

    Sbisa needs to be moved or risk being lost

    Same as Hansen

    Jannik Hansen (limited; 22-team no-trade list)

          • Whackanuck

            You guys are unnecessarily nasty. Bud plays the loyal fan.

            Im going to go against the grain a bit. 4th round picks and later are NOT what the ‘nucks need now. It’s the top line forwards and I’d throw in some players and picks to go top rounds or prospects. I’d love to get McCarron from Montreal even if he only replaces Hansen on a third line. Also,if the canucks aren’t top 4 after the lottery I’d trade the first down to about 15 to 20 plus a 2nd. It’s likely Columbus will give their 2nd so that would be a first, three 2nds and a third. If one is really nuts, package the picks with a player and prospect for 2 first liners. Thank you, thank you very much!!!!!

        • Freud

          I don’t need to be on my toes with you.

          I just wait in the batters box, flat footed and bored, wait for you to lob a softball and I crush it outta the park with a link to evidence that you are again, wrong.

  • Always90Four: Benning’s record on trading for developed players isn’t really any better than the odds of drafting these players and developing them yourself. Sure he’s nailed it with Baertschi and Granlund, but he dropped the ball with Vey, Clendening, Etem, and Conacher, and the jury’s still out on Pedan.

    The Baertschi trade was amazing and the Granlund trade was solid, but the Canucks need first line talent, not complementary pieces.

    • TD

      I think Always90Four’s point was that the players would be closer at 20 or 21 than drafting an 18 year old player in the later rounds. There aren’t many prospects in Utica that look close. A trade for a partially developed player does’t necessarily increase the odds that the player will make it, but it shortens the time until they might.

      • My point, and sorry if I didn’t make it clearly in my previous post, was that this is a good way to add complementary players to a competitive team, but that’s not what the Canucks need right now. If you’re not filling a need and you’re not actually increasing your odds of landing an NHL player, then it’s probably not the right path to take.

  • LTFan

    We are going to lose 1 player in the expansion draft. Somehow I can see many teams trying to do side deals with Las Vegas not to take a player that is not protected. In the Canucks case it would be someone they would like to keep but they cannot due to the restrictions on who they can protect. IMO Hansen would fall into this category.

    So if he is traded it would mean the team acquiring him would have the same problem. In fact all the teams in the League are in this position.

    What I would like to know is who can the Canucks protect, who is exempt, and who will probably be available?

    • Vintage

      Every year teams who think they have a shot at collecting the cup make trades for players on expiring contracts. Making a trade for Hansen is exactly the same mentality, a player who you think will help put you over the edge, but that you have only a small chance of remaining with the team the following season. I think the only difference this year will be that the picks/prospects offered for players under contract for at least 1 more year will be lower than in years past, which means Canucks fans will be disappointed with the returns for trading Burrows, Hansen and/or Miller.

  • Friendly Neighbourhood Canucks fan

    Sbisa money off the books would be nice. Means we gotta deal Hansen now. He’s got great value as a bottom 6 all-around forward who can fit in top 6 too. If there’s a market for Miller, trade him. Even if you think he’ll be better than Markstrom next year it’s pointless. We have money on Markstrom and Miller is 37, way too old for an extension with this team. Hes been good but Markstrom not far behind numbers-wise. Burrows to AV or Montreal or anybody would be icing on the cake but I won’t be mad if we can’t get a deal done.

    I believe this adds up to roughly $16.5 mil in cap space (including Sbisa taken in draft). I know we gotta re-sign Horvat and other RFAs but that’s a nice bit of change to spend on somebody or take on a more expensive contract upgrade.

    • Bud Poile

      You’re kidding me.

      Miller has been this team’s MVP this season.He should have been the All-Star.

      Trade Sbisa only because you lose him otherwise.

      Burrows has wanted to play in a Montreal Canadiens jersey all his life so hopefully he’ll be heading there.

      This is all about not losing Hansen or Sbisa for nothing.

  • defenceman factory

    gonna swing for the fences here

    Gudbranson is traded for a quality 1st or 2nd year forward prospect. Protect Sbisa and expose Biega.

    Hansen is traded for a late 2nd and 3rd round picks

    Burrows traded for a 4th round pick. Is re-signed in the summer for the PK and to anchor the 4th line for one more year.

    Miller is traded for a 3rd round pick

    and as a bonus another pick is obtained for one of Larsen, Skille or Megna

    I’d be satisfied with any two of the above but one can dream

  • Braindead Benning

    Maybe one of the highest concerns is whether JB can get full market value or he just panics from the pressure from last years debacle and makes another stupid trade just to prove he can.

  • Fred-65

    At this years draft

    I think you’re gonna want to hear this ! LOL

    Vcr trades it’s 3rd round pick to Vegas for future consideration. ( Pedan ?)

    In return Vegas neither select Beartschi/Granlund/Hansen . Rather Vegas selects in their expansion draft one defenseman Alex Biega, and vcr keeps Sbisa ( never thought I’d ever say that

    In my dreams at the TDL… JB trades Gudbranson ( and his low hockey IQ ) for a first round pick in either 17 or 18. He resigns FA Burrows in the summer.

    I heard TL stating that he was already talking to McPhee so there may be some merit to this

    here’s the catch if what we’re hearing is reasonable true we have Gaudette, Boeser and Juolevi looking for roster spots next season and in addition maybe, maybe a high first round pick from this years draft

  • Yukon Canuck

    Canucks window is in the next 4-6 years, with today’s NHL young forwards can win. Canucks are in need of another centre man with potential to be a number 2.

    Edler and Hansen both want to be Canucks for good and would be good veterans and could still fit into a 6 year bubble, and would be willing to take home town discounts in the future. Canucks should be up for trading Sbisa, Granlund, Burrows, Miller. A few options would include.

    Burrows to either MTL or NY for a third, Miller to Ana or LA for third.

    Swinging for the fences here, Option 1- Sbisa, Granlund, CBJ 2nd for LucDubois and CBJ 5th. Why CBJ does it, CBJ is a team that has a bubble over next couple years, both Sbisa and Granlund are coming into their prime in the next 3 years. Both players would play well in Torts system. CBJ would expose both of them, lose one and still have their current roster together.

    Option 2 – Sbisa, Granlund, for Michael McLeod, NJ has old team and hasn’t drowned themselves in NTC, so have room to protect both. They also want to win with Schneider which both of these players are in the right age group for NJ.

    Canucks then protect, Sedins, Erickson, Sutter, Horvat, Baertschi, Hansen, Tanev, Edler, Gudbranson, Markstrom

    Expose, Dorsett, Gaunce, Biega, Bachman. Vegas takes Gaunce or Dorsett

    July 1, sign Burrows, Rodin, FA backup goalie 2 year contract, (let Demko percolate and get ready).

    Leaves us with

    Baertschi – Horvat – Hansen
    D Sedin – H Sedin – Boeser
    Erickson – Sutter – Virtanen
    Burrows – LucDubois/McLeod – Dorsett

    Tryamkin – Tanev
    Edler – Stetcher
    Juolevi – Gudbranson
    Hutton – Biega

    Markstrom, FA

    Would leave Canucks with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, MTL 3rd, Ana 3rd, 4th, CBJ 5th and 7th. Next two years is about development and draft, let Benning do his thing, but having these veterans in place helps bring young players along.