Canucks Army Valentines Cards: We Choo-Choo-Choose you!


It’s the special day of the year when everyone overpays for grocery store chocolates and roses that will wilt in an hour or two, all to show the person you love that you truly do love them.

But what if there was a better way to show your love to your partner?

Fear not! We have just the thing for you, after the jump.

Nothing will get you more brownie points than one of the Canucks Army certified Valentine’s cards. Hand-crafted by Grainne Downey and myself, these cards are sure to get you a years worth of winks and smiles.

Or maybe you’re trying to court someone as their secret admirer? We think they’ll be Russian into your arms after getting this one.


Maybe that one isn’t right for you. That’s okay, this next one is sure to get you in their good books.


Maybe that will get you in the doghouse actually. Maybe a tried and true favourite will get you to the next step.


What’s that? Still no luck? Alright, it’s time to take out the big finish. This one will show the one you love that, no matter what the other person in Toronto, or the ex-lover in Winnipeg might have going, that you would never pick anyone else over them, even if it’s not working out at all and you’re on a break.


We hope you have a successful Valentines Day!