Bo Horvat had MRI Monday, tests came back negative

According to John Shannon, Vancouver Canucks All-Star centre Bo Horvat will have an MRI on his knee Monday due to a blocked Jack Eichel slap shot with under one minute to go in the third period. 

In the clip from last night’s game, you can see Horvat block Eichel’s shot, go down, get back up, and noticeably stagger around in pain. As the camera pans towards the net and back to the blue line, Horvat makes a dive to knock the puck out of the zone, clearly indicating a difficulty in mobility.  

The play was an impressive one for Horvat, who’s enjoyed a breakout season as one of the Canucks’ best forwards this season. If the tests come back positive and Horvat does miss time, it would be very unfortunate to see a player get injured on a play that may not have even been necessary in determining the outcome of the game. That said, this is just the cost of doing business in the NHL. 


    • KCasey

      Double uh-oh….with a large dose of oh no. Only silver lining could be the potential for Benning and Linden to see the loss of playoff hopes and salvage vets for a few prospect/picks. This of course depending on the status of the MRI. 1 or 2 games= No change in plan. 1 or 2 months= Eye opener. I am onboard with management on most things but if losing there top point man doesnt make them change course I will lose some level of trust. Heart goes out to Bo of course and hope all is well and he can keep building on an already impressive year, however this may be a blessing in disguise if he does end up with a mid-term non-threatening injury. Pros and cons going both ways here.