Plays of the Week: January 8th, 2017


This week, the Canucks continued to turn heads as they extended their win streak to six games. Their recent success led them to momentarily hold a golden wild-card playoff spot, only to be overtaken by Los Angeles the next day. Nonetheless, it was another encouraging week for the Canucks as they won three of four games, with 21 year-old Bo Horvat leading leading the way.

Weekly Features

Canucks Army This Week

It’s Now or Never for the Canucks to Make a Playoff Rush (J.D. Burke)

“If the Canucks want to make good on their stated goal to make the playoffs, it’s now or never. Unrealistic as that may have seemed even a week or two ago, it’s not an impossibility. In fact, there are a few reasons to believe it might even be plausible. They’re three points out, a distance they can cover in two games.”

The Sedins Can’t Carry a Line Anymore (J.D. Burke)

“The Canucks can field a first line. Hell, they can field one of the better first lines in the NHL. They can’t do it with the Sedins dragging spare parts, though. That’s a luxury they just can’t afford at this stage in the Sedins’ respective careers.”

The Games

January 2nd: VAN 3 – COL 2

“It’s hard to argue with the results — tonight’s, at the very least. Vancouver was far and away the better team at even strength, especially when one considers they had the lead for much of the game.”

January 4th: VAN 3 – ARI 0

“They were successful, thanks to a shutout performance from the team, with comfortable goaltending from Ryan Miller. Plus, a kid got a puppy (hopefully).”

January 6th: VAN 4 – CGY 2

“The Canucks got manhandled tonight by the Flames, getting outshot 46-13. This was a game that had all the hallmarks of a 2012-13 leafs performance: get a little lucky, score a few quick goals, collapse, and hope your goalie bails you out. Luckily for them, that’s exactly what Ryan Miller did tonight.”

January 7th: VAN 1 – CGY 3

 “In spite of a much-improved effort compared to their dreadful winning performance the night prior, Vancouver fell 3-1 in a close and physical affair, ending its six-game win streak. Vancouver probably deserved a better fate on the evening, much as Calgary did 24 hours ago, but were unable to tie the game late.”

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