WWYDW: Wishing Philip Larsen a Speedy Recovery


When did Canucks Army go Union, and why does Jackson think he gets to take weeks off? The nerve of some people. The show must go on, though, and I’m here to take the torch back for a week.

If you watched last night’s Canucks game in New Jersey, you probably caught Philip Larsen getting caught with a questionable hit behind his net, delivered by Taylor Hall. I don’t see anything terribly wrong with the hit itself, but these things are open to interpretation. I’m open to an argument to the contrary.

So, was the hit suspendable in your opinion? If so, for how long? And if Larsen’s out long-term, which is certainly a possibility, who steps up in his stead? Here’s hoping to a speedy recovery.

Last week, Jackson decided to do his job and asked: 

How would you handle Jake’s development? Should he be in the NHL? AHL? The pressbox? Or maybe you think the Canucks should cut their losses and see what they can get for him now, before his value declines any further.


Leave him in the AHL for the rest of the year. He could benefit from some consistency in his development and having him with the big club isn’t helpful since we aren’t challenging for any success this season anyway. Hopefully he can start putting in some goals and be a lock to make the top-9 come training camp next season.


Some writer for the Province floated the idea of Jake for Ryan Strome whose new hobby is polishing the press box bench with his butt.

It might be a wake up for both and maybe works for everyone.

Otherwise, Virtanen can stay in Utica until he is getting a point a game. That’s all on him. If he’s injured then he should request time to heal train and get back in the game.

If he’s just lost, there’s the benchmark — make an impact.

Really would hate to see him go the way of Jensen, but Jakes future is in his hands and no one but he can make himself skate harder, throw some hits, learn to hold onto the puck, battle and score.


It is sad to think we could have had any one of William Nylander, Nick Ehlers, Nicholas Ritcie, Dylan Larkin or Robby Fabbri at the 2014 6th draft pick.I don’t think he is going to develop into what the Canucks hoped for, so package him with Tanev and get back a combo of great prospects and /or high draft picks.


Definitely leave him in the AHL. It’s hard to say exactly where his development has gone off-track — they seem to have done a pretty good job with Horvat, Gaunce, Hutton and Tryamkin, but been nowhere near as good with either Virtanen or McCann. Is that an indictment of the Canucks’ development program or of the individual players? It’s not clear. The Nylander and Ehlers picks are easy to point to right now and suggest we made a mistake (and I think that’s more true for Nylander) but there are a number of players who have similarly not really impressed yet at the top of that draft class (Dal Colle, Fleury, Fiala). I think the Ducks’ strategy with Ritchie made more sense for a PF though they had the luxury of being able to park him in the AHL which we didn’t. Trading Virtanen right now would be a mistake, both because PF take longer to develop and because his value is probably at the lowest it might be. Unless we really are in “win-now” mode (and I hope to god no one in management actually has that delusion) the only reasonable trade would be for another high-end prospect and there’s no way we are getting that without throwing in picks or other players. He should stay in the AHL this year and hopefully start to sort out his head.


The ball is in Jake’s court. It’s up to him to play his way back to the NHL.

Benning got lucky with Stretcher and Tryamkin and unlucky with Jake.

2 out of 3 ain’t bad.


Jake should stay in the AHL for a while. To me, his comments about being unsure of the plan for him shows that he really needs some consistency right now.

Often, people forget what it is like to be 20, and not have experience to draw on in bad situations.

Let him grow and develop as a person and a player away from all this for the next year or two, and hopefully he puts it together becomeing the player we think he can be.

  • Canuck4Life20

    If Edler was suspended for that hit on Hertl, then absolutely it should be suspendable. It won’t be, but as always you can find comparable hits that the Canucks have been suspended for without nearly as bad of an outcome. Burrows’ suspension would be another one that wasn’t nearly as bad.

    Oh wait. Does saying this make me the worst fan on earth?

  • Hooker

    Most people seem to agree the Hall hit is not suspendable, of which I am one. However nobody wants to see someone get rung up like that and I hope Larsen has a speedy recovery and no lasting ill effects. The loss hurts, and a bad road trip would make a hole just about deep enough that a playoff spot would be really difficult to get to. Not a fan of 3 point games, too hard to make up ground

  • Killer Marmot

    I don’t think the hit on Larson is suspendable, but you can clearly see Hall moving his right shoulder into Larson’s down-turned head. Hall should have seen that the situation was bad, and eased up.

    Some may say that Larson should not have had his head down, but in the middle of a hockey game that’s not always possible. Every player gets put in a vulnerable position from time to time, and it’s up to opposition players to show discretion.

  • TD

    I wish Larson a speedy and full recovery.

    I don’t think the hit deserves a suspension, but I don’t agree with the new rules. Larson’s head was the principal point of contact, so by the rules, Hall should be suspended. I think the Kadri hit is a worse hit for hockey as it came from the blindside where the player can’t see it coming. The Hall hit was made to the front of Larson who needed to be more aware of what he was turning into to prior to making the turn.

  • Nuckleston

    The hit probably isn’t suspendable as Hall made a tiny bit of contact with Larsen’s body before he made major contact with his head. However,I firmly believe the rules are wrong, because hits like that don’t belong in the game due to the long term damage they cause.

    As for who should replace him, Beiga might make the most sense as hr is reliable, and it would eventually give them another option for the expansion draft.

    Personally,I would prefer Pedan as he has been a good soldier, and, in my opinion, deserves a shot.

  • TheRealPB

    I don’t see that hit as suspension-worthy. Yes Hall was moving and I guess he could have eased up but he went for a hit behind the net, Larsen is smaller and had his head down. This doesn’t seem in any way to me to be like the kind of cheap shot hits like Kadri’s where a guy takes numerous steps and tries to take another player’s head off or leaps up into a hit. This is a pretty normal hockey play with the unfortunate result which I think is mainly from Larsen hitting his head on the ice. To be honest I was more concerned by the idiotic manliness display by Sbisa, Chaput and the others who piled in kicking Larsen in the head along the way. Why don’t you make sure the guy on the ice is actually out of harm’s way before proving what a tough guy you are? Thank god Markstrom and Granlund had enough sense to try and make sure of that.

  • Fred-65


    First of all I don’t think any one realized Larsen was uncounscience. And yes it was a legal hit BUT no, there is no respect just as a fellow player. It was certainly predatory and belies the fact the NHL are supposedly against concussion and are concerned. I call the NHL on this. Hich sticking regardless of intent is a penalty. Hitting a player in the head becomes the victims problem. Concussions are now viewed by a “NHL spotter” and players sent to the quite room but fighter beating the crap out of each other does not warrant a trip to the “quietroom”  Basically there is no logic to the NHL or their rules and that includes the DPS. Believe it or not a player in the ECHL recently had his neck broken neck and spine. This is serious stuff and deserves folks better than the NHL over seeing it. There is no recourse and players cannot sue the league  What a mess and certainly NO RESPECT

    How long does the guy remain in the AHL, simple until such time as he clearlt demonstrates that he’s way above that level of play. While sputtering in Utica ….well sunshine sputter down there. Shake your head understand the privilege you have been afforded and don’t let your family & team mates down. In short grow up

  • Jamie E

    I LIKE hitting in the NHL. Everyone needs to stop clucking like chicken every time a player is laid out with a clean check. It’s a contact sport and it happens. The fact a player gets chased around the ice and has to fight every time he lays a big hit is ridiculous. Can you imagine the same thing happening in the NFL?

  • The Flying Skate

    I feel bad for Larsen, if the situation had been reversed I don’t think this would’ve been a question. Precedence of injuries influencing has been set, I believe that there should be minimum 2 for the hit. Larsen was obviously in a vulnerable position.

    If there isn’t any suspension, maybe POS is onto something, maybe our Nucks are hated still lol

  • Rodeobill

    Pedan needs to come up to bring speed and an edge to our team.

    I think the Larsen hit was immediately regretful from Hall on a poor split second decision, (Didn’t they play together in Edmonton too?) but that is besides the point. I am OK with the hit from a rules standpoint, I don’t like to see people get injured like that, but Hockey is a tough sport and it requires tough players. In most martial arts the first thing they teach you is how to fall down – in hockey they learn to take a hit and be aware. They are professionals and they get compensated very well too.

  • DJ_44

    While people are judging this to be a clean hit, it was a head shot, plain and simple. The initial point of contact was the head.

    Did Hall mean to hit him? Absolutely. Did he mean to injury him? Probably not. Suspension? Yep. 2 games.

    If they do not suspend for a head shot, then what criteria do they use for suspension or not?

  • LTFan

    The hit may be legal but shouldn’t be. Hall knew that Larsen didn’t see him and it was a blind side hit. It is beyond belief sometimes when a player blindsides another player with what I would describe as a cheap shot. It is disgusting.

    One of the worst players for this was Matt Cooke and he put a few guys out for a long time and ended the career of Marc Savard.

    IMO it has no place in the game.

    • BobB

      This was a legal hit. There was no blindside. Do you know what blindside is? Think of driving (checking your blindspot) your blindside isn’t driving straight into a tree because your head is down looking at your phone.

      I feel for Larsen but he needs to check before the puck arrives (for passes and opposition) and keep his head up!

      And it would have been good if his teammates (Sbisa, Chaput and Markstrom) were yelling: HEADS UP, since they could all see Hall coming in like a freight train.

      Hall went straight into the Canucks logo on Larsens jersey, directly between the gloves, Hall’s legs are directly between Larsens legs at contact. That is undebateable. It is impossible to hit someone MORE from the front.

      If you think that has no place in the game then hitting has no place in the game. That was the perfect hit. The problem is not the hit, it’s being in the position to be hit like that. Yeah, that’s ugly but you cannot suspend Hall for that.

      • LTFan

        I never said the hit wasn’t legal but it should be illegal and receive a penalty. Have another look at the hit, it was Hall’s shoulder pads right into Larsen’s head. He was knocked unconscious from the hit.

        Guys do get hit when they have their head down but this one was particularly bad, IMO.

        FYI, I don’t look at my cell phone, ever, while driving.

  • BobB

    And no, it wasn’t a “head-shot” either. A head-shot is when you make INITIAL contact to the head, (which happened in this case) but also the PRINCIPLE or PRIMARY or majority of contact is to the head and not the body.

    It’s been discussed by the league ad naseum that if a player is hitting the body and the head is contacted first because the head is down but the player primarily hits the body (or the receiver moves the head just prior to contact) it isn’t a headshot.

    Hall goes straight into Larsens central mass. Hall is compact. He doesn’t lead with his elbow, he doesn’t jump. He goes right for the logo.

    The goal of hitting is to make forceful, physical contact which is allowed.

    let me ask: How could Hall have hit Larsen more legally?

  • crofton

    Watching the replays, as well as the hit in real (tv) time, I was flabbergasted the refs didn’t call a hit to the head, which was IMO the principle point of contact. What has just occurred to me, however, is whether Larsen had yet played the puck. He was turning in its direction, watching it so he could gather it, but I don’t think he had actually touched it at the moment of the hit. I guess it’s very close so why split hairs, right? Except wouldn’t it be better to send that message to players? We have all seen those thunderous hits before, which resulted in penalties….for interference.

    • BobB

      The NHL needs to be more clear on this. They have been, but obviously we’re not getting it.

      Principle is not synonomous with Initial in the usage of POC.

      Principle is used in terms of Primary, Secondary objectives.

      Hall hit Larsen initially (first) in the face (because his head is attached to his body and Larsens head was down), but the Priniciple or primary objective and main impact was the chest and Larsen’s core. This was body to body contact

      When Cooke hit Savard, BOTH the initial contact was to the head and the PRINCIPLE (or primary) contact was to the head, with NO contact to the body core and maybe slight secondary contact to the shoulder (if any).

      It’s the shearing force of “taking a guys head off” that the NHL is so concerned with eliminating, when guys are hitting extremities (heads, knees etc) with no core body contact.

  • Qualicum Wayne

    It’s ugly seeing a player down like that, but it seems clear that it isn’t in Larsen’s best interest to be playing in the NHL. He hasn’t been trained for the NHL style of play and it seems like he is going to be too slow to adapt. He was already too timid before the hit, he is only going to get worse.

  • Fred-65

    Frankly I don’t see any other point to the hit other than inflict damage. Hall wasn’t looking to get the puck. I don’t mind hitting, it’s a integral part of hockey. But I think it’s stupid to try and injure some one. As much as Hall said he doesn’t like to see a players injured is not back up by his actions. The only reason players don’t stick each other more is they know there’s a repercussion for their action. Predatory hit’s no problem there’s no penalty. I have a friend that is suffering from a concussion picked up in hockey and a year on is still suffering. unable to work for many many months and it turn out there’s a tear in the skin around the brain and a continuous discharge of spinal fluid from the nose. THIS SERIOUS STUFF ! Think of the premature retirement of Karya and Lindros and frankly many others. I recall the article about Scott Parker who tells of players he knows who often need to have their wives pick them up because they don’t know how to get home ( due to head trauma in the NHL ) The NHL has given into the blood thirsty fans who I suspect are actually in the minority. Memo to Garry Betman, come to grips with this problem ( avoid a huge legal suit)