WWYDW: Stecher-Mania!


The Canucks can’t score at even strength, their power play is floundering, and the fans are at each other’s throats already. Welcome to the third week of the Canucks’ season.

Something we can all agree on, though, is Troy Stecher. We all agree that he’s a great add to the Canucks lineup, right? Well, that’s certainly the impression I get on Twitter most days, and not just because I follow Jason Botchford. 

In all seriousness, where do you stand on Stecher? Should he be a full-time fixture in the Canucks lineup? And if so, at whose expense?

Last week I asked: What should the Canucks do with Nikita Tryamkin?


Get him into some games. He can’t be any worse than what we saw last night.


Turn off the sirens. Hold off on the flairs. Call off the hounds. Rightly or wrongly (see: Pedan, Andrey), Tryamkin is the fourth LD on the team’s depth chart. Given that only three of them play in a game, then it makes sense that he should sit. Biega didn’t play ahead of Tryamkin; he was an emergency fill-in on the fourth line. Probably a better choice than the big Russian in that role.

It’s suboptimal that Tryamkin can’t be sent down to Utica just to get some reps, but I think we’re making mountains out of molehills. Maybe he gets a skate to spell Sbisa at some point, or Edler gets a rest during the next back-to-back if he’s a little dinged up. In short: nothing to see here.

The two bigger issues are probably (1) what to do with Larsen and Stecher–and how much rope Larsen is afforded after Tanev returns? and (2) is Tryamkin’s game a little too similar to Gudbranson’s but not as developed? Which makes it difficult to justify putting him out there,


Keep doing what you’re doing. He’s got the entire Canucks training staff helping him get into shape (something this organization is actually pretty good at) and it’s inevitable that one of the LD’s will succumb to injury at some point and give him a shot.


I am troubled by a any player who isn’t motivated to act professionally by the prospect of a multi-year, multi million dollar future staring them in the face. Not that the almighty dollar is everything but generally speaking it should be enough to get you to work out a little bit and watch what you eat. But we’ve seen this act before in different forms (Kassian, Hodgson etc….). Some people just can’t get out of their own way. Tyramkin just may be one of those.


I wouldn’t worry too much about his fitness at this point. He is young and still adjusting to the differences between the KHL and NHL; also, he had some pretty good reasons not to focus exclusively on training this summer. I’m guessing his conditioning probably isn’t as bad as most folks think anyway.

To me, the bigger issue to worry about is his moral. I’ve never met the guy, but I can’t imagine this is how he saw this season starting, and we don’t want him to get discouraged or bitter.

It might do him some good to get some games in soon. If he does well, then everyone is happy, and we can drool over how good he will be when he gets in shape; if doesn’t do well, maybe he would realize a conditioning stint would be good for him.

If, after playing a few games, he is unable to keep up and he still won’t go to the AHL maybe a one year “try again next year” extension and going to the KHL is the way to go.


With Stecher and Edler meshing well as a pair, I would play Tryamkin with Tanev for a couple of games, and sit Larsen/Spisa.

Tanev will give the big guy a safety net out there, and give him his best chance to shine.

If he doesn’t look good next to Tanev, then he clearly isn’t ready this year.


Who says we have to do anything. He is no 8 on our roster depth and if it wasn’t for his contract situation, it would be more like 10th behind Stecher and Pedan.

It is too bad that he doesn’t see the value of going to the AHL. If injuries happen and they will, it is good to have the depth and Tryamkin will get time on ice eventually and will have to prove himself. I am ok with having him sit right now and I am ok with putting him in if we get injury depleted.

Basically – see comment above from Steampuck, that is completely correct in my opinion.

  • Fred-65

    Tryamkin is a bit of an enigma . He’s a Pro but acts like a child. He’s big but lacks quickness and Hockey IQ ( and you have to ask IQ in general is he needs picture to understand what fitness is all about ) You can’t have one guy coming into camp out of shape and make an exception for him or it undermines the entire teams structure. He’s certainly worth hanging onto because frankly you just don’t get that many players of that stature. But I see a long road ahead of this guy. Remember Krutov, never met a hotdog he didn’t like. If Tramkyn comes into camp next September in as bad a shape then it’s time to act

    • andyg

      How is he acting like a child, he wants his contract followed?
      He is pushing 260lb, he will never be classed as quick. Is Chara quick?
      The comment about his hockey IQ shows you no nothing about this guy or did not watch him at all last year.

      Yes he should have been fit but is working his ass off! He is 22 years old.

  • wojohowitz

    The Canucks have two blue chip goalies and nine defencemen but need some scoring. Who has the worst GAA in the league. The `Yotes, Flyers, Canes and Leafs. Tanev for; Simmonds, Schenn, Staal or Kadri. Does Benning have any stones or is he going to sit back and watch the agony of another season go down the drain with only 70 games left to play.

    • andyg


      As long as it is for a young forward. I cannot get my mind around why Larsen is still here.

      Will this club ever give Subban a shot or will they use him as trade bait?

  • Dirk22

    Stetcher looks like a great pickup for Benning – easily one of his best moves to date. That being said, the Canucks are going to be a tire-fire all season so I don’t really care what they do with him for now. I think he will develop well in Utica or with the Canucks which is more important than his actual positive impact in the NHL this season. If I wanted my best team on the ice he would be there but I’d rather management be thinking of the bigger picture which is what it appears they are doing by not wanting to lose Biega before the expansion draft – at least I think/hope that’s what they’re doing.

  • Dirty30

    Unfortunately Stecher is the only D that can be sent down without worry. Playing time in the AHL is not going to harm his development and will help improve his game.

    The better question would have been wwyd with the rest of the D?

    You’ve got three guys who can be exposed in the draft, of whom two are Benning ‘sure-bets’ who just shouldn’t be playing.

    So, play Sbisa to get his eligibility and sit him wrapped in bubbled wrap until the draft. Same with Biega.

    I’m starting — with great caution and concern — to warm to the idea of trading Tanev. He’s the only guy you could reasonably trade for a solid return, but JB’s trade History frightens me.

    He’d likely trade Tanev for some guy that cleared waivers three times this season and then mumble about how it’s a tough market for guys who can score and so gave up a top D and draft picks for nothing.

  • Not Dressed For Tonight's Game

    The way it looks to me is that Stecher is 7th on the depth chart. Sure they have to send him down to Utica because of Biega (hello asset management) and Tryamkin. However, any injury to the top 6, Stecher is called back up and inserted directly in the line-up. They absolutely need to get Sbisa in every game possible, for the expansion draft.

    I think we are in an ideal situation with Stecher, he will develop this year both under Green and in the big league.

  • Steampuck

    Asset management: it’s too early to call time on Larsen. I can see why he’s intriguing, but I’m not sure he’s able to deliver at the NHL level. He’s probably got until the new year before it’s fair to determine his future. Stecher can go down without waivers, so this is probably the right call for now.

    Stecher has been a delightful breath of fresh air, but a lot of that is likely the novelty of what he brings to the team. I’m not convinced he can keep that up over the course a whole gruelling season. Let him develop into a pro in a safer environment and under the keen eye of Travis Green. He’ll be back and the Canucks will be the better for it. But I don’t think he’s either being wasted or not developing in Utica.

  • natevk

    I really wish that Willie had tried Stecher with Sbisa in the preseason, just so we could have an idea if that pairing could stay above water. Stecher is the 3rd-best right-side defenseman on the Canucks currently. However, for his development, he needs to play with a responsible LD. Obviously, pairing Stecher with Edler appears to work reasonably well (in the small sample we’ve seen), but it doesn’t appear the Canucks are wanting to split Edler-Tanev up when everyone is healthy. I think Sbisa has shown some inklings of improvement and I think a defense of Edler-Stecher; Hut-Gud; and Sbisa-Tanev might actually have above-average potential league-wide, but if those aren’t the pairings then I don’t see a spot for Stecher to effectively develop while in the lineup.

    TL;DR — Either pair Stecher with Edler and have Tanev babysit Sbisa, or let him develop as the BMOC (big man on Comets) down in Utica (which appears to be the way the Canucks are going.

  • Rodeobill

    I wonder how much the outcome of this next road trip will determine the outlook for the rest of the season’s approach. If we can’t make things work, will they focus more towards rebuilding, or chips all in on making the playoffs?