Listen: Ryan Biech Talks Sedins, World Cup and Prospects on TSN 1040 AM

The Canucks are on the brink of their season with the World Cup of Hockey and the Young Stars Tournament in Penticton serving as notice. It’s an exciting time of year, especially for those of us itching to get that first hockey fix after a long summer with little to discuss.

Well, the long wait is almost at an end, which means people are trying to catch up on their favourite team in anticipation of next season. That’s why TSN 1040 AM reached out to Canucks Army Associate Editor, Ryan Biech, to discuss everything happening in the world of Canucks hockey.

Biech was on the Morning Show with Dave Pratt and Satiar Shah on Thursday, discussing the Sedin twins, Loui Eriksson, the World Cup of Hockey and Canucks prospects. 

    • Bob Long

      I’m a firm believer that like Dorsett, its just fashionable to bash Sbisa. Both guys are highly respected by their teammates, and WD uses both of them in high leverage situations. I really like the idea of Sbisa in a third pairing role with either Groot or Larsson. As he continues to figure it out, I don’t see any reason why he can’t be as solid as Boychuk, Martinez, Michalek (when he was younger), etc. The team is going to need him to step up this year…

      • detox

        I agree with everything but still cringe whenever I read “Groot”. (emoticon sad face or something)

        I don’t know what to call him alternatively tho.

        Tree? maybe not.

        Something Tram related might work, too bad local transit doesn’t have a #88 bus or something.

        Anyway, I’m really rooting for Tryamkin. He always made me laugh when he would skate around, shaking his head like he knows he can do better or wasn’t happy with how some play unfolded.

      • Bob Long

        Sbisa was a victim of 2 things – an early Corsi-means-all victim, and some bad giveaways vs. Calgary in the playoffs.

        When you look at the overall performance, he’s a solid 5/6, but its funny, when you make that case, you get guys coming out of the woodwork saying you’re calling him the next best thing since OEL.

  • TheRealPB

    I actually thought Sbisa looked quite good out there. If I was a Bruins fan I would be VERY worried though — Chara looked horrific out there. Directly responsible for the RNH goal, giving it away twice on the same extended play and then missing his check at the blue line on the third goal and just generally looking very slow and very out of position.

  • TheRealPB

    The only reason I’m posting here in September (!) is that I want to thank Bob Long for all of his posts over the last couple of months. You’ve made this summer-without-hockey bearable, and for that I thank you.

    Always enjoy your comments, on a near-daily basis.