Canucks Army Monday Mailbag: August 22nd


Well, the Olympics are over. That was a fun couple of weeks. I’d be lying if I said I paid any serious amount of attention, but it sounds like the Canadians did fairly well for themselves too which is neat. Oh, Canada, and so on.

In terms of hockey news, Jimmy Vesey picked a team. He signed with, of all teams, the New York Rangers. Interesting pick on Vesey’s part. Not sure what he sees in that particular team, but power to him, I suppose. I mean, their forward depth is great, and I love much of what they’ve done this off-season. That blue line though.

The Canucks? Well, they had another quiet week. Oh well. Somehow you still have questions. You know the drill.

I honestly haven’t a clue. I don’t follow the Utica Comets that closely though. That’s a question I’d direct towards Ryan Biech on Twitter. To my credit, I tried looking it up on Google. No dice. Sorry.

There was a lot, and I mean a lot, of chatter surrounding the Canucks supposed interest in Kris Russell at the onset of free agency. I don’t know to what extent Russell is coveted throughout the Canucks front office, but one thing that became clear to me as I pried for information was that Trevor Linden, the club’s president, is a huge fan.

I’ve heard conflicting reports about just how hard they were chasing Russell, though. On the one hand, the Canucks were trying to shed salary. They absolutely tried to trade Luca Sbisa, and I’ve heard that they floated Derek Dorsett’s name, too. If they could find a taker for either of those albatross contracts, then I would not have been surprised in the slightest if they turned around and spent that capital on Russell.

Now, on the other hand, the Canucks haven’t been connected to Russel in any meaningful way since July 1st. What little we have heard suggests, if anything, that the Canucks have either withdrawn from the process or never had any interest period. I lean much more towards the former than the latter.

If it makes you feel any better, I don’t think Alexander Edler is going anywhere.

Yeah, sure, why not. With Justin Bieber, no less.

I have my doubts that the Canucks have any interest in Brandon Pirri. Remember, Jim Benning is Peter Chiarelli’s understudy. And much like Chiarelli, when Benning identifies a player he likes, he gets that player. That’s one defining characteristic they share in spades. Consider for a second that Pirri went to the Ducks at the deadline for a sixth-round pick. If the Canucks had any interest in Pirri, they’d have traded for him at the deadline.

Well, I mean, you could certainly do worse than Sbisa on the third pair of a team made up entirely of the most obscure hockey nations in Europe. Like, I don’t know, they don’t have a wealth of options. Is Ole-Kristian Tollefson going to fill that void? Actually…

I really don’t know how to answer this. Like, it just doesn’t make sense. This is a player that entered the year as a potential first-round pick. Like, in the middle of the first round. Not on the fringe.

What I’d guess is at the crux of his draft snub is talent evaluators inability to distinguish between “bad” and disappointing seasons. I’d file Stransky’s year as a disappointment, sure. He’s still a player I had graded near the beginning of the third round, though. 

I don’t know; the NHL is a weird place. That’s all I can think of. A strange, strange place.

Well, it really does depend on which top-six winger they add through free agency. There’s more than one available, in my humble estimation. Even after they let Radim Vrbata walk. Let’s say they do add Jiri Hudler, though. In that case, I think you can safely add 15 goals to the middle of the Canucks lineup. Not sure of the trickle down effect and how that impacts the remainder of the roster, but I can comfortably say that the Canucks would get about 15 goals out of Hudler. Which is pretty awesome, in my humble estimation.

  • TrueBlue

    “Well, the Olympics are over. That was a fun couple of weeks. I’d be lying if I said I paid any serious amount of attention, but it sounds like the Canadians did fairly well for themselves too which is neat. Oh, Canada, and so on.”

    Except for Milos Raonic. Apparently he’s too good for the Olympics, wouldn’t want that Zika virus to get him. You’d think the guy thinks he’s won it all.

    Most athletes would give almost anything to win a gold medal but Raonic is too good for that. Even if he would have gotten blasted by Murray or Djokovic, he should man up and get his p&ssy ass down there. What an embarrassment to this country.

    Hey Raonic, suck it up lady, if other athletes will go down there to compete, what’s your excuse, lady?

    SMH, is there anyone more of an embarrassment to this country than Raonic?

    Oh yeah, there is one person even worse than Roanic…Jeff Vellete.

    Those two need to get married, they’d be a perfect couple. One wears a dress and the other is a woman!

  • detox

    Shouldn’t the Canuck blogger know when Comets start camp? Honestly. Throw in the regular assault on the English language among other things and…wow…we have one helluva blogger here!

    Also, Comets opened camp last season at the end of Sept (Sept 30 if I am not mistaken). So I would imagine it happens again around that time this year. It allows the Canuck cuts to trickle down and fill the roster without having to leave room or spaces for cuts from the main roster.

    • Whackanuck

      First Comets pre-season game on Oct 8 so end of Sept sounds right. No use starting until the Canucks cuts start arriving.

      As for the other stuff, Hudler is going to have to take a very big cut in pay and term to play on a Benning team. I’d rather see them go into camp as is with some PTO’s. I know players want the certainty of a contract but more and more the choice is coming down to signlow or retire.

  • TrueBlue

    I understand the need for adjectives in blogs, but I think you can use another one to describe the contracts provided to Sbisa and Doresett instead of albatross.

    I’m sure the any of the GMS GMs who signed Andrew McDonald, Dave Bolland, Mike Smith, Dustin Brown, Clarkson, Horton (who does not insure a contract? – or trades for a player who is hurt and is not insured) would trade any of these “albatross” contracts for the overpaid guys like Sbisa and Dorsett.

    Quit making the Dorsett and Sbisa contracts the organizational noose they are not. They are overpaid – each team has 6 guys who are also over paid. Give it a rest. Poor drafting and prospect development is the primary reason why the team is where it is now.

  • wojohowitz

    In English, there are only two correct, proper usages for the word “like.” These are:
    Similarity – “This tastes like chicken.”
    Enjoyment – “I like this movie.”
    This is annoying ” Like, I don’t know, they don’t have a wealth of options.” “Like, it just doesn’t make sense.” Like, in the middle of the first round.”
    Then, just when I think it cant get any worse you go ahead and TOTALLY redeem yourself….. “And much like Chiarelli, when Benning identifies a player he likes, he gets that player.”

    • Whackanuck

      That is an interesting observation. It is amazing how that style of speaking has permeated the NA English language. The fact that it has crept into the writing style of many bloggers and other writers doesn’t surprise me. When I read it, I don’t notice, but when I look at it after reading your post, it bugs the hell out of me. Funny…

    • Cageyvet

      You beat me to it. This is not the first article that has bothered me this way, it’s just the first one where it’s not used sparingly.

      Call me a grammar Nazi, but it just diminishes the level of professionalism and makes it harder for me to take the comments seriously. I feel like I’m listening to a teenage girl when I read this column. Like, I know, right?

  • Whackanuck

    This at the end of your first paragraph ruined whatever came later…
    “Oh, Canada, and so on.”
    Sounds like something a douchey American would say….

  • Vanoxy

    I am not excited about any of the free agents left to sign and reading the last part of the blog about Hudler and 15 goals, I’m starting to think the Canucks should have tried to bring back Matthias as a forward.

    He could play in the middle of the lineup and play centre if needed.

    I still don’t see why Kris Russell would generate much interest. He isn’t top pairing, likely wants too much money, and would end up replacing Sbisa on the bottom pairing but wouldn’t be a significant improvement.

    • Vanoxy

      That’s my big fear as well, but on Saturday, a reliable blogger out of Chicago told me Vancouver is still the front runner, despite Chicago’s interest.

      As of Friday when Vesey went to the Rags, I assumed Hudler to Chicago was a done deal… not so apparently.

      If he signs here, for a fat cheque, instead of signing there, for a top 6 role on a serious contender, that will make me hate the signing even more than if he had signed here in early July.

  • wojohowitz

    Carol listed the pre-season.

    • September 4-5: training camps begin for World Cup of Hockey
    • September 8-14: World Cup of Hockey pre-tournament games (various locations)

    • September 16-19: Young Stars tournament featuring prospects from the Vancouver Canucks, Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers and Winnipeg Jets (Penticton)

    • September 17-23: World Cup of Hockey preliminary round (Toronto)

    • September 22: Canucks veterans report to Rogers Arena for training camp
    • September 23-26: on-ice portion of training camp (Whistler)

    • September 24-25: World Cup of Hockey semifinal games
    • September 27-October 1: World Cup of Hockey best-of-three final

    • September 27-October 8: Canucks play seven preseason games

    • crofton

      Carolina Arizona Columbus Vancouver Las Vegas

      Will the Canucks finish ahead of the Carolina Hurricanes? Canucks fans can’t wait to see / waste another year

      • detox

        I think you missed some other Canadian teams on your list… would you be shocked to see the Canucks finish ahead of Edmonton, Toronto, Calgary or Ottawa? and if so, why?

        Will it be another year wasted for the Oil or Flames? We already know the Leafs aren’t expected to be anywhere but the bottom of the standings.

        1 winner (99% chance it isn’t a Canadian team), 29, soon to be 30, losers. 😉

        nice of you concerned about us wasting another year… I’d bet your team had a good one awhile back.