The Canucks Army Podcast Episode 3: Corsi for Dummies

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Hey friends, we’re back again with another Canucks Army podcast, and we’ve made some minor equipment upgrades that we hope will quell the anger stirred up by our buzzing noises last week. While the Canucks didn’t do anything news worthy in the past week, we did still find some things to talk about – the draft is approaching after all, and Craig Button has been all over Logan Brown going to the Canucks at 5th overall.

There’s plenty of other fun in our 50-ish minutes of hockey related banter, including an overview of a little scuffle in the analytics community earlier this week, as well as the new Florida Panthers logo, just because.

In other big news, the podcast is now downloadable both on Soundcloud and on iTunes. Rejoice!

The Rundown

  • 1:40 – New logos
  • 4:15 – Lukewarm taeks on Logan Brown
  • 10:00 – The fringiest of fringe analytics
  • 12:15 – Clayton Keller measures up
  • 16:30 – A hypothetical trade for the 4th overall pick
  • 21:45 – The numbers of trading down at the NHL draft
  • 39:20 – “Benjamin Wendorf dunks on Mike Kelly”
  • 45:00 – The all encompassing fancy stats page request
As mentioned, the podcast can now be located on iTunes here, so have at ‘er. Give us some ratings if you have a chance. J.D. wants only positive reviews – I’m not quite as picky, but it would still make me feel special.

  • detox

    Confused by info in province article today:

    `They thought they had one from San Jose in a possible Kevin Bieksa deal, but he wasn’t moved until the following week to Anaheim for a second-round pick in 2016. That pick was moved to Florida in the recent Erik Gudbranson trade.’

    I am pretty certain Canucks traded their own second rounder – 33rd overall- as part of the Gudbranson trade.

    But then what happened with that second round pick from the ducks?

    • Ryan Biech

      Canucks acquired ANA 2016 2nd for Bieksa.

      They traded that pick to Pittsburgh in the Sutter/Bonino deal – and received VAN 2016 3rd round pick back (was actually conditional, either NYI or VAN pick – whoever was earlier)

      Canucks traded VAN 2016 2nd round pick to FLA in McCann/Gudbranson deal.

      Kuzma is incorrect in the statement from that piece.

  • Dan B

    That’s correct. You can go to General Fanager and look at the Duck’s traded picks.



    To Pittsburgh:
    Nick Bonino, Adam Clendening, 2016 ANA 2

    To Vancouver:
    Brandon Sutter, 2016 VAN 3*


    To Anaheim:
    Kevin Bieksa

    To Vancouver:
    2016 ANA 2

    The pick the Canucks got for Bieksa went to Pittsburg with Bonino to get Sutter.

  • Ryan Biech

    Hey Guys

    I have enjoyed listening to your podcast over the last couple of weeks. I like that you addressed the difficulty in judging a player as good/moderate/bad. I think everyone wants an easy yes or no answer when it comes to player evaluation. I also think people should be able to enjoy watching the sport how they see fit, whether it be drinking a beer with a bag of chips or with your laptop open tracking zone entries. I am looking forward to the draft as I know however it goes the Canucks will be making some sort of news.