Another Canucks Army Podcast – Episode 1


Today is a tough day for Canucks fans, having lost Jared McCann and a 33rd overall draft pick to get a young number-four defenceman whose statistical and physical profile can typically be found in free agency. You’re well within your rights to lose your marbles.

But as rough as that was, at least you didn’t just record a brand new podcast the day before the local team made headlines with a huge trade. I mean, caman.

With that said, I implore you to check out the latest iteration of the Canucks Army podcast, this time hosted by yours truly, along with Canucks Army Managing Editor, J.D. Burke.

Here’s a rundown of what you can get out of listening to CA’s two resident J.D.’s talk Canucks hockey for a while:

  • 0:00 – Wicked new intro.
  • 1:30 – Kris Russell is bad
  • 6:00 – The fifth overall pick, and other draft stuff
  • 11:30 – We hardly watched the World Hockey Championships
  • 15:00 – NCAA free agent signings (Stecher is great, Caggiula is a bum)
  • 21:30 – Jordan Subban’s strengths and weaknesses
  • 27:00 – Ashton Sautner
  • 31:00 – Should you fire Willie Desjardins for Travis Green?
  • 37:15 – Qualifying RFAs Linden Vey, Alex Grenier
  • 44:00 – Playing with the Sedins, hockey IQ
  • 53:50 – Sven Baertschi is bae
You’ll have to tune in again next week to hear our thoughts on the Gudbranson trade. Until then, enjoy all these other wonderful words!

  • Andy

    “You’re well within your rights to lose your marbles.”

    No… you’re not.

    Stop making excuses for the CA staff and stop projecting the CA ethos onto Canucks fans, most of us are just fine with the trade, or at worst slightly miffed that we overpaid.

    • Camaaaan. Of course they’re “withing their rights”. You telling me they aren’t allowed to freak out? It’s a free country man.

      Anyways, I’m already cooled on the trade, so I’m not “projecting the CA ethos” on anyone. It is what it is.

      • Andy

        Anyone with a brain can see the analytical community hive mind out in full force today…

        In addition to the garbage CA has been spewing, Willis, Yost and Filipovic all have articles cherry picking stats to suit their anti-Canuck agenda.

        And it has nothing to do with the Canucks per se…

        If a few of these guys were being hired by the Canucks, cherry picked stats would be used to praise the front office for their “forward thinking methods”.

        I applaud y’all for at least understanding that your collective careers will be improved by attempting to get this management team fired.

        After all, NM00 was a One Man Army in a sea of delusion.

        And I did get Gillis fired…

          • Riley Miner

            Cute. One line, pithy. Hit and run, dine and dash.

            Firstly, the aliens can take NM00. I wouldn’t worry about that. Secondly, they’d only drive up the cost of real estate even further, so if you ever plan to own, not rent, in the lower mainland, you better thank NM00 for scaring off those aliens with their ningis and pu.

            Thirdly, get your own damned name.

        • Riley Miner

          You are a village idiot and nothing more. Did your mom tell you that Gillis was fired all because of you? I am sure she tells you that you’re special on a daily basis. I agree with her, you are ‘special’.

          Sadly, I also take the stance the deal is not the nightmare the CA bloggers/monkeys would suggest. Let’s see how it works out in a few years. Gud is just 24 and could still improve and McCann MAY turn into a top 6 player. You just don’t know.

          Canucks had too many small players. I think toughness will help the team especially in the west. If Gudy ends up being a bigger, tougher, more skilled version of Bieksa (which I think will be the case) then I am happy with the deal.

          Besides, now jersey #91 is available for Stamkos when we sign him 😉

  • Nice to see a Canucks Army podcast back but if you guys are going to be doing this regularly you *need* to get proper microphones and to get rid of the ground hum that’s running through the whole thing.

  • Andy

    “a young number-four defenceman whose statistical and physical profile can typically be found in free agency”

    OK — so who would that be? What 24 yr old UFA fits this profile? Right shot D, 300 GP in the NHL, averages 22 minutes with almost entirely D-zone deployment against top offensive players. I’m seeing names like Matt Tennyson, David Warsofsky, and Chad Ruhwedel, all of them a year older than Gudbrandson and without anywhere near the record. What is this fantastic pool of available free agent D that the Canucks have so foolishly overlooked?

    • Almo89

      The free agent darling of last offseason was Franson.

      He was one of these alleged “undervalued assets”.

      And he ended up playing on the 3rd pair in Buffalo.

      That was after Nashville “bought high” on him a couple of years after “selling low” on him.

      Ballard was once a solid top pairing defenseman on Phoenix and Florida.

      He immediately became a third or fourth pairing defenseman once he went to a contender.

      I have no idea how Gudbranson will perform in Vancouver.

      But we have seen enough players fluctuate in terms of performance after a trade that I am skeptical these stats are telling us much.

      Especially when some liken Guds to Weber and Keith and others to a third pairing defenseman.

  • Andy

    I’m now excited to read Jeremy’s next blog post listing the statistically comparable 6′ 5″ 24 year old defensemen available in free agency.

    I do hope he focuses on the ones that played 20+ minutes a night on playoff teams

    • Andy

      And finished at -5, don’t forget that part. Whether they were skating around in circles while their team was giving up the game tying goal with one minute left to play is optional.

        • Riley Miner

          I’m agnostic : ) The comment was more to mock young Shacks, as his hero Gubby was skating around in circles while his team was clutching defeat from the jaws of victory in Game 6, Round 1. And perusing the box scores of the tightly played series it looks as if Erik did more than his fair share of fishing, at least compared to his peers.

      • Andy

        Apparently he had 59% Defensive zone starts and according to people who know more than me, he was usually matched up against the opposing team’s best offensive lines.

        Under those circumstances, -5 is pretty good for a season of 20+ minutes a game.

  • Andy

    I’m now excited to read Jeremy’s next blog post listing the statistically comparable 6′ 5″ 24 year old defensemen available in free agency.

    I do hope he focuses on the ones that played 20+ minutes a night on playoff teams

  • Riley Miner

    Felt like you guys spoke a little softly, it was hard to listen to while doing other things. For a first podcast though, thought you guys had some good thoughts!

    • Andy

      And on June 24 we’ll have a French-Canadian Eric Staal, cost-controlled, less injury-prone, and likely to still be with us & contributing when Bo, Sven, Groot, and Hutton are peaking as players in 3-5 years time.

      Until 3 years from now when Dubois will be ready to contribute at the NHL level, we need to replace McCann’s expected zero games in 2016-17 (the team was going to send him to Utica to get good minutes & spur his growth), and 3rd-4th line C in 2017-18. That’s it.


      • Andy

        That’s the point – pick up Staal for two years – let him insulate our young centres so that Horvat and Dubois can develop without being thrown to the wolves like McCann/Horvat this year.

  • Almo89

    Shut down the comments. I’m nauseous reading comments of people defending Benning’s trades. How anyone can justify his trading history in terms of what we received against what we gave up is baffling. This team will be terrible for ages, and “drafting 5th will change everything” is laughable considering what the Oilers have done (nothing) after consistently drafting high for years. Keep praising Benning and I’ll continue to laugh as the Canucks struggle in the basement. Oh, at least we’ll lead the league in hits throw. As well as goals surrendered.

  • Almo89

    I’m at peace with the trade…

    I wish we could have kept Mac and the 2nd, but big young, right handed Dmen are at a premium! We still have another high second, so I’m not that irate.

    What I don’t get is the constant negativity around everything that happens. Pick 5 the sky is falling, we trade from a position of strength to shore up a weakness,., in a few years the sky will be falling!

    A generational player in Ovie hasn’t made it to the conference final, the Oil and there slew of young forwards pick top 5 every year…

    I would rather have the top or second rated goalie prospect than a generational forward. Demko will be a bigger difference maker than the 3 top picks.set up a tough two way team I front of him and you are a team no one wants to face.

    When playoffs come around its the goalies we all talk about.

  • Almo89

    I really enjoyed the idea that while I’m trying to listen to your podcast your website kept repeating the same obnoxious advertisements so that I couldn’t hear what you were saying. Nice touch guys.

  • Almo89

    i am confused about the analytics guys on this site.

    i like analytics but obviously they haven’t gotten stats that pick up everything a player contributes yet, but they don’t seem to know it. they publish articles suggesting gudbranson is the same player as jared cowen because his fancy stats are similar, instead of acknowledging that the comparison shows the stats are inadequate to reflect what he does.

    today’s fancy stats cannot quantify what it means to have a big minutes hard nosed defenceman who can hold the opposition physically accountable, especially in this division. the difference between dorsett trying to do that job and gudbranson is going to make a difference even when he is not on the ice. got a fancy stat for that?

    it means brent burns maybe doesn’t one hand clothesline henrik sedin into a stanchion as he skates by him. got a stat for that?

    the last two playoff series the canucks were run out of the rink. the second time in particular they had no answer for ferland. in particular, the guy gudbranson replaces, bieksa, could not do it any more. remember that? a 100+ point team with no answer to a fourth liner? back in the day, bieksa took care of ben eager. remember that?

    they need a guy like this. they can’t get him through the draft or ufa. so they have to trade and pay the price. it is unusual for such a player to even be available.

    ironically, it is likely the new florida analytics guys love of mccann and blind spot for what gudbranson brings that made this deal possible.

    so maybe this site has indirectly done the canucks a huge favour.

    great. thank you. whatever it takes.