Last month we asked you, the fine citizens of The Nation, to let us know who your favourite fighter(s) of all time was. Weeks later, after running the numbers through a massive bank of supercomputers, we’ve tabulated the results. AND NOW WE VOTE!

You guys came through with a lot of great suggestions; some obvious, all-time greats, some guys I had to dive deep within the bowels of Google to find. We narrowed that list down to the top 25, and once again we are calling on you to help us out. 

Vote now for your favourite fighter(s) and the top 10 will be immortalized via a new T-shirt line from our friends over at Violent Gentlemen and


And as an ADDED BONUS leave a comment telling us all about your favourite fight, and we’ll choose TWO people to win a Violent Gentlemen x HockeyFights prize pack! 

Voting closes next Friday, so spread the word, start a grassroots campaign, bribe your friends, whatever you have to do, but get out there and vote! 

  • Bishai in the Benches

    As you can clearly tell from my handle, my favourite fight was the line brawl between the Oilers and Thrashers back in 2004. Chimera and Laraque started it, then Andy “7th D man” Sutton was too scared to fight big George so he took on Eric Brewer and still took a few good punches. Then Bishai somehow(?) ended up IN THE THRASHERS FRICKIN BENCH and started pommeling Serge Aubin. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen watching hockey. The thrashers players standing beside him on the bench couldn’t do anything about it! Then Pasi Nurminen decided to pick a fight with Ty Conklin.. Bad idea. Conklin beat him badly. If memory serves me right, Conklin broke his hand on Nurminen’s head in that fight, GOOD ALASKAN BOY. The Thrashers played the last 2 min of the game with an empty net because Dafoe got hurt earlier, and then Nurminen got tossed. THEY DON’T PLAY HOCKEY LIKE THEY USED TO, WAY BACK IN 2004!

  • Tomas Oppolzer

    Favourite fight of all time has to be Iggy vs. Lecavalier in the ’04 final. There’s just something about seeing the offensively leaders on teams fighting their own battles.