Avtomobilist Bids Farewell to Tryamkin, Who is Apparently Headed to Canada

Tryamkin 3

After all the mystery and intrigue surrounding the Canucks cap situation and their intent to sign defensive prospect Nikita Tryamkin, it appears that the monstrous Russian defender is on his way to North America, forcing us to assume that these problems have been sorted out.

There are still some missing links and we’ve yet to get official confirmation from the Canucks, but when his KHL team is bidding him farewell, I think it’s safe to say that a deal is imminent – if not already completed.

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It was reported that the club was on the verge of inking Tryamkin to a deal, but that some paperwork was getting in the way. Among other sticking points (like immigration), Tryamkin was still under contract to Avtomobilist until April 30th, though the Canucks felt that they could get around that, according to Elliotte Friedman on Saturday night.

It certainly seems like they’ve gotten their way. In the wee hours this morning, Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg, the KHL team to which Tryamkin was under contract, posted this on their website:

Tryamkin’s contract expires on 30 April 2016 but the defenceman asked the club to let him go to North America before that date. To remind you, Nikita was drafted by the Vancouver Canucks.
The club decided to accommodate their trainee, so Nikita’s season will continue in Canada. Avtomobolist will retain his KHL rights.
We wish Nikita Tryamkin good luck!

(Stick tap to Artem Zhurakhovsky for the translation, which beats the Google translation.)

Now we are still waiting for the Canucks to confirm his signing, but this is a major tip off. As for how they managed to do that, we’ll have to wait on the details.

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Earlier this week, Canucks Army discussed the Canucks’ ability to sign Tryamkin based on their current cap situation, which is convoluted to put it lightly. Based on the conclusion that we arrived at, the Canucks would still be able to sign Tryamkin to an Entry Level Contract with the space afforded to them by Brandon Sutter’s LTIR relief. That being said, regardless of adding extra salary, it didn’t seem like the Canucks were going to be able to activate Sutter from LTIR without forcing themselves over the salary cap. Benning himself would disagree however.

Evidently they’ve managed to do this deal by finally adding Alexander Edler to LTIR, giving them all sorts of cap space.

Of course, should both Brandon Sutter and Alex Edler get healthy before the end of the season, the Canucks will find themselves in a spot of trouble trying to activate both of them, and any potential Tryamkin contract only complicates that matter. Even when accounting for daily accruals, the cap website General Fanager estimates the Canucks to have zero dollars in cap space at the end of the season. In fact, the Canucks have only had three days this entire season where they weren’t using LTIR relief (February 7th to 9th), with Chris Higgins, Brandon Prust, Brandon Sutter and Dan Hamhuis all seeing time on the long term injury reserve.

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As with before, a possible explanation for this is that one or both of Sutter and Edler do not return for the rest of the season, allowing them to continue using the LTIR relief with impunity. In fact, if it is announced that one of them is shut down for the season, I wouldn’t be surprised if their cap issues played a large part in such a decision – not that I would expect them to admit that. Who knows what the deal with Henrik Sedin is either – the captain left in the first period of last night’s game (the third time he has done so this season) and is heading home with a suspected back ailment. It’s possible that at some point they just decide to shut Henrik down, freeing up even more cap money. Spend away, Jim.

This mess should all be settled in the coming days, if not hours. They still have to work through immigration, and don’t forget how much trouble James Reimer, Teddy Purcell and Jiri Hudler had with that just to transfer from Canada to the United States.

Whatever the case, it appears that we’ll be getting our first glimpse of the 6-foot-6 Tryamkin in the near-ish future.

  • TrueBlue

    “Avtomobilist” releases Nikita Tryamkin for North America.
    March 6, 2016
    Nikita Tryamkins contract ends April 30, 2016, but the defender turned to the club with a request to release him early in order to go to North America. Recall that Nikita was drafted by “Vancouver ” .
    “Avtomobilist” decided to grant his request, which is why he will continue this season in Canada. Note that the rights to play in the KHL remain with the club.
    We wish Nikita the best of luck!

    Would be a rough translation. Nikita drafted “Vancouver” :D:D Awesome

  • markstromisgod

    Once he gets into the lineup it will be good news. The khl is a skilled/tough league and our clearest weakspot is on dfense.

    Add the fact we need a physical presence and this guy is 6ft6 ,it has to benefit the home squad for a change.

  • TrueBlue

    Something to look forward to, should be fun! Let’s go easy on the guy, seems like he just found his KHL legs this season.. probably take some adjusting to get his feel for the NHL. Will be fun to see it happen in real time if he’s put directly into the lineup though. And assuming this AHL out clause is a thing, that must be the plan.

  • Fred-65

    Das ist sehr gut! Oh, wait…

    Great news! What a nice thing to wake up to. Last night a win and now this. Lets pair him up with Hammer and see where it goes. Mondays game with the Kings may be too soon but Wednesday against the against the desert dogs should be alright.

    Welcome to Vancity Nikita.

  • Smyl and Snepsts

    I hope he works out because his physical presence is desperately needed on the team.
    Notice the cheap shots last night by Burns and Thornton when they were losing.
    Teams know they can get away with it because there is no deterrent.
    He may be no Chara but as long as he is sound defensively he will be a great addition.
    I’m pretty tired of the abuse the Sedins and some of the youngsters are taking.

    • Smyl and Snepsts

      I agree 200 percent. We are way too small on the back end. Good teams have size and nastiness on the back end not just finesse puck movers. The ideal of course is to have them combined in one player like a Burns. Adding Pedan to the mix will be perfect. His beat down of L.A.s Nolan was one of the high points of the season for me.

  • Cageyvet

    I am sure there will be growing pains with Tryamkin but that is to be expected. No better time to get NHL experience than during a lost season. No big deal if you lose since the Canucks are not making the playoffs.

    Bring up Pedan next! The Russian Nightmares on D!

    Next major event to look forward to? Could it be the draft lottery?! Could it?!

      • TrueBlue

        Yeah, I think this is the season to give the kids some NHL experience. Unfortunately Benning didn’t deal Hamhuis (or any other vet D) at the deadline so these guys are kinda blocking Pedan and Subban.

        It looks like Edler might be done for the season so that clears some room. Edler needs a rest. Anyone hear what’s going on with Tanev and Hank?

  • wojohowitz

    At 6′ 6-1/2″ and 255lbs, has anyone heard whether he can skate at all or if he’s just going to be a big pylon?

    Love the size but would also like it if he isn’t just a turnstile.

    Pedan was the fastest Canuck with the hardest shot at the skills competition and is a pretty big guy so definitely looking forward to seeing him as a regular next year!

    • Cageyvet

      Apparently he’s a decent skater, and the thought is that if he’s mobile enough on the large ice, he’ll be fine in an NHL rink.

      Players like him make up for a little less mobility with a huge reach and sticks that are like Willie Mitchell’s but actually suit their size. It’s likely to be all about how well he reads the rush and establishes good position.

      The video I have seen shows a player who consistently uses his size on the boards, and what I love, in front of the net. He also works the pp as a shooter, and looks decent in that role as well.

      There’s lots to like here, but I’m no professional scout. I have seen some extended play without any glaring errors, but lining up against the best in the world will be the test.

  • Spiel

    What is really amazing is that when Benning drafted this guy, I remember most of the media saying he wasted a pick on a big guy that can’t play. That he passed on other players that had higher ceilings…ect…

    Now everyone can’t wait to see him play? We can see how Benning is building the Canucks of the future. Big, toughdown the middle w very good goaltending. Which is why Hunter was swapped for Grandlund.

    Both scored almost at the same rate in the AHL, but “pundits” believe Hunter has a higher ceiling. While I would submit that Grandlund brings more to the NHL game than Hunter would short and long term. Short term Hunter is miss cast as a 3rd/4th liner and he wouldn’t supplant Baer in the scoring winger mold.

    If Hunter doesn’t score in the NHL he doesn’t help. Not a direct comparison, but a similar problem with Schroeder. Hunter is better, but if Schroeder didn’t score he was a liability… And he didn’t score.

    I look forward to the Tough 2 way Canucks of the future in a similar vein as the Kings, not the Bs.

    • Spiel

      There is nothing wrong with having skilled players on the 3rd/4th line as opposed to skill-less “fighters”/”bangers” meat and potatoes players on the 3rd/4th line. I’d much prefer someone skilled who can chip in maybe 15 points a season and is not a defensive liability than someone who’s lucky to get 5 points a season and bleeds goals against like crazy because he can’t skate or play but only knows how to fight.

      Maybe that’s just me.

      • wojohowitz

        My point was, that at this point in his career Hunter is a defensive liability and there is no top 6 spot for him.

        Especially if the cap room is spent on a Winger for the Sedins

  • Spiel

    SmylandSnepts and El Pucko you guys made me happy today! I remember when Harold Snepts was a rookie in pre season and beat Ab Demarko in a fight. He also fought Dave Hutchison and Terry Oreilly and taught Dave Schultz a lesson. Smyl was an impact forward,a solid 200 lb. guy who ran every opposing dman and still scored 25 goals a yr. ofcourse it was a much easier league to score in back then.

    Back your obvservations are sooo true! We get manhandled by bigger and yes more talented teams far too often.Pedan seems willing/capable of filling the deterrent role. Yet Dorsett is undersized and plays far too many minutes for my liking. Sestito was the last real tough guy we had but Willy deemed he could not play? He could skate and was more than willing to stand up for his mates,something Bieksa was as well. Anyways between Burns,Thorton,Ferland,Bouma,Ladd,Lucic,Nolan,Getlaf,Perry we have seen enough of the bully show.Tryamkin may not be a fighter but at least he should be able clear the crease and bang some bodies. That in itself and his physical frame should be a bit of a deterrent.

  • Smyl and Snepsts

    Cruiser 27 you must be from my Era as well (old lol). I remember one game Snepsts beating on Schultz. Schultz tried again as soon as he came out of the box and got more of the same. He was my favourite player although not really a great defenseman. Smyl was the best captain this franchise has ever had. Reasonable skill and incredible heart.
    Eliot We don’t need to pay a pile of money on Lucic. Too much money to waste when we won’t be contending for a while.

    • Spiel

      Agreed on Lucic. Do not need him. Power forwards start breaking down in their late 20’s especially the physical ones. Stay away from this guy.

      I’d like to see them take a shot at Stamkos. He just turned 26 and will be around when we compete again. He should take over as our top C or RW with the Sedins until they’re done in two years.

  • Spiel

    A lot of hype for a player who posted quite pedestrian offensive numbers in the KHL. Consensus seems to be that his ceiling is on the 2nd pairing, so considering he has never played an NHL or North American professional game, we are looking at a player who is depth guy to start and MAYBE a 3rd pair if we are lucky.

  • Fred-65

    Seems like as a result of failing to trade Hamhuis and Vrbata there;s a problem in making room on the roster for either Tryamkin and Pedan.Hence the delay with the announcement. Apparently when you put a player on LTI they stop being paid. This also has an impact I understand with signing Demko…. who if not signed this summer will become a UFA in 2017

    Where’s Gilman when you need him !