Friday Roundtable: So, Dan Hamhuis is Still Here…


The trade deadline sucked. It really sucked. It especially sucked if you were a Vancouver Canucks fan, though.

The Canucks didn’t really do anything. They dealt a high-risk, high-reward prospect for a surefire third-liner… need those. They surrendered a draft pick for what is more than likely a third pairing defender. Worst of all, they didn’t deal Dan Hamhuis. And believe you me, they received some pretty damn good offers. When Jim Benning said he received a “parallel” offer to what the Flames got for Kris Russell, he meant better.

Anyways, the only possible way to fix this public relations nightmare is to re-sign Hamhuis, right? I mean, that’s what’s being suggested in most circles, anyways. So I asked the Canucks Army writers if they would ink Hamhuis to a new contract.

Matt Henderson

At the right price/term, yeah of course. I think bringing someone back who is so integral to the community of the team is important, and he’s a silent leader that can provide quiet leadership to younger players, and hopefully some younger d-men in the coming years. As the rebuild begins, it’s not a bad thing from a marketing stand point to have a familiar face around, as well.

Dylan Kirkby

Ignoring the massive potential for a sunk cost fallacy here, after his non-trade at the deadline, I do think they should look at re-signing him. He clearly loves it here in Vancouver, even when the team is bad, and hammer is certainly the type of player you’d love to see the young guys play with and learn from. As long as the term doesn’t go beyond 3-4 years, the Canucks don’t look to be competitive during the length of the deal, so even if he’s not worth the money on the ice, re-signing him helps the youngsters develop, and is a nice bit of appreciation for the years he spent here at way below market value.


Going back to the non-re-signing of Willie Mitchell, the Canucks shouldn’t make that mistake twice. Yes, they should bring Hamhuis back obviously at the right price. As this team grows, the defense needs a leader/role model to follow and is there really a better elder statesman than Hammer? It’s a shame Willie Mitchell isn’t still here because we’d really have a great defense, for defense sake. 

Dan Hamhuis was a great pick up when we got him and he’s still worth having today. The whole NTC thing was a distraction but he didn’t need do a thing, that clause was in there so he didn’t have to have that situation forced on him.

Building a new nucleus needs building blocks and Dan Hamhuis is as good a block as any

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J.D. Burke

I lean towards no. Two wrongs don’t make a right and frankly, I don’t think we’re half as keen on the idea if he’s dealt as we are now that he hasn’t. If that makes sense. 

The Canucks have seven defencemen that will have to clear waivers next season – six NHL players and Alex Biega. Vancouver is looking to get younger and Hamhuis is well into his thirties. Not to mention, if they’re going to do this rebuild right, it’s about time they entered a season with a couple extra bucks to spare.

Wouldn’t be the worst thing if they brought him back. Just not my cup of tea. Doesn’t fit the direction this team should be taking.

  • TrueBlue

    I think JD is right… I probably wouldn’t be as interested in signing Hamhuis if we traded him, but letting him walk now would feel like another punch in the gut.

    2 years, 3.5M per season, full NTC in the first year, limited no-trade clause in the second year?

    Don’t think it’ll play out that way, but I can dream.

  • Cageyvet

    Assuming that the Canucks can sign Tryamkin and that he and Pedan are both servicable NHL defensemen next year:

    The Canucks would enter 2016/2017 with a left side defense of Edler, Hamhuis, Hutton, Tryamkin and Pedan. That makes one of them expendable. With the Canucks trying to get younger it wouldn’t be Hutton, Tryamkin or Pedan. So the Canucks probably don’t need both Edler and Hamhuis.

    I know, let’s start pushing the “trade Edler at the draft” bus. We can talk up the fact that Edler is worth two picks and a top prospect (at least!) and would also free up $5 million in cap space (that we can use for Stamkos!). We can put this in two or three articles a week. Nobody mention that Edler has a NTC (or what the team currently looks like without Edler).

    Then when Edler isn’t traded at the draft we can be outraged (OUTRAGED, I say!) that Canucks management has screwed up another golden opportunity.

  • TrueBlue

    Know what I hate? The assumption that a bad season like this one portends 4 more, as Dylan suggests. I don’t think Benning is managing the NHL roster well, but in fairness, he is making the team younger in a hurry and there are a good number of impact forwards in the system. And while Aquilini seems to be a meddler, he also seems to meddle on the “pay the money, just win ASAP” side rather than the Harold Ballard route, meaning the team has room to chase UFA talent. I have had few kind words for this administration, but take your gloomy “out of contention for 5 years” predictions back to Edmonton, where they belong.

  • TrueBlue

    Hamhuis is likely to get offers ranging from $4.5M to $5M if he makes it to free agency. Term may range from 3-5 years. At 33, he doesn’t fit with our rebuild. Hammer said he wants to stay and may have mentioned giving a hometown discount, but why would he. That discount will have to be steep. His best offer will come from another team like Tampa. We lost both Mattias Ohlund and Sami Salo the same way. I want him to stay, but see him moving on.

    There is also the matter of too many lefties on our blueline.

    • Cageyvet

      I’ve been inclined to keep Hamhuis, but I see media reports that he could be expecting 4 years at $5 million per. At that point I’m inclined to say, “Dan, thanks for being such a good soldier but you need to get paid, and that just doesn’t fit into our plans.”

      He might be inclined to give the Canucks a home-town discount but I can’t see it being enough to bring that number down to something the Canucks should be paying.

      • Cageyvet

        I could see the Canucks offering Hamhuis $3.5M- $3.75M per over 2-3 years, which is a lot (overpayment) for a mentor and probably playing on the third pair. Like I said, the open market will offer him more. A lot more. $5M per over 4 years is highly probable.

        I think Hammer goes from November rain to the Sunshine state USA.

        • Cageyvet

          I totally agree with the money and term mentioned here. No offense to Hamhuis, he’s been a solid player but I was pleasantly surprised by his play after coming back from injury, he’s definitely been on the decline overall this year.

          It was his right to make it difficult to trade him, but I’m not sure there is any point unless he really is willing to take bargain money to stay. We have the hammer now in the discussions, pun intended, I don’t pay more than 3.5 per year as I too see him as a great bottom pair mentor for an up and comer.

          If he can get 4 years at 4 million somewhere else, or even better, then more power to him, but that’s not a good situation for us as the last 2 years could be truly painful.

  • TrueBlue

    Well before the TDL, I have been leaning towards JD”s opinion.

    This off-season, July 1st etc, will be a determining factor on the”need” for Hamhuis. Minnesota will be cap crunched & need to fit Matt Dumba plus about 6 others to fill in the roster. If they feel they can not sign him I would think we have a player that may fit into Minnesota’s plans.

    They may like a young forward who is inexpensive & has not earned a sufficient raise as of yet. Markus Granlund may be an option as a deal to pry him this way. They may like the opportunity to have the Granlund brothers as key cogs of the offense moving forward.

    Anaheim also has some of these same issues & need to resign Vatanen.

    If we are to make that type of move, the need for Hamhuis may not be required. If we do sign him- 2yrs at $4 million per no- strings attached(NTC/NMC)

      • Cageyvet

        Heaven forbid someone on here try to offer up a suggestion on how to obtain a young top 4 defenseman. Better yet, try to be optimistic during these trying times.

        Shame on me.

  • TrueBlue

    boy lots of empty seats at the games now, even season ticket holders arn,t showing up…feel sry for the sedins though never to get a shot at Stanley on the mantle..unless they go elsewhere..o well after years of giving away your best players and getting nothing in return this is what happens for trying to save a buck…losing more money now by lack of fans showing up for games

  • Steampuck

    Edler’s not going anywhere. He has been the most adamant about not waiving his NTC. And fair dues: it’s in the contract because he wanted it there. The left side crunch is a bit of an issue, but Hamhuis remains a vital player and team leader.

    I think the more interesting questions would be: do you make an offer before his contract expires, or let him test the open market and see if you can work something out. There’s a danger in the latter instance of creating bad blood with a low-ball offer that is effectively insulting. I hope they don’t go that route, because Hammer deserves better. I sit down with Hamhuis’s camp in April and outline what the vision for the next 2 or 3 years looks like, and how he might fit into that team (and at what cost). I’m open to 2/3 years at Sbisa money (with a more modest signing bonus, which reduces his cap).

  • Cageyvet

    TrueB If you read JD,S comments in full you would see he is against re-signing hammy and so am I.

    Last nights game ended the way we have witnessed far too often this yr. lets start with hammy, he gets a free cheap assist on Virtanens solo effort goal then proceeds to get caught up ice when the game was deadlocked and the sharks score the winning goal. Nothing unusual as his skills are dimishing and he conmstantly demonstrates bad choices to gamble in the opposing zone.And why? I mean he has not scored a single goal this yr. and very few last yr.Sure he is a local guy,so what? We got Jake and he will be here for yrs. to fill that community role as his confidence and goal totals grow.

    He is taking the spot for a bigger/younger up and comming tougher, mobile dman like Pedan or Tryamkin.Not to mention we do not need another over the hill vet tied up for term and overpayment. Sure he will take a hometown discount but he does not offer enough anymore to this already crummy defense. Now we jump out to a 2 goal lead and throw all kinds of pucks at the sharks goal and in the 2nd period it seems as if Willy put the brakes of the offensive charge up ice? Every time we have a lead we take the foot of the pedal and get burned trying not to lose instead of trying to win! And Miller always seems to give up questionable goals to surrender the lead and ultimately lose yet another hockey game. And just think what a stug netminder can do for his team.Cory Scneider has the devils trying to make the post season while they are near dead last in goals for,thanks a lot Gillis and for all the ntc you handed out to hammy/burr etc.

  • sh1t4brains

    Edler, Tanev, and Hutton are obvious keepers. Is Hammer better than the remaining ones? He wants to stay. No reason why he couldn’t or wouldn’t sign at 3yr/$4M to stay. Weber and Bart aren’t close.

  • sh1t4brains

    Memo to braindeadbenning how about getting Hamonik from the islanders?

    Then the pairings could be Tanev/Edler Hutton/Hamonick and Pedan/Sbisa

    All of the sudden we are bigger/tougher more offensively gifted while getting rid of 2 undersized dman in hammy/biega

  • mgg

    If an effective top 4 defenseman is willing to take well below market value, of course the team should take advantage.

    It opens up all sorts of opportunities in trade among other things.

    As an example, a lot of people would like to move Edler.

    While I wouldn’t be opposed, his contract & NTC would make it harder to get good value in return.

    But what about trading Hutton for a young, right handed defenseman?

    Or what about trying Hutton on the right side?

    It seems foolish for a team with three guys (Tanev, Edler, Hutton) that realistically can be pencilled into the top 4 next year to worry too much about depth options like Pedan, Sbisa, Biega & Larsen.

    Barring a trade, I would like to see the following alignment:




    With Biega & Larsen battling for the 7th spot and the other as a depth option in Utica playing with Trymakin, Subban & Sautner.

    LA understood the value of Mitchell helping their defenseman develop and Florida understands that as well.

  • mgg

    If you’re seriously thinking of not signing Hamhuis because you’re worried about keeping Biega on the roster then you deserve to be dragged out in the middle of the street and shot. How much gas are you huffing before you write these, this is the third consecutive post you’ve made which is complete garbage.

    I get the whole Rudy thing Biega has going on and respect the hell out of his heart….but he’s not Hamhuis and he’s barely a fringe NHL player. Sign Hamhuis, be very grateful that he’s here, and don’t look back.

  • mgg

    Since Dan has been chosen to represent Canada 9 times,winning a Gold Medal at the 2014 Olympics and a Gold Medal at the 2015 World Cup, I believe his position and stature are much,much higher than many surmise.

    Blow Sbisa out of here at the draft and keep the best defender,please.

    Pedan and Tryamkin bothshoot left and one should be able to step in and fill the role Sbisa plays in time.

  • Cageyvet


    “When Jim Benning said he received a “parallel” offer to what the Flames got for Kris Russell, he meant better”. How do you know?

    Anyways, it does not matter. Hammer hasn’t been traded and we need to start living with it. We are where we are and that is the situation we are in – no matter how bad it is or what other decisions could have been made. So stop the crying about what possible draft picks JB would have secured by trading Hammer and face the fact that re-signing him (Hammer) is in terms of the re-build process the best option.