West Coast Express line of Naslund, Bertuzzi and Morrison to be honoured at Rogers Arena next week

Courtesy: Canucks.com

After Pavel Bure left in a huff and before the Sedin twins rose to prominence, the West Coast Express line captured the imagination of left coast hockey fans.

Though the West Coast Express-era Canucks never achieved a level of playoff success to match their artistry and dominance in the regular season, and were involved in perhaps the darkest chapter in Vancouver Canucks history, they’re still remembered fondly in the lower mainland. And next Monday they’ll be honoured at Rogers Arena when the Canucks host the Buffalo Sabres. 

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Naslund, Bertuzzi and Morrison will be honoured prior to next Monday’s Canucks game, the club has announced. They’ll also take part in a local charitable initiative and face the local press on Monday morning.

“Nazzy, Bert and Mo formed one of the best lines in the NHL for years,” Canucks president Trevor Linden is quoted as saying in a team release. “As a teammate it was thrilling to watch them compete every game with their combination of speed, skill and power. We’re excited to have the West Coast Express back at Rogers Arena to celebrate their legacy with Canucks fans as one of the best line combinations in franchise history.”

The line itself was something of a mishmash in its construction, as all three members were acquired by the organization via trade. 

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Before he turned in three consecutive 40 goal seasons, the line’s designated sniper Markus Naslund was a Pittsburgh Penguins cast off, and an occasional healthy scratch in the early part of his Vancouver Canucks tenure. Brendan Morrison was an unassuming college player, acquired from the New Jersey Devils in the Alexander Mogilny deal. And Todd Bertuzzi was a highly-touted power winger who battled inconsistency early in his career, acquired from the New York Islanders in the Trevor Linden trade.

The line’s underdog status was a major part of their appeal. Though all three were highly touted prospects at one time or another, when the West Coast Express line was first assembled, it was widely thought that the club would merely tread water until the arrival of the Sedin twins. Instead, the West Coast Express turned the team into a way-ahead-of-schedule contender. Burke’s early Aughts Canucks teams never delivered on that promise, but they were always entertaining to watch.

“It was obviously something special playing with those two…” Bertuzzi said of his time with the West Coast Express back in 2010. “It was fun hockey back then, we played a pretty exciting brand and more than anything it was that brand of hockey we brought to the city, the style of play that we did, it was entertaining for everyone.

“Those are still good memories.”

Though the memory of the West Coast Express era was marred by the ugly Bertuzzi-Steve Moore incident, nothing gets the Rogers Arena faithful hyped up quite like a Bertuzzi appearance on the jumbotron (his prerecorded message elicited perhaps the biggest cheer during the night Naslund’s number was retired). I’d expect the atmosphere on Monday night to be ramped up far beyond that which you’d usually expect from a regular season game against the Sabres in mid-December.

Edit: This article originally stated that the Brian Burke regime acquired Morrison, Bertuzzi and Naslund via trade. That statement was factually incorrect and has been amended. 

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  • Naturalmystic

    Not to split hairs, but your statement that all of them were acquired by the Burke regime is not quite right.

    It was in Feb 98 when the trade occurred, while Burke wasn’t hired until June of the same year. It was during the Keenan era when he was trading everyone and their dog (which for the most part was just trying out different parts – Ciccone anyone?) and some more than once within a couple months (Sanderson).

    Of course that led to the story lines that “the prodigal son returns” with Burke bringing Linden back after having toiled in Long Island, Montreal and Washington.

    As much as Burke did some good things in his tenure in Vancouver, I think Burke wouldn’t have traded Linden and the WCE line could have never existed.

    • Dirty30

      Oh, I totally forgot… Neither was Naslund. Acquired in 1996 by the late Pat Quinn

      So looks like Burke regime only acquired one (Mo), and Keenan actually made 2 good trades for the canucks (Bert for Linden and Luongo for Bert).

    • Spiel


      You are going easy on the writers.

      Checking facts that don’t involve a spreadsheet or happened before 2004 are outside of the expertise of the Canucks Army Staff.

  • Dirty30

    So I’ve developed a new Corsi fact possession stat for CA writers …

    In this case, article posted at 11:37 a.m. and first shot on facts taken at 11:56 a.m. for a goal!

    Next shot on facts taken at 12:05 p.m. for a goal!

    First period and CA writer down by two facts for a minus -2 Corsi.

    Looks like a long day ahead for CA writer …

  • wojohowitz

    Here`s a couple of memories of how good these guys were; One night in Edmonton Naslund scored four goals – all with a wrist shot from the face-off dot. When his game was really on it was like he could thread a needle with his shot. For Bert there was one game where he carried the puck across the blueline and went thru the two defencemen and beat the goalie with a flip shot. On that play he used his speed, his size, his strength, his stick handling and his shot – all in one rush. At his best he was a power forward second to none.