State of the Blog 2015: Change is Coming!

As we enter August, hockey season is rapidly approaching. Summer camps are well underway, and before you know it, rookie and training camps will be starting up too. As we don’t have a lot of “down time” left in the offseason, it’s a terrific time for us at the blog to take a look at how we’ve done this past year, and plan for the future.

We have some changes to announce to our roster, so join us after the jump for what you can expect to see here at Canucks Army in 2015-2016!

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A look back

First off, I want to thank each and every one of our readers and writers for helping make 2014-15 easily the most successful year in Canucks Army’s history. We saw our largest total growth ever in readership last season, and broke four million pageviews for the first time ever, smashing site traffic and popularity records all along the way.

I’m quite confident that Canucks Army is now one of the most vibrant, active, and largest Canucks communities on the internet, so I’ll take this opportunity to say thank you. 

Thank you to our writing staff, who I believe are some of the most keenly insightful, thoughtful, and talented individuals out in blogdom right now, and thank you to the readers, who have helped us by reading, sharing, and discussing what we’ve had to say in this rather interesting time in Canucks history. Canucks Army wouldn’t be where it is today without any of you.

We may be happy with how last year went, but we’re far from satisfied. There’s always room for us to get better, and we’re laser-focused on doing just that. To do this, we’re addressing our needs on a managerial level – I am stepping aside as the active Managing Editor of Canucks Army back into the analyst role I am more comfortable in. In my place, we’re bringing in the one and only Jeff Veillette (@JeffVeillette) to improve our news coverage, back-end organization, and how we interact with you, our fantastic readers.

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So without further ado, I’ll turn the floor over to Jeff so he can share his vision and what he is going to bring you this upcoming season:

The New Guy

Hey everybody! My name is Jeff, and if you read all the sites on our network, you probably already know me from my work on The Leafs Nation. I know what you’re thinking; a Toronto guy taking over Canucks Army doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I’ve followed the Canucks for the bulk of my life as well. Pavel Bure is my all time favourite player, the West Coast Express means more to me than any line the Leafs have ever assembled, and when Alex Burrows eliminated the Blackhawks in 2011, I literally ran out of my house screaming in excitement (probably not the best thing to do in the middle of the night, by the way).

I’d like to thank Rhys for making this transition such a smooth one, and Thomas Drance for giving me the opportunity to take the reins here. As a member of the network and a frequent Canucks Army reader, I’m beyond excited to be managing, in my opinion, the most talented writing staff of any hockey outlet on the planet right now (sorry, TLN). This group have legitimately changed the way I see the sport, and I know I’m not the only one who feels that way.

The goal for this year is to put out as much content as possible for you readers, while still maintaining the creativity and out-of-the-box thinking of the staff. We want to make this a site that you come back to not just for the quick update on a news story, but for the additional perspectives to help mould your own viewpoints. We also want to dig even deeper on our prospects that make the professional jump, and get more engaged with you, our readers, on social media. After all, the conversation shouldn’t just stop at the bottom of an article.

It’s going to be a crazy road ahead for the Canucks. It’ll be frustrating at times and confusing at others, but it’ll always be entertaining and we’re going to do our best here at the Army to keep that entertainment going when you stop by the site. We can’t wait for what’s ahead!

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The long road ahead

So, there you have it. Jeff will be transitioning into his new role through the early part of this month, and will have fully taken over the managerial duties here at Canucks Army by the time preseason training camp begins. We’re all very excited for this change, as we feel it will allow everyone on the blog to play to their strengths and produce the very best product we possibly can. All the things you love and/or love to hate about us are going to remain consistent going forward – we believe this transition is going to help us keep doing what we do best.

So, once more, thank you to all of you for making 2014-2015 the most successful season in Canucks Army history by such a massive margin. Here’s to hoping 2015-2016 is even better.

  • Dirty30

    Hopefully this leads to higher quality of content. However, stating that this site has the most talented writers of any hockey outlet on the planet is ridiculous and discouraging regarding that hope.

    As pointed out by another commenter, the article on Weisbrod yesterday was rife with with inaccuracies. I mention it because it is the most recent example of what seems to be a consistent problem for many of the sites writers.

    Regarding some of the sites more prominent writers, Moneypuck articles seem to oscillate between good and terrible, and nearly everything Drance writes is lazy superficial garbage.

    There are now a plethora of sites that provide all relevant news for the team, and everything breaks on twitter first, so perhaps taking the time to make sure something is accurate should be prioritized over quickly dumping some unnecessary article onto the site.

    There is a lot of good stuff on the site, but also way too much garbage.

  • Locust

    Looking forward to having some of the moronic loser comments moderated or deleted.

    Love the biting humour and intelligent banter, some of the best one-line put downs ever are on this site – but pleeeease – enough of the juvenile back and forths between (obviously) sexually frustrated stay-at-home dads in training.

    In other words, those that never graduated from “circle jerk at band camp” should enjoy the read….and keep your fingers off the keyboard (especially after where they have been.)

    • You should go one step further and petition to have the Canucks deleted, seeing as how they haven’t won any thing ever in 47 years.

      don’t blame the messengers for calling a lame duck a lame duck… blame the lame duck. lol

      • Locust

        It isn’t about commenting on the team, performances etc etc – fire away with those.

        It is about two cranial challenged individuals calling each other stupid for 12 back and forth comments.

        Maybe the moderator could develop some software that would make something shiny appear on their screen, I am sure that would hold their attention until it was time to put on their jammies and head off to bed.

        • Locust

          They call each other stupid because one of them won’t admit facts. Facts like the Canucks have gone no where in 47 years and 48 is around the corner.

          Facts like Luongo was a over rated sack of crap and his time here showed he won nothing here and still people won’t admit that.

          Facts like the Sedins have won nothing here.

          47 years of facts.

  • wojohowitz

    So another Toronto guy steps up pretending to be a Canucks fan with hopes of attaining the holy grail of bloggers – membership in PHWA – but did you ever consider hiring someone who actually lives in Vancouver or does the closed shop in the center of the universe continue the delusion that if you don`t live in Toronto you don`t know anything about journalism or hockey.

  • Dirty30

    The first four words of this article had me excited wondering who this August chick was and then it turned out to be about hockey again.

    Oh well, until those immortal four words are uttered in a different context here’s four words I’m really looking forward to reading:

    “Sbisa has been traded!”

    Oh yeah, welcome to Vancouver…

  • Dirty30

    Nothing drums up site views as much as unabated bashing of the players, the management, the ownership and the fans of the team the site is named after.

    And for that CanucksArmy will always be #1.

  • Dirty30

    Glad to hear CA is a success, despite all the negativity in the comments lately. I admittedly come to the site wayyyy too much, so keep it up.

    As for all the accusations of “bashing” I find CA does a great job at celebrating the positives when appropriate, but I really value the site for keeping my delusional fan expectations in check. But for the grace of CA’s perspective that might be me comparing Sutter to the likes of Toews, Bergeron, Kesler.

  • Double Dees

    Dude I don’t know what’s worse…writing for leaf nation or writing for a boring Canucks team who are diminishing into the wilderness.

    Wait. Sorry.

    Cole cassels.

    My bad!


  • Double Dees

    McDavud will own the Canucks.

    And this site.

    Why would u want to write about the Canucks? Seriously was there no other job that u could’ve taken????

    A travesty…

  • Double Dees

    Compared to everyone else I see commenting on articles, CanucksArmy has always been one of my favorite sites and it just keeps getting better. Looking forward to seeing what Jeff brings!

  • Orpo

    Well this explains why CanucksArmy is so negative wrt the Canucks – the articles are written from people living in other hockey markets with no access to the players or management.

    • The only writers who don’t live in BC on this site are myself, Josh, and Thom. Thom is from BC, heads back frequently, and has access. Josh’s articles don’t require access and I literally just started.

      We’re negative because the Canucks aren’t particularly good right now.