Canucks Draft QMJHL D Guillaume Brisebois 66th overall.

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With the selection they acquired in the Eddie Lack trade this morning, the Canucks selected D Guillaume Brisebois with their second pick of the 2015 entry draft.

Brisebois was a bit off of our radars playing on one of the CHL’s worst teams, but could have NHL potential. Let’s take a look after the jump.

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Brisebois was rated in the mid-40s to 50s range by most scouting outlets, with his defensive acumen being listed as his best trait. ESPN scout Corey Pronman wrote the following about Brisebois in his top-100 profiles, raking him 67th:

Brisebois was the fifth overall pick in his QMJHL draft, and while he hasn’t put up a ton of points, he brings significant defensive value to the table. Brisebois’ hockey IQ is his best trait. His stick positioning, gap control and anticipation help him make stops, and he’s a great penalty killer. Brisebois outlets the puck pretty well, and has about average power-play skills. His hands aren’t that great, but his vision helps him make plays.

Brisebois is extremely young for his draft year, which is a positive in terms of comparing him to the other players available on the board. He also played at the CHL Top Prospects game this past year, and played on Team Canada at the Ivan Hlinka Memorial tournament and the World U-18 Championships.

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His PCS comparables have became NHL players roughly 11% of the time with Adam Foote, Al MacInnis, Marc Bergevin, Steve Staios, Bob Rouse, Eric Desjardins, Ed Jovanovski, and Lyle Odelein being the most successful. There are a ton of busts in that range though, and statistically, Brisebois isn`t a great pick, especially with guys like Ryan Pilon and Mitchell Vande Sompel still on the board.

Brisebois` counting numbers may have been hurt by playing on an abysmal Acadie-Bathurst Titans team (he was the captain and a team-low -40 this past year), but we can`t say for sure. We`ll have to do more research on Brisebois in the coming days to have a more complete picture of what the Canucks have in their newest prospect.

Vancouver picks next at 114th overall.

Brisebois is an intriguing pick for sure, and it will be interesting to see how he grows in the next year. In the Virtual League of Hockey thousands of teams draft new players every two weeks. With over 40,000 matches each day, the Virtual League of Hockey lets you create your own team, develop players and challenge a community of hockey fans from around the world. Each season is only two weeks long giving you a ton of chances to lead your team to glory. Show the world that Canucks fans know best. Join for free now!


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  • Vanoxy

    Your article doesn’t mention if the kid can dance, likes tacos or has a strong twitter account.

    Since he’s the return for Lack, he needs to bring something to the table.

  • Vanoxy

    I am disgusted Benning didn’t get another first round pick or any second round picks while holding on to Higgins, Hamhuis, Bieksa, Kassian and Vrbata. Really?

    • If you’re “disgusted” rather than “mildly disappointed” you might want to re-evaluate your emotional investment in this team.

      It was disappointing that Benning couldn’t move up into the high second or low first round with a package of Lack and another asset, though. You have to think he could have gotten a 3rd for Markstrom, so why not keep Lack?

      • andyg

        Benning is blindly loyal to his old draft picks. The interest in Milan and his blind attachment to Miller shows this. Lack was a threat to Millar.

        Our goal tending will crash and burn this year. I just hope we keep our 2016 draft picks because Benning dose seem to be capable at the draft table.

        Maybe aquire more at the trade dead line.

        • BuffaloBillsOfHockey

          I don’t think that it’s actually blind loyalty. I think it’s more of a mild arrogance. The assumption that his father is a scout for the Canadiens and he was “born to do this”. I think he actually believes his own hype that scouting is “in his blood” and I think he’s supremely confident in his picks as a result of this.

          Confidence – especially when misplaced – can be a fault, not an asset, though.

          If he actually knew what he was doing 100%, he’d have a right to be confident. The problem is that NOBODY knows what they’re doing 100% when it comes to drafting. The whole game is a crap shoot. You can use probability algorithms and formulas like PCS to help minimize your risk, but there’s still a risk. Plus, if Benning actually had the right to be confident and was the absolute best drafter in the history of drafting, let’s say he was right 70% of the time, he would essentially be the very most in-demand person in the NHL bar none. He is not this in demand, therefore he is not that good and it follows that he has no right to be this confident in his picks.

          Miller was an above average goaltender in his prime. Lucic was an excellent player at one point and the prototypical power forward, but not anymore. Choosing to believe that there is something special about these players that somehow sets them apart even as they obviously begin to decline in performance is an alarming trait in a GM. Would you select a CEO to run your company just because “he’s got a lot of character”? Would you let your neighbor perform essential lung surgery on you because “he’s a quality individual”? No, because that’s stupid. You go with someone with previous experience and a proven track record of growing a company for your CEO and someone who has education and/or experience performing surgery as your surgeon. And choosing hockey players based on character instead of their performance curve is equally ill-advised. Same thing applies if you had a CEO, but the company starts losing money year after year and it’s getting worse not better, or your doctor was once great, but his patients start getting complications or dying during surgery and he’s facing malpractice suits; you don’t keep blindly believing in them because “they’re a stand out individual” or some other bogus garbagio like that. You supplant them with someone who’s trending upward and not down and move on to the next problem. That should be the end of story, but sadly, it’s not.

        • Steampuck

          We are one injury away from marky and whomever our AHL goalie is. Also, with LA, EDm and Cal getting better, I think we will definately miss the playoffs this year.

          Here’s hoping we win the Austin Matthews lottery!

  • The sting of losing Schneider was offset by getting Horvat.
    The sting of losing Luongo was much needed cap relief and a nice asset in Markstrom.

    I see no relief in sight for the sting of losing Lack.

    No disrespect to Brisebois, but this hurts. Hopefully the kid surprises and makes an impact, in 4-5 years. But the handling of Miller/Lack makes the way Gillis handled Luongo/Schneids look downright competent.

    • Steampuck

      I saw him in Calgary last summer to Team Canada training camp, he is very very good and I’m very surprised that we catched him in the third round!!! he’s a robbery!!!! Pilon oct 1996 and Brisebois july 1997 and he play for a poor team!!

  • Steampuck

    That did not take long. The fans are now “disgusted” with Jim “No body’s perfect” Benning. And given what less accomplished players accrue for some of their teams, it does make you wonder. I mean, Philly aquired Sam Gagner for a retired player. Sam Gagner is no great shakes, but he is an NHL player that can help a PP out. Chris Pronger on the other hand hasn’t’t played a game in three years.

    Not to mention that Canucks fans were led to believe for the past decade that this team was a desirable place to play. How is that belief now? As someone mentioned earlier, the Canucks have traded their best three goalies for Horvat plus change. Two goalies capable of winning a Vezina and a goalie capable of being an affable starter in this goalie graveyard. For Horvat plus change. How desirable is it when management squander assets? Will this team squire player to compete at a higher level or will it continue to acquire wallpaper as it has since 2011?