VIDEO: Calgary’s Game-Tying Goal Should Have Been Disallowed

jones high stick

Screenshot via TSN

Vancouver dropped a disappointing playoff opener to the Calgary Flames by a 2-1 score on Wednesday night, but lost in the talk about turnovers and ice time was the fact that Calgary’s game-tying third period goal that came courtesy of David Jones should not have counted, but was allowed to stand thanks to a missed call by the officiating crew.

Continue after the jump to find out what blown call cost the Canucks a third period lead.

Up 1-0 in the 3rd period of Wednesday’s game, Luca Sbisa attempted to clear a puck from Vancouver’s zone, however it was intercepted by Calgary’s Michael Ferland. Ferland chipped the puck back in to the corner to David Jones, who appeared to knock the puck out of the air with a high stick. The sequence is shown and highlighted in TSN’s video, starting roughly 2:25 in:

Had Jones’ high stick been caught by the officiating crew, the play should have been blown dead immediately as Jones was the first player to touch the puck, and the faceoff would have come outside the Canucks zone. Obviously, this also would have directly prevented the game-tying goal as Jones scored just seconds after this call was missed.

It’s a bitter pill for Canucks fans to swallow for sure, as it had a massive influence on the outcome of game one, a game which Vancouver lost thanks in large part to this goal. However, I’d caution against getting too upset at this play, since it’s impossible to say that this call directly caused Vancouver to lose their playoff opener.

I have very limited sympathy for the Canucks here too, as the best way to avoid a call hurting you at a high leverage point in the game is to simply not allow the game to get to the point where one fluke will dramatically alter the outcome. Had Vancouver capitalized on their chances early and kept working hard and playing with intensity into the second period, they would have built a larger lead on a team that they should expect to out-score, and this would have just been a largely ignored footnote.

Instead, if you don’t put a team away early and you don’t play well enough to warrant a sizable lead in the 3rd period, you run the risk of allowing human error or a bad bounce to significantly affect the outcome. Yes, this was a missed call by the officiating crew, but it’s still Vancouver’s fault that this mattered.

  • Vanoxy

    You’re right, it shouldn’t have counted.
    But, there’s no need to harp on it at this point.

    Full credit to Rhys for pointing it out, but as fans, let’s not make a big deal out of it. These things have a way of evening out over the course of a series.

    Nucks will blow them out on game 2. And split a pair of 1 goal games in North Texas. I think we all figured the series would go at least 6 games, might as well get a loss out of the way early.

  • Fortitude00

    lol really we are going to blame the ref’s for losing? Come on man that is so childish and is what sore losers do.
    Aside from a fluke goal Vancouver didn’t generate any offence which is why they lost. 1 goal scored = loss in most games.

  • Vanoxy

    Why were the Canucks expected to outscore the flames when the flames scored more overall this season and won the season series? Oh well, you are right they didn’t deserve the win anyways. Calgary somehow found a way to dominate in stretches and deserved the near shut out win. Hiller was the better goalie. Canucks need an answer and it aint Baertchi.

  • Vanoxy

    Canucks played well for all but 12 minutes. Should have put it away earlier but hiller made a big save when he had to. Cant be disappointed with the effort, just the result. GO CANUCKS GO!

  • supra steve

    The most disconcerting part is that the Canucks couldn’t even control play…against a bad possession team…without their ace defenseman…on home ice…while being awarded more power plays.

    Disconcerting for you dullards, I mean, since I have different objectives for this franchise than the rubes that blog and frequent on here.

    We are all Canucks…

    • Ruprecht

      Actually if you are a fan like you claim to be, you must have the same end objectives. Don’t act like you differ because you want your team to win the cup. It’s the end goal of every team and it’s fans.

      Where you differ is the methodology you want to use to achieve this goal. You know better…or at least act like it. But it doesn’t make you any better than the rest of us, so you can include yourself in any labels you attach to the people around here, you are one of them.

      I too was secretly hoping we could make it past game one without complaining about the officiating. We play better and make a few plays and that call shouldn’t matter. If we won, nobody would care enough to write about it. We lost, move on.

        • Ruprecht

          I’m responding to ignorance. I don’t really care who wrote it, or what user name they hide behind.

          We’ll never be fully rid of NM00’s writing. He’s a hit generator for the bloggers.

          Being positive, it was really nice to see Horvat get his first playoff goal last night. A long way from where he started the season.

        • Scary Gary


          Why would the clueless 20 year old kids that run this place ever dare attempt to chase NM00?

          I mean, I could understand if they weren’t dependent on writing about hockey & pageviews for a living…

          Sadly, they must chase the filthy lucre which is why NM00 is a necessary evil.

          I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to the rubes that rise and sleep under the blanket of the very interest that I provide, and then question the manner in which I provide it…

  • Spiel

    It is a bad break, but play continued and the Canucks even cleared the zone (temporarily) after the missed high stick.

    Play should have been stopped before this, but I would argue that this instance of contacting the puck with a high stick did not lead to a goal.

    Vrbata, Bonino, Higgins were atrocious last night.

  • Scary Gary

    “they would have built a larger lead on a team that they should expect to out-score”

    The numbers don’t back you up on this claim.

    Goals in regular season:
    237 – Flames
    236 – Canucks

    Goals against in regular season:
    213 – Flames
    220 – Canucks

    Goals for % in all situations
    52.7 – Flames
    51.8 – Canucks

    Fenwick % 5vs5 score adjusted
    45.6 – Flames (27th in league)
    50.4 – Canucks (18th in league)

    Perhaps you should have wrote out-shoot.