VIDEO: Henrik Sedin’s 700th career assist comes on a classic example of Sedinery

Photo Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin/USA Today Sports

Vancouver Canucks captain Henrik Sedin and his brother Daniel Sedin were flying in Monday night’s crucial tilt against the Los Angeles Kings.

Dominant throughout the contest, the twins combined on a milestone third period tally that tied the game. The goal was Daniel’s – a hard, accurate slapshot that resulted from several give-and-go passes between him and his brother – and the assist was the 700th of Henrik’s career.

Here’s the goal. It’s an appropriate milestone goal for the twins because there are two or three passes here that almost no one else in the game today, let alone in history, would even consider making. That’s just how the twins roll:

(Courtesy: CanucksTV)

Classic Sedinery, as Pass it to Bulis would have it.

For becoming just the 51 player in NHL history to record 700 career regular season assists Henrik was treated to a rousing standing ovation from the Rogers Arena faithful. What a play. What a career.

  • Larionov18

    I started getting into hockey around 05-06.

    I’m beginning to suspect that the Sedins have ruined all other hockey for me.

    These passes are ridiculous.

    • RandomScrub


      For years I’ve been thinking about how I dread the day these guys retire, because I’m petty sure I’ll never be able to enjoy the sport the same way ever again.

      Watching the Sedins is like eating Hagen Daas. The rest of the NHL is like the ice cream they sell in those 4 L buckets. It’s still good and if someone offers me Ice cream from a bucket I won’t turn it down, but after you’ve had Hagen Daas, bucket ice cream kinda sucks in comparison.

      I actually enjoy watching the Sedins more than I enjoyed watching Gretzky, and not because they play for the Canucks and I’m a homer… Watching the Sedins is like watching Gretzky if he had the ability to teleport to other areas of the ice and pass to himself.

  • Larionov18

    The kings needed this game a lot more with the Jets winning. They started fast and tough, but the Canucks didn’t back down or give in.

    Very good, playoff style game against a team no one wants to see in the playoffs. Will be interesting to see if Eddie gets a rest Va Edm and Zona?

  • RandomScrub

    How does Henrik possibly have any idea Daniel will be there? Set play? Just experience? If you watch closely you’ll notice that Henrik never looks back to where he puts the puck. Also, Muzzin turns his attention to Bieksa the second Henrik makes the pass, otherwise it would have been easy for him to pick it off.

    Even the little bank pass off the boards to start the play – Henrik has to keep it onside, and do it with a player barreling in to check him. Just insane. Well deserving of being the milestone.

    Is there any player in the league better at anticipating where his teammates will be and thinking the game several moves ahead? If he was Canadian and wasn’t a twin, I swear Hank would draw rampant Gretzky comparisons. Obviously he’ll never be close to the numbers, but the way you can see him think the game ahead of everyone else…

  • RandomScrub

    Great play from start to finish. You know we Canucks fans are spoiled when Daniel’s backhand saucer pass right to Henrik’s tape seen as typical Sedin and not Sedin Magic.