NHL 94 Recap: Desert Dogged

NHL 94 recap

Eddie Lack did his best, but couldn’t overcome a lacklustre Canucks effort in the desert as the throwback Arizona Coyotes outlasted the visiting Canucks for a 3-2 win in a shootout.

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  • acg5151

    We really needed to win this game against the Coyotes – we have solid playoff chances but we should be picking up as many points against weak competition as possible. They are going to have to make it up against the California teams.

  • Larionov18

    Too bad Kassian had a nice physical game and coach Wilie blamed Kass for the heartless effort by the Sedins. Shameful effort by the twins. Casual passes all game.They came to play against the Sharks but seemed too cool for school tonight. Embarrassing.

  • Larionov18

    Nothing to rage about; the Canucks are an average team being average.

    The idea that an average team should dominate any team should be laughable.

    I certainly didn’t see anything in this game that would lead me to believe that the Canucks should dominate. I’m frankly happy they managed to come back and get a point out of this one.

  • wojohowitz

    Does Willie have a “do not”Drop Pass drill!!

    Everytime the Canucks crossed the blue line… Drop pass onto a waiting Coyotes stick! Wasn’t for Lack 8-2