Canucks 2015 Trade Deadline: Rumour Roundup

Deadline day is upon us! 

Will the Canucks buy, sell, do anything? Should we poke them with a stick? 

Let’s round up the latest chatter and prepare ourselves for what could be the quietest trade deadline day in recent Canucks history.

What They’ve Already Done

The Canucks, along with the Ottawa Senators, are one of only two teams that haven’t made a trade this month. After Jim Benning set the draft floor on fire in June, he’s been absurdly quiet and it seems possible – even likely – that Benning’s conservatism will characterize draft day.

The Market

It’s a seller’s market and the prices are high. 

Middle six forwards – like Curtis Glencross – are netting multiple top-100 draft picks.

Second pairing defensemen like Braydon Coburn and Jeff Petry are netting huge returns.

Could the high market prices change the calculus for Jim Benning and the Canucks, as it pertains to selling rental assets like Brad Richardson, Shawn Matthias, and Derek Dorsett? Don’t expect it too, as Benning apparently said late last week that the Canucks are not looking to sell any of their potential rental assets

The dream of selling high on Matthias is, if not dead, certainly on life support.  

While some fans are clamouring for the Canucks to kick the tires on a potential Kevin Bieksa or Luca Sbisa trade – particularly if the price is right – Bieksa is not going to waive his NTC, and Sbisa logged first-pair minutes on Sunday night. So don’t get your hopes up. 

That likely leaves the Canucks kicking the tires on hockey type trades. Could the club deal Zack Kassian? Would it even make sense too? Maybe, but only if the asset coming back is as young or younger…

Players to target

Patrick Wiercioch

We’ve written a lot on Patrick Wiercioch over the past few days, and it seems very possible that he’ll be dealt before the deadline:

He’d be a good fit for the Canucks’ depleted blue-line.

Matt Bartkowski

The Canucks have been rumoured to be interested in Bartkowski for months, and he’d be an excellent fit to help bolster Vancouver’s depth on the left side of their blueline.

The Bruins’ defense corps isn’t look nearly as imposing as it has in the recent past though, so he may be off the market. Anything to help get Sbisa’s minutes burden under control would be helpful for the Canucks though.

Cam Atkinson

If the Canucks are hoping to bolster their forward depth, Atkinson – a shifty, ace volume shooter – would appear to be a good fit. His name has been popping up in trade rumours all month, and the teams in the middle of those rumours may have all moved on:

Atkinson is a fancy-stats darling, and would give the Canucks another one-shot goal scorer, something the club has lacked for years (though the presence of Radim Vrbata and Shawn Matthias has filled that need somewhat). 

  • Dirty30

    GMJB must be pissed with his money hungry Canuck ownership… Watching spare parts trading for 2015 early round picks. That said, the buying frenzy is almost over, with all the main contenders (except for NYI, PIT and NAS) making their moves well before todays deadline.

  • ikillchicken

    I would love to see at least one or two of the UFA forwards to be traded – no way they’re going to be able to sign all three after the season. Great chance to load up on draft picks.

    • ikillchicken

      Ownership is more interested in playoff gate revenues than any meaningful improvement for this team. Sad short term view an: runs counter to their stated goal of bringing a Stanley Cup to this city.

  • pheenster

    Hard to say that Petry netted a huge return, especially after seeing what Yandle and Coburn brought in. Yandle was highway robbery, Coburn at least brought back at least a first and an (injured) roster player. If MacTavish was going to pull off this trade so they help the tank, he should have done this trade earlier, not with 20 games remaining.

    • ikillchicken

      Big Mac is a clown. Handed the keys to the organization because he a holdover from the Oilers glory days. I mean… Come on. What reputable organization would fire their middle manger (when he was a coach) only to rehire said employee as their CEO (GM)?

    • ikillchicken

      Time to sell is now. One can’t imagine the returns being any higher than they are right now with the upcoming cap crunch and the contenders loading up before they are force to dismantle. Come draft day, every team will be enamoured with their draft picks and the ability to parade shinny new toys to their fan base. I would have thought at the Kelser saga would have wisen up this pathetic ownership group to the perils of a selling at the wrong time.

      Sure glad that I gave up my season tickets after the last work stoppage… Bringing the whole family to Maui for a week in the sun and I still have money leftover.

  • Dirty30

    It’s an unfortunate fact that ownership has sucked for over 40 years in Vancouver.

    The worst part is that we finally have a GM who could make the team better despite the limits imposed by MG — but you can’t fight ownership.

    Lord Linden must be under his desk right now searching for his dignity and integrity and wondering if he can get a job as a towel boy at Steve Nash fitness after this owner sponsored fiasco.