Canucks Army Postgame: Canucks take Game 11 of the 2011 SCF


On Friday night, the Vancouver Canucks were looking to carry over the emotion and offense from their Wednesday night victory over the Chicago Blackhawks. Mission accomplished. 

Playing host to the Boston Bruins tonight with hopes of victory in consecutive contests the Canucks dismantled their dreaded “rivals” from Beantown to the tune of a 5-2 victory. Shawn Matthias led the way offensively and Miller put in an effective night behind his teammates. 

Lets break it all down on the other side of the jump.


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  • This isn’t Derek Dorsett’s first power play rodeo. Believe it or not, just three seasons ago he was featured on the Columbus Blue Jackets power-play, logging nearly a minute of 5-on-4 time per game. That’s nearly twice as much time as he’s averaging this campaign, and lines up well with the ice-time one might expect a second-unit regular to see. We can debate the importance of a net-front presence on the power-play until we’re blue in the face. It can be a valuable component but I’m hardly convinced that it makes or breaks a power play. We do know, however, that the key ingredient in a successful power play is shot volume. With Dorsett on the ice, the Canucks shot-volume on the power play takes a considerable hit – a more than 10% drop. We really shouldn’t need stats to drive home the message on this one. The Canucks managed just three shots in 5-on-4 situations and didn’t score.
  • Shawn Matthias had one hell of a start to this season. He was playing with confidence, providing the secondary scoring and size this franchise had long wanted from its bottom-six before a Stephane Robidas elbow to the chops sidelined him with “concussion-like symptoms”. Returning from his “concussion-like symptoms” it was clear that Matthias was a few steps behind the game. His production and effectiveness tailed off. February has seen a return to form for Matthias. A rate stats dynamo, Matthias has seen his shot totals rise since the calendar turned to February. With tonight’s hat-trick, the first of Matthias’ career, he now has five-goals in his last four games. 

  • Be it the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals, or any of the games between the Canucks and Bruins that followed, Boston could always rely on one either Brad Marchand or Milan Lucic to stir the pot. With Ryan Miller the Canucks netminder this season, there’s another layer. Neither of the two had any effect on tonight’s game though. Neither of them showed up on tonight’s scoreboard. Marchand didn’t register a shot; Lucic finished the night with three. Then again, the night is young and there’s always Granville Street…
  • If the Bruins interest in Zack Kassian is legitimate, the bulking winger gave them quite the showcase tonight. Kassian and his solidarity goatee showcased their playmaking ability, chipping in with assists on two of Matthias’ three goals. That’s five points in four games for Kassian. It’s safe to say he’s built some trade value as we head into the deadline. Scary proposition. 
  • The silver lining to Nick Bonino’s injury has to be Ronalds Kenins insertion into the lineup. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Latvians Lightnings’ play since joining the big club. The scrappy fourth-line forward finished the night with 11:50 in ice-time, eight hits and two shots. Two of the aforementioned eight hits were runs at Big Z himself. There’s no doubting Kenins’ commitment at this point.


The Canucks have done well of late to help their positioning in an increasingly tight race for the final two Wild Card spots in the Western Conference. The Canucks are now one point back of the Sharks for second in the Pacific, with an opportunity to leapfrog them tomorrow with a win over the Calgary Flames. We’ll see you then!

  • Brent

    Unfortunately could not watch this game tonight but followed it on hockey Is seemed exciting! And the end product was good! Hamhus with 2 penalties! Sounds like he will have to make amends by doing purgatory on the DTES.

    I hope they don’t trade Kassian. We need his size against some of the Pacific behemoths.

  • Cale

    I have to hope that Kass’ resurgence has Lindenning rethinking their desire to trade him. He and Matthias have both come on late, and both are looking like they could be key parts of this team over the next few years.

  • acg5151

    Every time we play the Bruins from now until the day I die, I will not be able to get out of my mind that picture of Tim Thomas lifting that cup above his head.

    God I hate that guy.

  • andyg

    What would be funny is if Kass starts to mature and becomes what his skill set says he is. Kane struggles in Buffalo.

    Then think that Kass was probably part off the talk between Van and the Jets.

  • andyg

    18 goals in the last 4 games – at least we’re seeing the offence that we saw at the beginning of the season back. I’m not concerned about goaltending IF we play Lack a bit more. Young players on the ice playing fairly well.

    I’m liking the product the Canucks are putting down right now.

  • Larionov18

    Hate this game 11 stuff, we lost it’s over!

    That being said, the Canucks played a very solid game all the way around. The Kass/Dorseet/Mattias line is doing great in a small sample size. Dorsett does for those two the same thing Burr does for the Sedins. He brings more speed and edge.if you are on a line with Dorsett and don’t skate 100 mph and hit people you look lazy!

    Clendening is a lot better than I thought he was going to be.this guy is as smooth with the pick on his stick as any Canuck Dman I have seen in a long time. Not too long until he moves to the top unit. sorry Edler, but this guy has ice water in his veins.

    Finally, the way the Canucks played with a lead is the way they should always play. Don’t just dump the puck out of your zone and let the other team have free reign, take advantage of the other teams aggressiveness. Don’t give up the pick if you don’t have too!

    Maybe Hank should get high sticks more. He was a lot more aggressive last night.

    • Ruprecht

      Actually we won game 11, but yeah, time for the bloggers to troll something a little more creative out there….it’s getting stale.

      In the pregame thread, the one where NM00 morphed and started arguing with himself about the use of the ellipse, I was trying to point out how nice it would be for another round of what we saw start in the Hawks game.

      Mattius’ line more than delivered. Clendening/Stanton keep showing something very special. A young pairing like that for the cost of a 5th rounder and less than 2 mil on the books, is something we desperately need.

      Pretty much agree with you J. Much easier to watch them close out a game with the foot on the gas. We gave them fits driving the traffic areas all game long.

    • pheenster

      Was thinking exactly that. Problem is Linden Vey isn’t close to being a second line centre.

      Small sample size as noted above, but right now the first, third and fourth lines look solid. Having the luxury to play Vrbata as a second line winger is great. Seems to me Trader Jim’s priority should be to use the pieces that aren’t fitting to build a second line.

      If you keep Bones, then it looks like Vey and Sbisa are the odd guys out. Once Bieksa comes back, the Clendening Stanton chemistry allows WD to reunite Hamjuice as the second pairing. No need to keep Sbisa a round as a 7th dman, we have a few of those. I would think that Vey and Sbisa should return something semi-decent to play with Bones and Vrbata.

  • FredTheCaveman

    I am getting the warm fuzzies watching Kassian, Matthias and Horvat’s point totals recently. Even if we don’t have the best players I still really like this guys.