Canucks priced way out of Evander Kane sweeps as Sabres, Jets agree to blockbuster deal

Forget being unwilling to include Jake Virtanen and Bo Horvat, the Vancouver Canucks were probably never even in the same ballpark as the Buffalo Sabres in their pursuit of embattled Winnipeg Jets forward Evander Kane.

A Kane trade between the Sabres and Jets has been consummated and, according to Darren Dreger, will involve Tyler Myers, Drew Stafford, Joel Armia, Brendan Lemieux, and a 1st-round pick in exchange for Zach Bogosian and Kane. 

That’s such a blockbuster that the prospective trade recently filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection…

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Not only is this trade close to going down, but Vancouver reportedly bowed out:

That’s understandable. The Canucks don’t have the chips to even sit at the table with a Sabres team thats spent the past four years amassing future assets. 

It’s also disappointing. The Canucks were reportedly debating going all-in for Kane, but were reluctant to weaken their relatively strong playoff chances. Looking at the reported return the Jets are seemingly about to net for Kane though, even if the Canucks had been willing to push their stack into the middle of the table here, it’s hard to imagine that it would’ve been enough to get it done. 

UPDATE: ESPN and TSN’s Pierre LeBrun reports that the Canucks did “go down the path” on trying to pry Kane out of Winnipeg, but were informed by the Jets that they were going to complete a larger deal this morning. 

Simply put, if the Sabres or Capitals were in on Kane, and they were, it’s likely that Vancouver didn’t have the assets to keep up. If there’s any silver lining here it’s that, at the very least, it’s good to know that Vancouver’s usual “character” dogma didn’t prevent them from chasing a player of Kane’s abilities. 

  • andyg

    See, I don’t know. It really depends what you think of Myers, and whether Myers is worth Bogosian. I’m not sure he is. So really you can split this deal a bit.

    1. Myers and Lemieux for Bogosian
    2. Armia, Stafford, late 1st for Kane

    Could the Canucks have competed with #2 there? I think so. Shinkaruk + 1st + Higgins is probably better. At the very least, it’s close, not “priced way out”.

    • Vanoxy

      Wow, really?

      If anything, it breaks down to Kane for Myers, Stafford and a first, and Bogo for a couple of futures.

      Bogo is alright, but he’s not even in the same hemisphere as Myers.

      • Have you seen their comparables?

        Bogosian is a legitimate 2nd pairing defenseman right now. He has the potential to be a decent first pairing defenseman.

        Myers is a mediocre to downright bad 2nd pairing defenseman right now. He has the potential, if he can recover and depending how much of his terribleness has to do with being in Buffalo, to be a great first pairing defenseman.

        Myers has the higher cap hit.

        In other words, trading Bogosian for Myers straight up is trading a guy with a high floor and an okay ceiling for a guy whose floor is “total bust” but whose ceiling is “elite defenseman”. Certainty traded for potential.

        “not in the same hemisphere” is just an absurd comment in this context.

      • Vanoxy

        What, no mention of the Ryan and Seguin trades?

        The point of mentioning all of those transactions is to increase the sample size of young, impact players moved in trade.

        It is an infrequent occurence so it would be beneficial to look at more than just one trade.

        Turris was a 3rd liner when Phoenix traded him.

        That trade had ZERO bearing on this one as you can now plainly see.

        Or perhaps you cannot.

        After all, you deluded yourself into believing Schroeder had trade value…

  • @NM00

    If the CanucksArmy drinking game required our readers to take a sip every time you called someone delusional in our comment section, it would be dangerous to play for the high risk of alcohol poisoning.

    I didn’t believe Schroeder had trade value, re-read the piece:

    As for this Turris thing, I literally always presented it as a minimum return, the absolute lowest bar. The unique context of Buffalo and Winnipeg’s situations though resulted in a deal that has little relationship to any deal we’ve seen in recent history.

    Always appreciate your passion and arguments. Sometimes they’re compelling. There’s no need to disingenuously misrepresent your own past opinions and mine though, or to call me delusional when I point out that inconsistency.

    • “I didn’t believe Schroeder had trade value, re-read the piece”

      It makes sense to SHOP Jordan Schroeder…

      “As for this Turris thing, I literally always presented it as a minimum return”

      As for the Carter/Richards thing, I presented them as examples of the types of trades the Canucks were incapable of offering.

      They never had a centrepiece to offer in a Kane trade if that was what Winnipeg wanted.

      Again, the fact that you continue to mention Turris exemplifies your delusion…

  • Again the question has to be asked:
    Why doesn’t NM00 start his own Canucks blog, since he is so much smarter than every writer and commentor at CanucksArmy?

    Shame the Canucks couldn’t land Kane, but good thing they didn’t pay this kind of price for him.

    [edit] Thomas, asking NM00 not to misrepresent other people’s opinions is like asking a fish not to swim.

    • Pretty sure you answered your own question there. A serious, ethical blogger doesn’t misrepresent others’ opinions at risk of alienating an audience looking for honest perspective/scrutiny. Hence the term ‘troll.’ It’s like saying Robin Hood should be Sherriff because he constantly outsmarts him. Opposite sides of the divide. Impossible.

  • Ruprecht

    Please, for God’s sake let this be the end of the Evander Kane troll on Canucks Army. When “Kane” is appearing as much as the word “delusional” within a week, nobody benefits.

  • acg5151

    I have become diselusioned with all this delusion-talk.

    I think my catchphrase will be: spanky.

    Canucks fans here are spanky if they think that player x will wear the Canucks jersey because this team has been so spanky for so long, making spanky draft picks hoping that they will strike gold.

  • acg5151

    The Jets basically received a decent middle 6 winger, a late first rounder and a couple of decent prospects for Kane, since Myers and Bogosian were pretty much a wash.

    One issue – we didn’t really have another late first rounder to dump on this and not a whole lot of highly regarded second tier prospects to send their way either.

  • pheenster

    1) I was wrong. Jets got way more than I thought they would (although that is distorted somewhat by the Bogosian inclusion).

    2) Will be interesting to see what happens in 3 years. Buffalo should just be becoming competitive at that point; will they resign Kane or does he walk away and leave them with nothing?

  • ikillchicken

    Yeah, I don’t know. I’m not seeing is as quite such a massive return when you factor in Bogosian. To me, Bogosian and Myers seem like more or less even value. So you’re really talking about something like Kane for a rental on Stafford, Armia, Lemieux and a 1st. That’s more than I imagine the Canucks were inclined to offer but it’s not actually a lot is it? I mean, I don’t know much about the two prospects but based on everything I’m reading we’re talking about two distinctly B level guys (and a likely late 1st rounder). Nobody there comparable to Horvat or Virtanen.