My Scotiabank NHL Debit Card Experience


It has now been well over two months since we introduced the concept of the Scotiabank NHL Debit Card on this platform. In that time, if you took my advice and registered you’ve not only given yourself a chance to win all sorts of snazzy little goodies, but you’ve also probably had some noteworthy encounters in the times you’ve taken it out of your wallet to see the light of day.

I know I have. 

The one that instantly comes to mind is the time I went to grab a cup of coffee, as per my daily routine prior to sitting down and perusing Twitter while feigning all sorts of outrage regarding the latest “Whodunnit?!” in an attempt to fit in with the masses.

Anyways, when the barista took my order and asked how I’d be paying, I said “debit” and fished my personalized Scotiabank NHL Debit Card out of my pocket. The baristas eyes gleaned over it, recognizing the Canucks logo on the front. He proceeded to make some small talk regarding the team and their direction, which I engaged in, if only to avoid having his saliva wind up in my hot beverage.

While it was kind of neat that the card had served as something of an icebreaker or talking point between me and the guy making my drink, there was an added incentive for me here. Distracted by our newfound connection, the barista forgot to ask me for my name. And in doing so, I was spared from drinking from a cup with someone else’s name scribbled on it (because apparently Dimitri is a confounding name that few can spell correctly without my assistance).

That’s my story. For you, I’m sure it’ll be totally different. Heck, it may be using your card for a purchase of a new bike, which you’ll use to ride around on the Seawall with the intentions of not only getting fit for the summer, but also potentially bumping into Trevor Linden one fine morning.

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