Report: Canucks interested in Dennis Rasmussen?

Photo via Frida

According to a report coming from Mattias Ek of Expressen, the Vancouver Canucks – to go along with the Philadelphia Flyers – are one of the two teams most notably interested in undrafted free agent Dennis Rasmussen. 

The player in question has a few things working for him: he’s big, he’s Swedish, and we’re currently witnessing that combination of attributes translate quite nicely to the NHL level. But as is the case with most player comparisons, it’s a rather unfair thing to put on the plate of the guy being measured up against his predecessor. Expectations can be a cruel mistress. 

With that being said, we’ll look into the resume of the player in question just past the jump. After all, we’re currently mired in a hellish month for talking points, so any news is good news at this point.

You can read more on Rasmussen via that aforementioned report by Expressen here. I know that I did, because using Google Translate to go from Swedish to English is one of my favourite pastimes; there are all sorts of goofy little nuggets that come up when lost in translation, making things like “Calle IronHook” a fantastic reality. 

Back to Rasmussen, though, who despite scoring 16 goals for the second consecutive season with the Växjö Lakers of the Swedish Hockey League, needed an additional ten games played to match his output from last year. He did lead his team in scoring, but it can’t be overly inspiring that he just barely outproduced former Canucks 2nd round pick Anton Rodin on a per-game basis, considering that Rodin’s short tenure in North America could be aptly summarized as a gross disappointment. 

Carl Soderberg, who’s a player that’ll surely be brought up as something of a blueprint for Rasmussen, was drafted by the Blues in the 2nd round back in ’04, crushed in the Swedish League around a point-per-game for years, which is to say that the comparisons between the two should probably begin and end with their shared nationality and build. The pedigree and production don’t seem to line up between the two.

In terms of trying to dig up some more information on Rasmussen online, there wasn’t all that much to work with. Youtube has this one highlight of a nice little goal he put home on a 2-on-1, but that’s about it on that front. 

I did have a chance to quickly touch base with friend of the blog and prospect guru Corey Pronman, who had the following to say about Rasmussen:

“He’s an ok prospect. Big, strong forward with some two-way ability but as a potential NHLer he’s probably a 4th liner, 3rd in a best case scenario.”

.. which seems to mostly sync up with what Elite Prospects has on him, as well. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, because as we became painfully aware of this season, having bottom-6 players that are capable of filling their roles respectably is a legitimate advantage for a hockey club in today’s NHL. Particularly if he can play down the middle, and use his size against the big bodies the Western Conference’s best teams boast. 

This’ll become a popular phrase on this platform throughout the coming summer months, but it bears repeating — make sure to temper your expectations on this “prospect” (with that term being used loosely, based on his age). After all, he’s something of a late-bloomer that was passed up by NHL teams in the past time and time again for a reason. Not every Swedish player the Canucks touch turns to gold

  • Woo hoo just what they need! More 3rd/4th liners!

    Who needs 1st and 2nd lines in hockey?! Not the Canucks. They are going to play with 4 4th lines. It’ll be the new trend.

    I’ll see your “Boston Model” 4th line and raise you 3 more of them! Solid cup-winning plan IMO.

      • andyg

        Speaking of coaching AV’s rangers have just beaten the pens to advance to the third round. this is practically the same team torts had.

        So I guess it wasn’t the coach but the players after all. That’s what happens when you have a team that isn’t pampered like the Canucks, you actually make it out of the first round.

        Don’t worry about a coach who will use the 4th liners, I’m sure who ever Linden get’s as coach will expect the 3rd and 4th lines to carry the load while the sisters get a free ride.

        Gonna be so fun to watch the same look hang from Linden like it did during the finals against NY all those inept years ago.

      • andyg

        forgot to also add to that Pens coach is going to get fired as well. He reminds me so much of how Av had to pamper his Canucks when he was here. and like I said, Cindy Crosby and Mellykin are the other versions of the pampered Sedins sisters, although more talented and less useless, still can not get the job done when it counts.

        That’s where the Canucks are headed at best if te new coach babies them…straight into the choke dumpster.

        • andyg

          Now if the Canucks had Bylsma as their coach, man they’d be lighting it up. no defense wins cups, as Torts would say. Oops, no defense loses you cups and gets you sodomized by the Sharks and Kings in the first round.

  • “Back to Rasmussen, though, who despite scoring 16 goals for the second consecutive season with the Växjö Lakers of the Swedish Hockey League, needed an additional ten games played to match his output from last year. He did lead his team in scoring, but it can’t be overly inspiring that he just barely outproduced former Canucks 2nd round pick Anton Rodin on a per-game basis, considering that Rodin’s short tenure in North America could be aptly summarized as a gross disappointment. “

    You could also attribute this to his shooting% dropping down to normal levels (12/13 23.5%, 13/14 14.7%)

    His Rate Stats aside from Goals all improved.

    S/60 5.6 -> 7.4

    iCorsi/60 10.0 -> 13.4

    G/60 1.3 -> 1.2

    P/60 1.9 -> 2.2

    (all EV)

    As a reference, Rödin scored at a 1.8 P/60 clip this year.

    I`m not saying he’s going to be great or anything, it’s not like he dominated the league anyway. I just think that only looking at the totals misses something here.

  • I watch him alot here in växjö. Not very flashy but no real weakness either. Solid 2-way center. Big frame and will go to the dirty areas.
    Best case scenario he can beat mathias/richardson/horvat for the 3d line C. If not we have a solid call-up that can play pretty much anywhere in the lineup.

    Sign him Trevor!

  • elvis15

    6’4″, 200 lbs? If we have the contract space to try and develop a player like that into an NHL’er, why not? If he’s willing to try it for a year or two, probably in the AHL to start, then it’s a no brainer unless you have other players knocking down the door ahead of him.

  • Wait, I thought AV was the problem in Vancouver? wow, look at what you can do with a real first class goaltender, a goalie that doesn’t need to ask for his tires to be pumped.

    I wish Luongo and Gillis were back. After all, when it comes to Canucks and their fans, misery always loves company.

    Getting over rated by their delusional fans, over paid by the company and then exposed and embarrassed by real teams and players who make winning a real commitment and priority, sans the excuses.

  • andyg

    It’s amazing how the Canadian teams under Bettman and the owners ( with maybe the exception being the Habs, this year so far ) have all started to resemble the folly of the Canucks. All talk, all hype, all branding and no substance.

    Sorry hockey fans, but any chance of the cup ever coming back to Canada is zero with bettman’s league. Even season ticket holders can tolerate so much, year after year of broken promises. Exciting hockey that never wins when it counts. There are 5 Canuck loser teams habitually spinning their wheels in Canada, one in Van, 2 in alberta and 2 over in To and Ottawa.

    The sh&t has hit the Canadian fan.

  • andyg

    What a contrast, St Louis mother passes away and the whole team comes back from down 3-1 to win the 7th game. St. Louis also scored a goal on mothers day too, after such a heavy emotional event.

    Over to the Canucks, their new coach goes into Calgary’s dressing room to fight for them and how does the team repay him? They go into a SCF meltdown afterwards and tank the entire season because the new coach wants them to do things like block shots to god forbid help the team win. i saw alot of shot blocking in the NY Pens series by the Rangers, and this is with Av coaching.

    Well, with Torts out of the picture the Canucks can focus on what truly matters, getting a coach to pamper their country club stars and wasting years playing out their tired stale non-improving unaccountable core.

    • @hot saws – there are literally dozens of websites out there that cater to the lowest common denominator, school yard bully fan like you. At any of those other sites you can fling your own excrement at others to your heart’s content.

      Why do you have to come to one of the few thoughtful places for Canucks fans to chit chat with your oh-so-unclever taunts and pitiful bravado?

      Beat it.

      • Don’t blame the messenger. it’s not my fault the Canucks have been so bad for so long. You need to stop asking people to believe that the emperor has new clothes. Again, no one is at fault except the emperor and his cronies.

      • andyg

        You opinion would be more relevant if not for the fact that the Canucks have never won a championship. A non champ is a non champ. Just had to let you know about reality before you get too delusional. don’t you get tired of defending a team with that kind of track record? It’s almost half a century. I think it’s time you got your head out of the Canucks hole and look from a different perspective. It’s bad enough you like eating stale putrid Canucks gruel but do you have to insist that everyone in BC do the same? BTW, many Habs fans live in BC as well and we are not all Canucks, not even close. The Canucks would not have survived as a franchise in any part of Quebec for so long with their standards, or lack there of. That’s a pretty damning statement on the mentality of the Bc Canucks fan folk. It’s very simple, if the Canucks draft, develop and trade like losers, they will be losers. If their fans support and cheer for losers, they will have losers. I think hindsight has concretized this. There are championship teams who are more humble than the Canucks. Linden has gotten himself into a black hole of hockey from which nothing can come out of…not even winning.

  • Ah isn’t that interesting. It looks like Moron00 has company/competition in the form of Canucks Aye and Hot Saws. The brilliant handles they go by may have been clue 1. Two more villages without their key citizens!

    Rasmussen seems like he may peak as a 3rd liner. You never know so why not sign him and send him off to Utica.

    I’m hoping the Canucks make many major moves. This team won’t be competing for a while so try and deal the key vets for some young blue chip players.

    We are all Canucks.

    • andyg

      The only reason why you seem to almost always mention NM00 is most likely because you must have a secret sausage crush on the guy. Seriously kid, no one hear really gives a shat about NM00 or anyone else like you seem to obsess over.

      Are you also one of those closet guys love talking about other penis size as well? I don’t know about you mate but I can tell you that most guys don’t give a rats ass about other men’s junk and they certainly don’t talk obsessively about another person online unless they were secretly infatuated with them.

      The only person that thinks as much about NM00 besides NM00 is you, mate. You would do well in Aussie country , mate… lotta guys there with nice tans you can obsess over too, mate.

  • andyg

    Dale Weiss pots the first goal against the Bad Bruins today to help Montreal beat the presidents cup team. what do the Habs and Vancouver have in common?Oh yeah, they used to have Weiss, a guy one of the Clavens here called a plumber. Well, that plumber is going to the conference finals so I guess the real plumbers are the ones left on the team. Good thing Torts got fired, because sometime next year when Linden circus freak show gets under way he’s going to beg lad he’s out of Vancouver. well after Linden fails maybe Vancouver can get Harold Snepts to run the team! Ahahahahahaha!

    Time for Trevor Average to reunite the axis of mediocrity!

  • andyg

    Get with it , Boston was always a choke team, along with NY. The only reason why those two won a cup is because they faced the mother of all choke teams in the finals…yes, the wonderful Canucks. But even at their worst Boston is still a better team than the Canucks. Montreal has something Vancouver never had…it’s called standards.

        • andyg

          No, I insist it’s you and your weird buddies at Cheers.

          Whenever someone visits this site it’s like walking into Cheers. You see the same five Clavens sitting at the bar talking to each other in that Kling-on talk.

          But the funny thing is you five Clavens keep talking about the same useless stats day in and day out, oblivious to while your teams losing ways.

          No, Clifford, THAT is truly weird.

    • andyg

      It’s likely all the same unimaginative troll.

      But I would suggest to the guys who run this site to actually try moderating as they are in theory supposed to do as it’s really tiresome to read this drivel. There’s actually interesting discussions to be had on some of the analytic work and certainly on the future direction of the franchise but it’s tedious to wade through the same nonsensical comments after every post. They’re not even clever or entertaining just the same variant on the Canucks are terrible and we’re all terrible for following them blah blah blah.

      • andyg

        “There’s actually interesting discussions to be had on some of the analytic work and certainly on the future direction of the franchise but it’s tedious to wade through the same nonsensical comments after every post.”

        You are so delusional you need to go one meds.
        What discussion? The team has sucked for almost half a century buddy. Can you even count at this point in time?

        Why do you insist on trying to shove the same false hope and stats down every ones throat?
        It’s like you get paid to do so….do you? Are you a shill? Tell us all who live in this province who have to put up with the Canucks lies and BS when they are supposed to win a cup?

        Analytic work? You mean how you try to defend Edler? You’re like the loser on rotten tomatoes who always has to thumbs down a great movie, a pro contrarian. when every one esle sees losing, you see wins. When there is no cup you see cups.

        Time for you meds PB, cause when you go off them, you start doing stupid things…like defending the worst in the league, Edler.

  • andyg

    Well on a funny note Milan Lucy the cry baby was at it again with Weiss during the handshake.

    Coach Julien called it a Boston strong thing and not disrespectful. Well if Lucy pumps his chest because of Boston Wrong, he’s got another thing coming the poor rube.

    Maybe if Milan Lucy was ever caught up in a
    ” terrorist attack ” and had his legs ” blown ” off, the medical staff can do that Boston S.O.P.- which is to put him with in a wheel chair, have him hold a tourniquet to his own legs ( provided he is still conscious ) and then sprint as fast as they can about 100 meters pushing him in the wheel chair to the ambulance…. ask any medical ppl, that’s standard operating procedure in any medical crisis.

    I mean, I see nurses put victims in wheelchairs and sprint them into waiting ambulances while getting them to hold their own tourniquet here in N America all the time!

    Boston Strong…no, more like Boston Wrong.

    • andyg

      Well that’s the USA for ya, They spy on their ow citizens, engage in wars their politicians don;t even go to themselves, torture detainees, and god knows what other lies their shill media get away with on a daily basis. I know of a few American folks, many of them actually believe what their media and their shill opinionators tell them. Even their acnestors from Europe know better than to trust the media and gov and they’ve been around for millions of years longer. It’s sort of like the BS and pipe dreams that come from the Canucks management year after year. In the end, a loss is a loss but the ones who tell you a loss is not a loss are the obvious Canuck shills. And believe you me, there are alot of them in these parts.

  • andyg

    And those racist tweets to Suban probably came from Lucy himself. Milan Lucy is not well liked in BC, especially his family and over on Granville either.

    People who talk like Lucy usually end up getting regulated on the streets on BC.

  • andyg

    Hey guys, I think i know what Lindens winning strategy for the Canucks team is next year…
    get them to join his gym and have the Sedins work out on the thigh master! LMFAO!

  • andyg

    I’m so happy Boston lost to the Habs. Gotta give credit to Toews because it was him and Kane that showed the rest of the league that in order to play against Chara, you just have to play him. So many good teams that got burned by trying to avoid Chara instead of simply playing him…Chara isn’t that good and he’s old now. Boston’s only sucker with their pseudo bully tactics was Vancouver. Fell right into Boston’s scheme and it will be a black mark for all those players to see when they retire. Oh of course, Luongo was a melt down failure as well but the team as a whole blew it.