The casualties and the survivors that lay in the wake of “the change in direction”

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Sure enough, it was the afternoon following the report that surfaced regarding the end of John Tortorella’s tenure as head coach of the Vancouver Canucks, and there was Trevor Linden, speaking in front of a bunch of cameras for what already feels like the billionth time this month. 

As is quickly becoming modus operandi with the new President of Hockey Operations, we weren’t exactly given the clearest view into whatever the decision making process currently cycling through his head these days is. It can understandably be frustrating given the lack of certainty and direction surrounding the club at the moment, but at the same time, it can’t be all that surprising either. 

Even if he had some sort of profound things to say (which the verdict is still out on), his hands are likely still somewhat tied while the NHL playoffs carry on, meaning that we’re still at least a handful of weeks away until the offseason truly kicks into high gear.

With that being said there were a few things that came up in his press conference on Thursday that are worth pivoting off of, and we’ll do just that right after the jump.

If you missed it and would like to watch it for yourself, it’s available right here on the team’s Youtube channel. Another relevant piece of housekeeping that goes hand-in-hand with the 20+ minute presser is the letter that was sent out to season ticket holders prior to the event.

Obviously the first main topic of discussion is the revelation that assistant coach Mike Sullivan, who was for all intents and purposes the acting head coach during Tortorella’s in-season suspension, was let go by the team as well. It makes sense, considering Sullivan has been “Torts’ guy” – being his right hand man both in Tampa Bay and New York prior to the one-year rendezvous in Vancouver – but I still bring it up because it highlights a pair of notable omissions from the list of guys being given their walking papers. And I’m not talking about video coach Darryl Williams, who I personally know very little about. 

More prominently, both Glen Gulutzan and Rollie Melanson managed to avoid the firing squad. The former took a bunch of flack this past year because of a floundering power play that he was brought in to steer back to its dominant ways after a rough ’12-’13 season that saw its conversion rate drop from 4th to 22nd in the blink of an eye. 

Instead, it only got worse, dropping down to 26th under “Gully’s” watch (even if the actually conversion percentage only dropped a few tenths of a point). Even more egregious, though, were the exceptionally suspect formations that were occasionally trotted out there; with a particular emphasis on Dan Hamhuis’ inclusion on the top unit for a large, supremely ineffective stretch.

But Gulutzan wasn’t even mad. So why exactly was he retained, then? While our very own Wyatt Arndt’s “Gully’s Survival Tips” investigation brought forth some intriguing options, there must be something else. And while Linden did say that he was “downloading the data”, for whatever reason I remain somewhat dubious that the team’s exceptional shot rate via Extra Skater served as the ultimate factor in saving his job.

While acknowledging that the power play was a definite issue, Linden suggested that it wasn’t all the coach’s fault. He then went on to say that he “liked the work he did with some of the young players” and that “he’s got a lot of value moving forward”. Gulutzan ran many of the team’s practices this past season, so on this front, retaining him makes more sense based on behind the scenes things we’re not privy too. 

Rollie Melanson is worth discussing himself, because of both the work he did this past season but also what he’ll potentially be charged with doing with the team’s netminders in the years to come. He by all accounts put in quite a bit of work completely rejiggering Jacob Markstrom’s technique in an attempt to iron out some of the flaws in his game.

But potentially even more importantly, he has been linked to impending-UFA Jaroslav Halak based on their past history together. It’ll be fascinating to see how the team approaches the situation in the crease heading into next year, but consider me one of the skeptics about potentially relying on the two young Swedish netminders to carry the full load. You could most certainly do worse than bringing in Halak to handle somewhere in the ballpark of 40-45 starts, and go from there. Especially if the Canucks have any intentions on getting back into the playoff mix next year, which isn’t exactly all that big a longshot if they’re handed an even moderately more friendly hand.

Back to the press conference itself: there were two particular concepts that reigned supreme on this day — the direction things are going with regards to the on-ice product, and the timing of everything that has and will happen. 

In terms of the former, Jason Botchford wrote a fine article today about how “meatwagon hockey” was the undoing of Tortorella. Related was the frequent insistence that the plan is to once again recreate an exciting team that can recapture the attention of the fanbase. I’m not sure how potential coaching candidates such as Barry Trotz and Ken Hitchcock fit into that plan, but then again, winning goes a long way in making everything feel more palatable.

As for the search itself, Linden reinforced that the *timing* of this move was right because he wanted to create a clean slate for any manager he’d be luring to inherit. Based on that, it’s fair to assume that the GM hiring will come before a coach is put into place (especially given everything that unfolded between Gillis and Tortorella), but he harped on the idea that the two aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. 

All he’d say about the hunt is that he has narrowed down and focused his list, and that he’ll be starting the interviewing process next week. In an ideal world, according to Linden, there’d be someone in place by the end of the month to help steer things in the right direction for the upcoming draft (by presumably bringing in some of his people). 

While one of the most closely linked candidates, Boston Bruins Assistant GM Jim Benning, will likely remain involved in the playoffs with his current team for any number of weeks to come, Linden did say that he “hasn’t received any pushback with regards to the playoffs”. That’s huge; not only would it help expedite the process itself so as to prevent it from both lingering deeper into the summer, but in turn it would also throw a life raft to what has proven to be a questionable scouting department with a draft of utmost importance looming on the horizon. What he didn’t do is specifically confirm that Benning was on his “list” when directly asked by a reporter, but based on what we’ve come to gather recently, he was playing coy more than anything.

More on all of this in the days and weeks to come, I’m sure. 

  • acg5151

    Trevor Vanilla talked about a clean slate. I don’t know what clean slate means to Trevor, it’s not a clean slate when the garbage players are still here.

    Vanilla also talked about how the players owned up to their roles in the dreadful season. Vanilla must be high if he thinks the players “words” are enough to convince anyone of anything. God knows how their Captain Swede did more talking this year than anything else.

    The train wreck just keep getting worse and worse, Holy mother I can’t look away! I’m going to be collecting pics of Trevor Vanilla next year when I see the look of BURN on his face after his players choke.

    The Canucks will get to 50 years of cup futility in style. Vanilla said he wanted to give Torts a chance. LOL. What a lousy player and a lousy lazy liar. I guess Trevor Vanilla has a complex now, after Keenan put him in his place in the locker room.

    I have a feeling Trevor won’t be hiring Keenan or Messier.

  • Brent

    Trevor Linden “My vision is to bring an exciting and winning hockey game back to Rogers Arena with the ultimate goal of winning the Stanley Cup.”

    Go back to sleep Trevor. The reality is alot different than your dreams. You just fired a SC coach. Must feel good again to aim that gun your won feet again? Just like the good old mediocre days.

    Side show bob is just getting started.

  • andyg

    BCTV news reports that Linden gave season ticket holders a guarantee that if they didn’t like his choices for coach and GM, that they could have a refund.

    Wow. Talk about desperation. so much for Trevor saying he wanted to give Torts a fair shake. WE all knew Trevor was going to fire Torts as soon as he got hired. Trevor Linden does not like to be upstaged by anyone, even if they are better than he was in every way.

    You can see it in Linden’s face, he is such a bad liar, sort of like the 6 guy groupie that resides on this site. Fact is if you know Linden you know that that the only thing Linden give priority is himself. Note his call to his mom when he got the job. It sounded like he won an all inclusive pass tot he playboy mansion.

    Linden of course didn’t go into what he would do when it comes to the players because he doesn’t have a real plan.
    Oh, I know some of you fanboys will be dying to drink from the fountain of Linden but rest assured, come next season there won’t be a coach under the bus because Trevor would not fire one of his hand picked minions so quickly.

    We all know what’s coming folks. Linden can fire the chef and line cooks all he wants but the fact that his ingredients stink (players) still remains. So I guess if Linden was a fair and an honest man as he would claim, he would give himself just one year to get the job done…seeing as how Torts only got one year.

    highly unlikely, seeing as it’s Self Serving Linden I’m talking about here. Heck, he might even defend the league worst Edler and give him a life time contract! Wouldn’t surprise me in the least bit if he did. Bahahahahaa!

  • Brent

    On a side note I do not think Mike Gillis will be applying for an NHL job anytime soon.

    Well, he would have had a remote chance with Florida but Luongo’s there…

  • andyg

    The Vancouver sport writers aka Canuck mouth pieces have been campaigning for Torts dismissal for months. Barely a mention of how utterly crap the players really are, just a mouth piece campaign to throw Torts under the bus because it suits their back room deals.

    You know the Province is going to the dogs when you got Botchfart and Toony Galagurl working for you. Heck I make fun of them ever time they call me up and ask to to subscribe to their rag. Why would I want to pay goof money to read about the desperate housewives of Vancouver and their husbands who can’t preform on the ice?

    I wonder if Botchfart will call for Lindens firing in a years time? Never surprised at what that hack Botchfart says. Methinks he’s related in some way to Michael Hack Bay.

    • argoleas

      It’s no secret for anyone who reads even a little about Vancouver sports. The province so called “writers” had Torts fired before he even unpacked his bags. For any one with rosy glasses, go back and read the articles.

      The brat players basically revolted, the same way they slacked off to get AV fired, or was it to get Gillis fired but Av took the fall, who knows, but now the three amigos are gone. Gillis being the only one who really deserved to go, but I guess sometimes you have to kill two to get at one.

      If you’ve lived in BC long enough, you will know one thing. and that is the so called sports writers try from Gallagher to Botchford to Don Taylor etc have agenda of mediocrity, which is that they never blame the players. Oh, it’s never the goalies fault, it’s never the Sedins fault, it’s never Edlers fault.

      But you know what the most funny thing is? No matter what they write and how many kool aid drinkers believe them, the reality is that no one else in the NHL buys it. And time and time again, teams like Boston and the Kings and anyone who destroys the Canucks in front of their fans it’s the greatest pay back of all.

      i’m looking so forward to seeing all the fanboys and Linden and their media darlings cry and whine when their “allstar Canucks ” choke again. LOL

      Why discourage stupidity when it’s more fun to see Darwin’s theory at work?

  • acg5151

    Linden fires Torts after Torts gives him the real talk about the mess that is the team. What a brave man Linden is, to fire the honest man.

    I used to despise the Bruins and when Recchi called the Canucks the most arrogant team he’s ever seen.

    But…after seeing the same players send Av down the River when it should have been Gillis, to watching them make a mockery of what it means to be a well paid pro player by not even showing up most nights this year, to tanking the season because torts wouldn’t pamper them, I don’t hate the Bruins as much.

    The Bruins taught these Canuck babies and their supporters a valuable lesson. and ever since then they have like babies do, whine and cry and throw fits. I’m glad this team didn’t game 7, because it would have been an embarrassment to the integrity of the game, to have such a shameless group of infants win the cup. and it wouldn’t have happened anyways as I believe the hockey gods only brought them to the 7th game to teach them a big lesson.

    A lesson that seems to never get learned and will be repeated again next year.

  • Brent

    “the change in direction”

    Replacing the hood ornament on a car is not going to change the cars direction.

    I used to wonder why there are always so many Habs fans in BC.

    From what I have seen from the Twins, Gillis, Luongo, Edler, Ballard, Burrows, kes, I’m not surprised. It’s truly embarrassing to be a Canucks fan.

    I’d rather spend money on the resots and food trucks then to support this mickey mouse franchise anymore. One bitten call me shy. 44 year bitten, man that hurts… enough!

  • acg5151

    As soon as John got hired I knew he was destined to fail.

    Not because he’s a bad coach, not because of his methods but the simple fact that I knew the group of losers ( and that’s what they are) would pull him down like lead weight.

    Torts was destined to fail because he had one shot at trying to turn this rag tag group of soft weaklings into a winner without any help what so ever from Gillis.

    Gillis gave Torts nothing but a few pawns, a castle and a bishop and told to play the game.
    Anyone who blames thinks that this year falls on Torts is either a liar, a shill or both because no one outside of a mentally ill person would believe that.

    As being a former semi Canucks games goer,
    ( until prices got way out of hand )I refuse to give any of the loser on the ice a get out of jail card. And I bet Sedin was also whining to Linden during his interview…talking is something the twins have gotten really good at over the last several years.

    When some of you focus on Torts coaching methods and willfully ignore the teams dreadful decline, not just this year, but the other choke years, it’s laughable and arrogant. Even stupid people have their limits and you can expect the seats will be more empty come the next few years.

    It’s the weekend, the weather is better, why spend good money on those lazy heartless stale losers? there are plenty of better things to do in Vancouver. Trevor has his work cut out for him, because he just fired someone that’s willing to give him the truth, not the same whiny excuses from the same whiny players.

  • Brent

    So over the last few years only now do all the ugly trolls come out. So many of the comments are now pointless – I come here to read good posts and the comments that are intelligent and that make good points, these loser posts that are being made are just idiotic.

      • Dimitri Filipovic

        So…you’re saying you prefer the same 6 resident Clif Clavens here talking corsi stats love to each other day in and day out, while taking turns verbally slapping and rubbing each other out?

    • acg5151

      I think we could definitely use a strong moderator on this site. The hordes of Oilers fans have come out and honestly, someone’s gotta send ’em back to Alberta.

      That being said, it’s been pretty obvious since the last month of the season that Torts wasn’t going to survive. Linden now can put his own guys in there. It sounds like Benning is going to be our next GM and so far it sounds like he’s done a good job in Boston. I was against firing Gillis but in the end there wasn’t a lot of choice.

      I hope they keep Lawrence Gilman though. He’s a solid capologist.

      Also I doubt we sign Halak. With the Islanders trading for his rights it sounds as though they’re going to throw some money at him – seeing as how the cap floor is rising this season they’re going to have to spend some money on somebody. I would imagine we start this season with Lack as our starter. Whether or not this is a good idea, I don’t know. I hope he pans out as a starter, and if he doesn’t, we will be in the Connor McDavid sweepstakes and we may end up seeing a lot of turnover come midseason.

      • andyg

        “I hope they keep Lawrence Gilman though. He’s a solid capologist.”

        Based on what exactly?

        Offering 2/20 to Sundin while daring the Sedins to test free agency?

        Dedicating $12 million to Edler/Burrows/Higgins prior to resolving the goalie question when all 30 teams knew what the 2013-2014 cap number was going to be?

        I have nothing against Gilman but these cap wizardry delusions really need to die…

    • acg5151

      A pig with lipstick is still a pig, no matter how eloquent the words are to try and hide the fact.

      Honesty often equal brutality. For an example, Edler is the worst in the league. Worst. Why hide it? why make excuses? Why condone it?

      The team stunk. that includes the people who uses hockey sticks, the players. When a team is that bad, that same team does not get a pass on accountability.

      Beiksa said that this year has been humiliating.
      He’s right but here’s the thing… if you played the way the Canucks played, you deserve to be humiliated. and they were humiliated, last season, the 2 before that, the SCF, the years before that. You reap what you sow. And if the players and fans tolerate that game play then they deserve and receive more humiliation.

      Let’s call a pig for what a pig is. The Canucks do not like winners. They had a few, but they all left or got traded. The Canucks brought in a cup winning coach and gave him garbage to work with and off he went. The Canucks do NOT respect winners. They do not respect other teams who have won. They make excuses and say winning the cup isn’t everything, even teams like the Oilers who have won 5 cups get no respect from the Canuck fans.

      Canucks fans. Arrogant to the end and hates winners.

      • andyg

        Maybe your team should sign Torts.(you could use a winner)

        Torts coaching the Oilers would be fun to watch. If Calgary was to keep Hartley! Those games would be priceless.

        • andyg

          “Torts coaching the Oilers would be fun to watch. If Calgary was to keep Hartley! Those games would be priceless.”

          Nothing is more priceless and fun to watch then your captain punching Marhand’s glove with his face.

          nothing is more hilarius than watching leaky Luongo melt down after Thomas would not pump his tires.

          nothing is more entertaining than watching Thomas bowl the sister over

          And nothing is more pathetic than watching your whole team not show up for game 7.

          They were a coin flip from the cup.

          That must be the biggest mother-f4cking coin in the universe.

  • Brent

    Wow, so much negativity on the comment boards these days. I think everybody needs to just take a deep breath and chill out. It is just sports after all. We get it, the team stunk last year, they have an aging and stale roster with very little future coming down the pipe, they have no GM and they have no coach. Its a crappy situation to be sure. But it is what it is and no amount of b!tching and whining is going to change that. It’s crazy how many people live and die by this team – I don’t get it because there are far more important things in life to worry about than a hockey team.

    • Dimitri Filipovic

      The Canucks haters are not the ones who live and die by the team, they are the ones who want the team to die and ship out.

      It’s the fanboys who live and die by the team, who can never seem to see reality.

      Gretzky was right, the canucks have been and always will be a mickey mouse organization, and I know I’ve insulted Disney by saying that. Martin Brodeur was right about what happened to have two goalies to none. Can you imagine what the whole league thinks? Trust me you don’t.

      Mickey Mouse circus organization with blind arrogant delusion fans to the bitter end.

  • Brent

    Listen to all you idiots, you do know that we can’t sign free agents and really begin to reshape the players… Firing torts makes way too much sense, all you people do is just hate on everything thing the Canucks do. Trevor “sideshow” Linden has barely even started to work with the Canucks, he hasn’t even had a chance to make any personel changes and it’s comments like this “Replacing the hood ornament on a car is not going to change the cars direction.” that show how ignorant a lot of the fans are. WTF is linden going to do on the 1st of May to change the players on the team? WAIT UNTIL FREE AGENCY.

    • Dimitri Filipovic

      “Listen to all you idiots, you do know that we can’t sign free agents and really begin to reshape the players… Firing torts makes way too much sense, all you people do is just hate on everything thing the Canucks do. Trevor “sideshow” Linden has barely even started to work with the Canucks, he hasn’t even had a chance to make any personel changes and it’s comments like this “Replacing the hood ornament on a car is not going to change the cars direction.” that show how ignorant a lot of the fans are. WTF is linden going to do on the 1st of May to change the players on the team? WAIT UNTIL FREE AGENCY.”



  • Brent

    “You could most certainly do worse than bringing in Halak to handle somewhere in the ballpark of 40-45 starts, and go from there.”

    Why would Halak want to be in a job share?

    The Isles are a great situation for Halak to play 60+ games a year.

    His agent has already spoken about working towards a resolution with the Isles.

    After last offseason’s delusions about Clarkson/Horton/Grabovski/Gordon/Roy, one would think those who follow this team will be a litle more realistic…

      • Dimitri Filipovic

        Thank you captain obvious.

        Do you think Halak wanted to share the starting gig with Price in Montreal or Elliott in St Louis?

        Do you think Schneider wanted to share with Luongo and Brodeur or that Bernier wanted to share with Quick and Reimer?

        Goalies have limited control over their deployment.

        There’s a clear path to starting 60+ games for Halak in NYI.

        Which is as delusional as the rubes who believed Grabovski would jump at the opportunity for less money and a smaller role in Vancouver last offseason.

        Allen Walsh thanks you for your interest in his client…

        • Dimitri Filipovic

          Lol, it’s convenient how you left out the littered injury history that Halak has had, instead pretending that he started that number of guys solely because of a coach’s decision. Then again, it’s not all that surprising considering it’s coming from an individual that’s built up quite the track record of picking his spots like a weasel rather than actually putting in any ounce of real work to further meaningful discussions. Enjoy your weekend!

          • Dimitri Filipovic

            Lol if you think this has anything to do with a “littered injury history”.

            Schneider and Bernier have never started 60 games, either.

            Do you think that means they want to be stuck in a job share like the one you suggest Halak explore in Vancouver?

            Stop playing NHL ’94 while blogging and turn on the critical thinking component of your brain.

            Your idea makes zero sense for Halak’s career.

            A good weekend to you too sir…

          • Dimitri Filipovic

            I don’t get what your issue with this is, to be honest. I never once suggested that I was breaking some sort of story, or did I even insinuate that coming to Vancouver is something that Halak *should* do. All I was doing was merely passing along the connection which has been made by many people that know a lot more about it than you or I, and topping it off by saying that I like Halak as a potential solution to bring into the mix for the right price rather than relying on two relatively unproven commodities. That’s it, really.

          • Dimitri Filipovic

            “Dimitri Filipovic ‏@DimFilipovic ·May 1
            @KevinisInGoal @ThomasDrance Bringing him in to have an ~50/50 split with Lack is something I could definitely get behind.”

            “You could most certainly do worse than bringing in Halak to handle somewhere in the ballpark of 40-45 starts, and go from there.”

            It’s as delusional as believing Grabovski was going to take less money to play behind Henrik & Kesler.

            What is the purpose of repeatedly implying that Halak would be open to such a career-limiting opportunity?

            Quite frankly, it makes you sound like a clueless 20 year old kid who has no idea how the business of professional sports works…

          • Dimitri Filipovic

            My email is readily available on this site. I would greatly appreciate if you’d reach out to me and impart some of your seemingly abundant wisdom with regards to both business, and life. I’m only in my 20s after all, what do I know!

          • Dimitri Filipovic

            These public educational sessions that I conduct with you, Ted and the rest are much more beneficial to all.

            Sincerly a good weekend to you and the rest of the bloggers on here…

  • Dimitri Filipovic

    Do we really have the cap space to get into a bidding war for someone like Halak? We’ll have about $8.5m to resign Kassain, Santorelli and Tanev and then whatever’s left over to upgrade $1.2m Markstrom. Only flexibility we have is a Tanev trade and a Booth buyout

    Better move would be to flip a pick for Reimer who is still an RFA. Now Gillis is gone, that particular trade block should be gone.

  • Dimitri Filipovic

    NMOO tends to generate as much traffic as most of the better posts here.
    If everybody saw the same thing what would there be to discuss?
    He has as interesting a take as anyone else has. Sometimes more.
    I think the profusion of frustrated Albertans is making everyone a little tetchy today.
    Honestly, no problem with angry trolls on what we vancouver fans consider a place primarily for ourselves? Yet you rip NMOO a new one?
    We are all a little sore right now but turning on each other (especially when we’re being flamed from out of town) tends to give credence to the moronic bile of the “Hate Brigade”.

    On a different note Dmitri, kudos for all the work over the season (you and your cohorts have cost me many an entertaining hour).

    • Brent

      It’s not everyone elses fault the Canucks went out and hired Captain Average as the GM.

      BTW, not every one is BC is a fan of the Canucks..not even close. I for one would love to see that lousy Linden team go.

  • Dimitri Filipovic

    Linden’s first move to fire the coach, was his wrong move. As much as you may dislike Torts, the fact is Torts has seen what the players can and can not do for a year, while Linden was working out on his though master.

    Fact is Torts has even one more year experience with NHL management than Linden does, which is none.

    Fact that Linden’s first move would be to get rid of a guy who knows more than he does proves that Linden doesn’t know much at all.

    But we all know who Linden really is…a self serving idiot. Messier would certainly agree after the coup Linden started in the dressing room. Linden may look the part or dress the part of GM, but he’s just a younger more popular version of Gillis.

    Fact is Linden would fire Cinderella if he was in a fairy tale. I can’t wait to see how Linden will Gillis the team.

  • acg5151

    Dimitri! Stop it. He won’t respect you. The comments sectio. It is all about him. It’s his time to shine; tells ya he’s leaving; then starts responding immediately.

    Anyhow, I regret feeding the losers from Oilton last night. It could have been the Willie Nelson. It could.have been the wine 🙂 BUT now they are all charged up to come storming in here. And it couldn’t be more boring.

    The worst part of trolling, is that I often visit OilNation and the Flames site for different perspectives. Love reading JWills and some of the other writers in OilTon. Wish they would spend the insane amount of time the losers do writing in this section. THAT WOULD TOTALLY ADD TO THE VALUE OF READING THESE COMMENTS, instead having to skip passed a hoped for pissing wafmr between losers and Nuckleheads.

    Internet comment sections = R.I.P. civility.

  • acg5151

    Do you Albertan douchebags not have anything better to do than come on here and peddle your pathetic hate? Oh right, you don’t, you live in Alberta…
    You guys have been spending too much time getting high up in Fort Crack if you think your 80’s cups make your teams any better than ours.

    • acg5151

      Suck it up dip stick and stop being such a cry baby. It’s not Alberta’s fault the Canucks have never won anything. Try using some of that anger against the causes of your team’s crapulance…which are in your team.

      It’s saturday tomorrow, so use that anger at toruists whenever they sit on apublic beach and talk too loud for your afternoon downtown nap, hipster boy.

          • andyg

            Hahaha poor little country yokel doesn’t know what facsimile means. See, a facsimile is a crappier copy of something, so that means you’re a crappy copy of an inbred peasant. Stop trying to talk Canucks hockey and go back go being an embarrassment to the nation.

          • andyg

            “Stop trying to talk Canucks hockey and go back go being an embarrassment to the nation.”

            Speaking of embarrassing, your team has done a fine job of being embarrassing for 44 years. Hahaha! See you at the cup parade next year, little baby! LOL

          • andyg

            “Stop trying to talk Canucks hockey”

            When a team does nothing but choke for almost 5 decades, what they’re doing isn’t hockey, son.

            And you can bet Trevor Vanilla will be the cherry to get that stale sundae to 6 decades without winning a damn thing.

  • acg5151

    “Wish they would spend the insane amount of time the losers do writing in this section. THAT WOULD TOTALLY ADD TO THE VALUE OF READING THESE COMMENTS”

    Er…are you referring to the 6 resident Clifford Clavens here who are always talking amongst themselves in that exclusive MoonCanuck Kingdom Club of theirs?

    If so I’ll prop you…