Canucks Army Draft Lottery Podcast

Just say no to Jake.

After a thoroughly underwhelming Draft Lottery special on TSN, we know that the Vancouver Canucks are slated to pick 6th overall on June 27th in Philadelphia. There was a lot of deliberation on who the team should be targeting in our live chat, and I’m sure it’s a topic that’ll be heavily discussed in the weeks to come.

Pivoting off of that, we recorded a quick little podcast to discuss the options that figure to be available when that pick comes around, and some other stuff about draft philosophy. How much was Mike Gillis actually responsible for the team’s dreadful track record during his time? 

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You can stream the podcast here, or download it here if that’s your thing. 

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  • Mantastic

    great position to be in if your not going to move up….#6. i agree, hope that Dal Colle falls or take Ritchie or Virtanen. the Canucks need to stay big to give the Oilers and Flames more fits in the future.

      • argoleas

        i will. the Canucks shouldn’t be afraid to take so called “smaller” players with the #6 pick. Ehlers, Kapanen and Nylanders are extremely offensively gifted players and would compliment last year’s offensive picks Horvat and Shinkaruk.

  • Mantastic

    Nick Ritchie. Please.

    Nice podcast btw. Zack does party too much. My buddy’s was with him. Got his digits. But it doesnt matter as long as he plays well. He knows. He’s working on it.

  • andyg

    andyg raises an interesting point: Calgary is drafting ahead of us and they’re managed by a group of tremendous screwups. Maybe good players slip back a bit.

    • argoleas

      Calgary is managed by a group of screwups? Seems to me that is the pot calling the kettle black a lil bit. I believe it was the Canucks that managed to trade away their best future goalie, embarrass their franchise goalie and then be forced to trade him away, the list could go on and on.

      • argoleas

        People just run with the “Burke loves truculence!” nonsense and figure the Flames may take the grittiest player available.

        Other than maybe the selection of Bryan Allen in 1998, I can’t recall him ever using a top 10 draft pick on such a limited player.

        Pronger, Henrik, Daniel, Ryan, Kadri, Rielly…nothing wrong with any of them.

        He even traded Allen 2.0 for JVR.

        Burke may not be perfect. But he certainly values skillful, star players…

  • andyg

    Brenden Perlini. Just because he is ranked 9yh doesnt mean u cant take him. Fastest fwd in the drafy. Hardest shot in the draft. Nice size 6.3′. Huge potential. Sleeper pick.

  • argoleas



    I have just been informed that the Vancouver Canucks have just traded their 6th round draft pick to Florida for goal-tender Roberto Luongo.

    Hahaha! No, that didn’t happen. As the ghetto kids in America would say, I was just
    “joshing” with you guys.

    I guess that makes me a josher. Who says commissioners don’t have a sense of humor?

    Hahaha! Anyways Vancouver, you’ve had a long season. I’ll see you guys in the play offs!

    Ooops, there I go “joshing” you guys again!

    Laugh out Loud.

    Yours truly and sincerely, G.B.B.

    • argoleas



      Vancouver trades the 6th selection in the 2014 NHL draft to New Jersey in exchange for goal-tender Cory Schneider

  • argoleas

    I don’t like Ritchie’s skating. I think he may end up like WSH’s Tom Wilson, big, skilled fighter. I think it’s great risk of him being a bust. Brendan Perlini reminds me of our very own Nik Jensen. Don’t think there’s a reason to have two almost idemtical players. From what I’ve seen so far I really like Dal Colle and Virtanen. Jake’s big, fast, gritty, has wicked shot and he’s right-handed shooter, he’s a left winger, and our depth is very thin on LW, I can’t name no one aside from Shinkaruk. Oh, and he’s local BC boy. Virtanen doesn’t has first line potential i think, but could develop into great second line player.
    But if Michael Dal Colle slips somehow to 6th overall, Canucks should grab him and run away as far as possible.

  • argoleas

    Interesting podcast, first time I listened.

    I got worried hearing about the Canucks’ scouting, especially given how much the new GM will depend on them. Anyone know what separates good scouting teams from bad? Are there in-house analytics they run on certain players, by watching them over several games? Is it all just luck?

    I also wonder if there is anyone who has looked at what happens if you just go by central scoutings’ ranking (say over the last 15 years), versus teams that go for the “sleepers”.

  • Mantastic

    Here’s a quote from an earlier scouting report on Nick Ritchie.

    “Conditioning is a question. He’s too heavy. His skating would be better if he wasn’t dragging around that amount of weight. And if he was in better shape, he might not be taking shifts off, which he does.

    “Health is a question, too. He missed a lot of games last year with a bum shoulder. That’s a concern, especially with the game he plays.”

    Risky pick?

      • Mantastic

        Agreed, though one could argue that picking just about any player at the age of 18 is a certain amount of luck and educated guesswork (with the obvious exceptions of the Mario Lemieux’s or Sidney Crosby’s). Players get knocked for being too small, too lazy, too Russian, too whatever. You just hope you get a McKinnon and not a Stefan…(or insert just about any Canucks first rounder from most of their history not named Vaive, Neely, Linden or Sedin)

        • Mantastic

          agreed, most power forwards are ranked higher because of their size and not based off their skill.

          likewise the canucks should be picking the most skilled forward but i don’t see that happening. especially with the #bruinsmodel everyone keeps talking about.

          • argoleas

            I’m damn sure that is not what Linden was referring to. His example use of Thornton was just to show the importance of having a 4th line that is responsible enough to play up to 8-10 minutes per game. That in no way is a reflection of his thinking on the top two lines in Boston, which are much more skilled. And that is the Boston model. A proper balance between size, skill, and speed, and having all 4 lines participate due to depth. I think Linden of all people appreciates the overriding importance of having that exceptional skill on a team.

            So, I believe we need to grab the most skilled guy there, with the most upside. Although we can think about what position he would eventually slot into, another way of thinking is to develop then trade.

          • argoleas

            The Boston model of building via the draft (Kessel, Bergeron, Krejci, Lucic, Marchand, Seguin, Hamilton), trades (Horton, Rask, Seidenberg) & being opportunistic in free agency (Chara, Savard, Thomas) isn’t a novel concept.

            Another (formerly) successful franchise built via the draft (Sedin, Sedin, Kesler, Bieksa, Edler, Schneider, Hansen, Raymond), trades (Salo, Luongo, Ehrhoff) & being opportunistic in free agency (Hamhuis, Mitchell, Burrows).

            And both teams had elite goaltending tandems (Thomas/Rask & Luongo/Schneider) once upon a time as well.

            The Boston model may as well be called the Canuck model.

            At least up until 2011…

          • argoleas

            Indeed, the approach is not that novel. Its about balance. People often forget that some of the top teams now sucked big time for a long stretch so they had lots of top draft picks. Chicago and LA are two that come quickly to mind, and lets not forget Colorado.

            Van’s main problem that after 2011, which was the last legitimate shot for the core, there were no reinforcements.

          • argoleas

            Now that Gillis isn’t making the selection, I’d suggest the chances of taking a skill player not destined to be part of the third line of the future (along with Horvat & Kassian) is a little more realistic…

  • Mantastic

    Would be great if there was a run on forwards and Ekblad dropped to 6. Likey not going to happen especially with the crappy Oilers in need of a stud d man but dare to dream.

    DalColle reminds me of Bobby Ryan, which, after this year, doesn’t scream at me as an astute top six pick.

    I think the best opportunity the Canucks have is to trade down and get a player at 8 or 9 who is on par with a player they’d get at 6. Too much parity after the first three picks not to consider that.

    • The Benevolent Orca

      Not a bad idea. But that means trading the pick to Toronto, Winnipeg or Anaheim. I don’t think any of those teams can offer much of what the Canucks need.

      I’d say stick to the #6 spot and get the player they want, even if it is a player ranked higher. Anything in the Top 10 is good to have.

  • argoleas

    Hoping for Dal Colle to drop.

    But I like either Ehlers or Ritchie (preferably Ritchie) because:

    (1) Isn’t Shinkaruk similar to Ehlers?
    We already have so many roster players (i.e. Higgins, Hansen, Booth, etc.). And top six minutes are already limited with Sedins, Kesler, Burrows locking 4 of those 6 spots… with Kassian and Jensen lurking. With Shinkaruk in the pipeline and prolly honing his game at Utica next season (along the same model set by Jensen). I like Ritchie more than to repeat the redundancy of a similar type player.

    (2) Ritchie and Kassian is VERY attractive.
    I envision Ritchie getting along very well with Kassian. Ritchie’s a big boy and from Ontario… same as Kass. Pretty sure they’ll get along very fine. Ritchie/Kassian could very well develop into something along the lines of Lucic and Horton.. and prolly better because they’ll be playing together alot earlier. Besides (now im being very subjective), Ritchie can have Zack to acclimatise himself to the Van nightlife… Vangirls, be aware of two big ugly but awesome hockey players at night! Hahaha sorry.. i love Zack but he’s not a pretty boy.

    (3) Bo Horvat’s Leadership adds to Ritchie Dynamic:
    If Ritchie and Kassian gets the partying out of hand, I think Bo will push them to be more of a professional and be more serious in their training?

    I like Ehlers’ speed… but with the new alignment, we need to be able to compete with the California teams to even get out of the gate into the playoffs… Because after we get into the playoffs, every team has a chance. It only takes one bounce or one hot goalie to just get it going. So many cinderella stories happen…

    Because we also have the “soft” Sedins… we need to counter that with more muscle if we are indeed keeping Sedins to diversify our attack in the long run. Sedins will be the finesse guys (along with Jensen and Shinkaruk).. and then Zack + Ritchie could be our big power forward line. Santorelli can center them if we trade Kesler.

    Probably gonna get trashed on but I think Ritchie is a good fit if no one drops from top 5. Besides, Bob Mckenzie knows best!! Bob is the real deal…whatever flows from his mouth is gold.

    • Mantastic

      Regarding point #2:
      Imagine Ritchie and Kassian talking:

      Ritchie: Hey Kass, where are you from?

      Kassian: Ontario!

      Ritchie: No way bro, me too!

      Kassian: I noticed you were a little huskier in size, similar to me.

      Ritchie: I noticed that too. BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!!

      *they join hand in hand punching COHO in the face*

      *note* this is probably the most stupid thing i’ve ever read

      • argoleas

        Top 6 forwards from possible Kesler destinations:

        Anaheim: Getzlaf, Perry, Bonino, Perreault, Maroon, maybe Beleskey and maybe in the future, Etem.

        Detroit: Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Alfredsson, Franzen, Nyquist, Tatar, Helm

        Pittsburg: Crosby, Neal, Malkin, Kunitz, Bennett, Stempniak, Jokinen

        Honestly, why would these three teams give up their guys to come back this way esp DET and PIT?

        Wasn’t that the breaking point where Gillis couldnt do anything… with the likes of Brandon Sutter. He’s a 3rd line center at best. But that should show you that IF the Canucks do get a 2nd line forward back, it’s only because the future GM did a great job.

        But realistically, it’ll be difficult and the future GM will most likely have to defend and explain the Kesler trade to fans hoping for something that isnt realistic (an actual top 6 forward in return — im not talking about David Booth — a “top 6” forward).

        • argoleas

          Or maybe the list of potential teams will get bigger in June, when some of those teams will need to answer for their playoff failures.

          Do agree on the cost Linden and next GM could face if such a trade goes badly. I think the market is aware that we need to revamp, and a Kesler trade offers up the best possibility for that.

      • argoleas

        A top 6 AHL forward perhaps.

        Why would a team acquire a 30 year old top 6 forward two years from UFA like Kesler if the acquisition cost is a (presumably younger) top 6 forward at minimum?

        • argoleas

          Why would any team want Kesler? You would have to ask them. I would presume experience, will, skill, leadership. For teams on the cusp, this goes for a premium.

          Based on that, yes I would say the team could get a younger player that would be ready to slot into the top 6 on this team. Or a very good prospect. Or some combination.

          Assuming, of course, that he wants to leave.

          • argoleas

            It’s not “why would any team want Kesler?”

            But why would a team create a hole in their top 6 only to fill it with Kesler?

            Perhaps if we’re talking about fringe top sixer…

          • argoleas

            I would not look at it that way. I think it would be more like taking someone that is top-6 ready, or on the cusp, and replacing him with Kesler who is definitely top-6, and has the qualities I outlined above. It would be basically a trade of the (near)-future for the definite now.

          • argoleas

            That would be more of a prospect or a 3rd liner with 2nd line potential, wouldn’t it?

            I pretty much agree with your description, though, and I think that is about as much as can be expected in a Kesler trade.

            But it would be another project who, even if it works in the long term, probably will not line up with what is left of the Sedin era to open up a new contention window…

          • argoleas

            Maybe, it all depends on what the market becomes in June. I think you are underselling Kesler here, and I think that some teams may be ready to overpay this summer. Then again, it could be the way you say. Another factor may be how badly Kesler may want out, because if he does not want to leave, then all this discussion is mute.

        • argoleas

          I know your mind may have problems with this but it’s called getting a key piece. Here’s an examply for ya, genius: Joe Niuewendyk for Jarome Iginla. Calgary got a top line winger for the future and the Joe went to help a team win the Cup.

          That’s why teams do it. Similar trades have been been over and over but that continue to be a shining example.

          Another SFB00 moment…

          • bleedingblue

            Oh trust me, I could care less if you read anything I post. To me, you’re 1 step below the gum I stepped on. Your obvious ignorance is fun to point out. I enjoy singling you out because of your rather poor attitude and juvenile tactics. You’re a good source of amusement. I look forward to commenting on your next post – no matter how stupid or ignorant! 🙂

          • bleedingblue

            Nieuwendyk was never the same level of point producer in Dallas as in Calgary it’s true but you’re talking apples and oranges here as he was always a more consistent scorer than Kesler has been and continued to rack up the points in Dallas. Besides Neiuwendyk was 26 or 27 when he was traded (in his prime) while Kesler is arguably out of it (and plays a riskier style). I think Kesler is valuable but not as valuable as in the minds of fantasy hockey fans…

          • bleedingblue

            Actually, Joe was in his late 20’s (29) and his point per game average did not drop off as much while in Dallas. His overall points did as he was injured more. He wasn’t as aggressive as Kes but he did play a very physical style.

            Anyway, the point being, teams will trade grade A prospects for established stars. It happens all the time. Players take time to develop so a team that is a legit contender now will easily deal a top prospect for a good player – like a Kesler!

            I just take joy in proving Idiot00 wrong. 🙂

          • andyg

            Iginla was a prospect and had not even played in the NHL yet.

            What he is saying is that it is very unlikely someone is going to trade a 23 year center who has already put up say 50 points at the NHL level.

            You will either get a young prospect,maybe with 1st line potential or a young D plus…

          • argoleas

            >> What he is saying is that it is very unlikely someone is going to trade a 23 year center who has already put up say 50 points at the NHL level.

            Not sure that wouldn’t happen. What if said player has zero playoff experience and the team needs success now. There are many permutations where Vancouver and other team may go for it.

            >> You will either get a young prospect,maybe with 1st line potential

            That would probably be the best outcome, just not sure that any team that Kes would want to go has such a prospect to give

          • andyg

            There have been people on here who suggested a player like Ryan Johanson. I can’t see that happening.( 21 years old with 63 p.)

            Don’t take me wrong here I thing there would be top value back for Kess.

            How about 3 firsts from the Ducks. 2 this and one next.

            I would make a deal with Pits if Pouliot is involved.

            For me it could be a top D prospect,forwards or many draft picks.It all adds up to depth.

          • argoleas

            Oh yeah, that one would not happen. Columbus is a very bad fit in so many ways.

            It has been suggested that Vancouver is asking for a young center, a high quality prospect, and a 1st round pick (here we assume a low 1st round). This is a very high price. If Kesler is amenable, as seems to be the case (and this is good news for the team since it is not being rushed into a trade), then the team can wait for the best deal, and draft day may be it.

            I dont see the team going for just draft picks. Not at all. But combination of roster player, prospect, and pick is possible and should be explored.

            Not that I personally want a trade or think the team needs it. It would be a very good way to restock the system even more, but Kes leaving would create a huge hole in the team. But if the goal was to tank for the McDavid sweepstakes…..

          • Larionov18

            I say they trade Kesler to the Islanders with Higgins for their 5th pick and Strome. Those two additions may keep them out of the McCdavid sweepstakes and end up giving the Sabres a pick in the teens next year.Retain half of Kelser’s salary to sweeten the deal or trade Kes to Pitt for Beau and Pouliot and retain half of Kesler’s salary. Pitt getting Kes at a 2.5 per cap hit would be real attractive.

          • argoleas

            Yeah, I completely disagree. If a team needs a key piece and is a Cup favorite then they should make that deal. It happens. The goal is to win a championship.

    • bleedingblue

      i totally agree, Ritchie would be a great fit the size grit and toughness would be a welcome addition, with twins not getting any younger and not as durable we need that shot of youth and aggresivness that will sheild the twins, I mean not many teams will take liberties on twins when you face a line of kassian, kessler, ritchie! that would allow twins to go back to what they do best focus on goals, and ritchie is a guy who loves to go to the net with force, even kassian doesnt do it enough, he actually is a better passer so having a big body to pass too going to the net sounds preety intimidating for defenders, and having kessler doing what he does best aggitating and his speed i think he will have a bounce back year and wont half to be the guy taking all the damage in front of the net by him self! I know some say Ritchie can be a little inconsistant but hes young, all the picks are young and all are a gamble to some point, and you can coach to be more consistant, but you can’t teach size, and make a big man have soft hands, which he does, worth the risk if calgary doesnt take him

  • bleedingblue

    Would y’all trade Ryan Kesler to ANH for 2014 10th pick and Emerson Etem? Or another 1st rd or another 2nd rd etc?

    Or do you think that’s getting too much or too little from Anaheim?

      • Larionov18

        Well he did his part against Boston in that intense game a year after they were shagged around like rag dolls by Boston, didn’t he?

        That’s alot more than what I saw when Sedin was eating Marchand’s glove while the rest of the ladies sat on the bench and watched, right?

        The Canucks have no depth. That means they have one dimensional players like the Sedins who can do only one thing. The Sedins can’t hit, they don’t PK, they can’t skate, they don’t do shoot outs well, they sure as hell don’t stick up for themselves, and this year they haven;t been able to score.

        It’s hard to ask your team mates for more depth when your supposed two best players don’t even have depth of their own. That list of one dimensional players is a dime a dozen on the Canucks team. they were above average thanks to Burke and Gillis turned them into door mats in 3 years.

        It’s time for the Canucks to come out and say they have no idea what the F%CK they are doing.

        • Larionov18

          What exact part did Dale do? He was invisible against Boston. I do not see your boy Dershanais dropping the gloves. Sedins are offensive players. Burke drafted them by the way not Gillis. Leaf fans were like oh ya Mason Raymond was a steal as well. He was what he was a soft plug. Dale Weise thinks he is a 3rd line player. He is not. He plays with a resentment factor in his game: not an I will show you factor.

          • Larionov18

            What did the Sedins do this year with all their money? In fact what have they done in the post season since being here? That’s an awful alot of money to pay for players who can;t cut it.

            Offensive players? You mean like when other players do all the hard work for them pre 2011 and make the twins look good? well those players are gone now…what have the twins done? They do alot of talking post game I know that.

            Mayson Raymond was always a plug, like most of the team. The point is Gillis let anybody that was anybody go after the finals. enter crap city after that. what’s left is Burkes core, also a crap fest. Almost Canuck past or present is worth a damn.


        • Larionov18

          It was Burrows taking a bite out of Marchand’s finger, and if he didn’t want it getting bitten, he probably shouldn’t go around sticking his fingers into people’s mouths.

          • Larionov18

            Burrows Biting.

            Sedins eating gloves

            Sedins getting bowled over by a goalie

            Luongo opening his mouth at the wrong time

            All this extra motivation they gave to the other team and non to themselves.

            Textbook example of what NOT to do in the finals.

            Most embarrassing team to ever rep Vancouver. Glad they lost the 7th game, would have been hard to go to a parade and cheer for that kind of team.

            If the Canucks make the finals ever again, let’s see them try that again and see how far they get…seeing as how the team and its fans never learn anything.

  • argoleas

    Let’s see, AV and his team are going to the playoffs while Mike Gillis and his team led by the Sedins are going nowhere.

    Talk about near instant karma. Who could have envisioned this?

    Pretty much everyone except Canucks fans.
    Arrogant whiners who support heartless losers will never prosper.

  • argoleas

    You know… if you ask me, I think the Canucks should blow it up.

    Oh, wait, Mike Gillis already blew it up in 2012. Hahaha, sorry my bad.

    Rebuild complete Gillis!

    • argoleas

      Hey don’t worry now, it has all been fixed.

      The Canucks have hired Trevor Linden so the club is in good hands. They went from hiring a GM with no experience to a hiring a president with no experience. I don’t see how that could that back fire in their faces?

      PS- just don’t tell Linden that he was just hired as a front man to con the season ticket eaters, otherwise, he might think that he’s actually has the ability to help the club.

      Oops…too late. Oh dear, what have you done Canucks management? Instead of a few mug shots and feel good slogans with Trevor’s face on the posters, you got a guy now who thinks he actually knows how to bring wins to the Canucks.

      Trevor, why didn’t you bring those wins to the Canucks when you were playing for them?
      Still convinces it was your “leadership” and not Bures goals that got you to the finals?

      Looks like the curse of Bure continues on with this club.

  • argoleas

    I don’t know why people are so quick to believe that Trev is a scam for ticket holders. The guy played 20 yrs in the NHL amd was the lead negotiator that helped end a lock out. If he brings in the Boston Asst GM who has a great record of player development and they hire a good coach, the cupboard is hardly bare.

    Despite all of Torts stale comments, the fact is that there are young players like Jensen, Kassian, Horvat and Corrado that will play new roles or expanded roles.

    Add to that a buy out of the Booths contract and there will be money out there to bring in new FAs… Like a Stasny or Vaneck. I think a goal scorer like Vanek could put the Sedin line back at the top. Just watch what he has done with Montreal. Adding a tough hard nosed forward to play with Kessler could help fire him up.

    I agree on the stale part, but changes will be made around the core and having a coach that can get the defense to play as unit might help.

    • argoleas

      Liking a lot of what you’re saying. I think we need to dismantle the core…or as much as possible. Deal Kes and Edler if we can. I’d like to see Higgy and Hansen go too. Keep Booth. Maybe try and deal for a young centre or sign Stastny.

      I don’t want to see Hunter or Bo at this point. Let them develop. Same with Cassels and Subban. Gaunce and Fox can start in Utica.

    • argoleas

      Agreed on your assessment. Dont really agree with you on Booth buyout. Hansen (and/or Higgins) should go to make more room though.

      Starting to like William Nylander alot after reading HFboards

      Seems to make sense to have him in the long run.

      Sedins are signed till 2018. Nylander can tag along as RW for his first year (somewhere in 2014 to 2016). Maybe have him at C with Kassian on his wing around 2 to 3 years down the road. Horvat replaces Kesler somewhere down the road.

      And if Nylander is as good as advertised, we’ll be more than fine. I honestly dont think size is that big a deal if he is indeed that skilled. 5’11 170 lbs isnt bad to start with.

      • argoleas

        “I don’t know why people are so quick to believe that Trev is a scam for ticket holders. The guy played 20 yrs in the NHL amd was the lead negotiator that helped end a lock out

        Agreed on your assessment.” etc etc

        LOL. It’s like listening to two guy talking about how lovely the emperor’s new clothes are.

        • argoleas

          LOL. …”emperor’s new clothes” … yahhh pretty much. But a bit pessimistic dont you think?

          I understand Trevor doesn’t have that executive experience like other presidents.

          But given Trevor’s commitment to the Canucks and what he means to the Canucks. There really is no other person that is better suited to be president and ambassador of the Canucks. Pretty sure Trevor cares and knows about the Canucks more than any of us combined.

          • argoleas

            “But given Trevor’s commitment to the Canucks and what he means to the Canucks. There really is no other person that is better suited to be president and ambassador of the Canucks”

            Yeah, if you call commitment whining and crying and trying to start a coup against Keenan and Messier because Linden didn’t want any real change to their country club locker room than yes, Linden is committed.

            If Linden would have it his way, he’d still be playing and the captain of the team until they cart him away. Too bad, think of all the better scenarios that could have resulted from those years had Vancouver grew some nads and traded Linden, Mclean and all star Lumme away for players half decent.

            But you reap what you sow, boys.

      • Larionov18

        If the Canucks sign Stasny I will be pissed. A rebuild is needed not a retool.I want zero UFA signings this summer. Higgins and Hansen must go. Wasting a compliance buy out on Booth is a joke. Keep 2 mill and somebody would take him for sure and the canucks may get a pick. Canucks are in rebuild mode. See if they can Convince Garrison, Kesler and Burrows to Waive their NTC’s and trade them and keep some salary to get better returns. Get creative. No need to be a cap team for the next 3 years.

  • argoleas

    Hey guys, I don’t know about you guys but I liked the Twins better when they were pop stars.

    Man, Daniel and Henrik was the best when they were the Proclaimers!

    And that song, it was so catchy and not annoying at all! I can’t stop singing it when I think of the twins!

    Now I would walk hundred miles and I would walk a hundred more! Dubdubdudbdub dububdubdubdud! Good times!

  • Larionov18

    Two former Canucks Torres and Weiss pot a goal each to help their team win the first game.

    Two guys the Canucks let go and their fans would consider no talent plumber bums…meanwhile the superstars of the Canucks team are heading to the golf range.

  • Larionov18

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  • Larionov18

    I love that this thread is still going on, albeit populated almost entirely by trolls now. The best part is the last message by Joe Duane, which is somehow more coherent and interesting than all the Bruins, Flames, Oilers, Kings, and whoever else’s fans are wasting their time here.