Evening Headshots: March 24th

The Canucks have found their way back into the win column and I figured that’s as good a reason as any to get me back into the.. headshots.. column. Or something. 

Anyways, things are looking moderately less bleak in the land of Canucks at the moment and this has everyone just a little less on edge. It’s great. I haven’t even seen so much as a “shapheat” develop since their last loss, I might add. What I have seen, however, is a ton of great local content on the Canucks and I’ll try to bring it all your way, right after the jump.

Want a reminder of just how special a game last night’s was? Of course you do. Courtesy of upstart local sports blogger and podcaster, Tyler Lippingwell, is a recap of last night’s festivities and the ceremony that honoured Henrik Sedin’s 1000th game. That is, in Lippingwell’s humble estimation, a pretty big deal. I agree.

Bure’s Triple Deke is probably Vancouver’s best kept secret in the realm of Canucks blogging and if you don’t regular their site already, you should probably fix that. This piece on Nicklas Jensen is particularly well written and backs up my point entirely. Read it.

The Van Provies have long been a personal favourite of mine, but last night’s edition was especially good. I mean, I’m a little bitter about everyone but me getting a mention at the bottom (see, Best Event), but I think I can get past it. 

This may be “old” news, but this is the first I’ve heard of the Canucks having a deal in place with the Boston Bruins to ship Alex Edler out of town. Courtesy of The Canuck Way“He believes the Bruins would have likely sent a package that included centres Ryan Spooner or Alexander Khokhlachev and defenceman Matt Bartkowski”. Interesting.

If you aren’t all numbered out after a day’s reading at Canucks Army, check out Pass it to Bulis‘ numbers oriented feature, Big Numbers. Friend of the army, Harrison Mooney, goes in on this lengthy post highlighting some of the good and bad numbers that Vancouver has going for them. Enjoy.

If you just so happened to miss last night’s clash of Titans, fret not. Nucks Misconduct, who always do a great job recapping Canucks games, did just that for last night’s affair. Getting the call for Vancouver’s tilt with Buffalo was Sean Larson.

Remember the artist formerly known as @camcharron? Cool fella, that guy. Anyways, here’s a trip down memory lane courtesy of our dearly departed Twitter comrade. Who’da thunk Auld sucking was hardly Auld’s fault?

Beer is good. I’m pretty sure we can all agree on that. While non-alcoholic, VanCity Buzz‘s post-game six packs offer nearly as much fun, at 0% of the cost to both your self-esteem and finances. Rob Williams was on duty last night and delivered a doozy of a recap. 

Alright, I’m tired, that’s all the Canucks linkage I care to share. And sharing is caring folks.

  • argoleas

    Ya, that’s the ticket! Trade Edler for two 5’10” centres selected in the 2nd round and a 5/6 pairing D. That’s really going to help us going forward. Gillis would have had to be a desperate fool to take that … hey, wait a minute.

    • argoleas

      You misread it. It was, in fact, Spooner OR Kohklachev. Not both. It’s the same package as was offered for Iginla by the Bruins last year. That is to say, the one offered for a past-his-prime player as a rental, except this time for a pre-peak top 4 defenseman signed for the next 5 years to a reasonable cap hit.

      Basically this falls into the category of “complete crap propogated by the media” that every GM complains and moans about every trade deadline. And despite the fact that this is the first time JD Burke has heard about it, it was definitely circulating around deadline time. As far as I can tell, someone in New England pulled it straight out of their butt.

        • Mantastic

          In terms of age, he is – he’s 27. Prime for forwards is generally 26, but defensemen tend to mature a bit later and decline later – hence Suter’s contract making more sense than Parise’s when signed. A d-man’s “peak” should be about 29 to 30. Remember that Lidstrom won 6 of his 7 Norrises between the ages of 32 and 37. Chara didn’t really emerge as an elite d-man until he was 30. Not that Edler is Lidstrom or Chara, but just to illustrate the point – you don’t see a lot of Hart contenders persist well into their 30’s.

          Maybe Edler is an exception owing to back issues or just being an outlier, but as a rule, he is pre-peak.