Evening Headshots: February 11th

Photo courtesy of Jay Bowman.
Photo courtesy of Legion of Blog.

I’m sure I speak for everyone in the vast world of Canucks fandom when I say that the Olympic Break couldn’t have come soon enough. Seven losses in a row, that’s one thing. But to lose in such an utterly boring and draining fashion for seven straight, that’s practically enough to turn even me into one of those alarmist fans. 

You know the kind… They’ve usually got the least to say, yet say the most; big fan, personally. But hey, for at least the next two weeks, our favourite team and country is a serious threat to own the podium again.

Not only that, but I’ve tons of great links for your reading and enjoyment, on the other side of the jump.

There’s been a ton of great content coming out of VanCityBuzz since RobTheHockeyGuy and his staff went over, but as of late they’ve really been pumping it out. My favourite piece of late, however, was one written by Rob himself, as he tries to shine a little light on the Canucks current losing streak

Another great read from VanCityBuzz was published today, in which Harman Dayal grades every Canucks player on their performance to this point. 

Want a quick laugh, or maybe a little something to cheer you up? Well, then I’ve got something for you. It’s not a terribly long article, but I’m giving The Legion of Blog‘s Jay Bowman a pass, because it’s so damn funny; the picture alone sold me. Without further adieu, here’s “11 Events the Leftover Canucks Would Win”.

Now that I’ve got your spirits up, this report from The Province‘s Jason Botchford will do it’s best to drag them back down. I’m just at a loss for words… The headline pretty much says it all.

Gotta hand it to Pass it to Bulis. No matter how bleak things are in Canucks Land, they keep pumping out hilarious material about them. Like today’s post, reflecting on Vancouver’s problems and how they will all be solved as we transition to cheering for Team Canada. They also did a fine job of getting you fully acquainted with the guys you’ll be rooting for over the next two and a half weeks!

Do you happen to be a big fan of numbers and statistics? Of course you do, you’re reading a Canucks Army post. But I digress. More great Pass it to Bulis content, as they break down some big numbers from Team Canada.

Hooked On Hockey Magazine‘s Kevin Cawthra takes an in-depth look at Mike Gillis’ track record, using new and old information alike, to paint a fair picture of his tenure as the Canucks GM. As the title would indicate, Cawthra feels Gillis is an average GM. Hard to argue with him at this point.

If you still haven’t moved on from Saturday’s loss to the Leafs, I can’t blame you. Maybe, with the help of Canucks Hockey Blog, you can find some closure. Their always funny #TGATT segment is sure to entertain at the very least.

Something tells me Nucks Misconduct‘s Zanstorm is none too happy with the “blow the team up talk”… Maybe it’s his lengthy plea for patience and sanity, posted just yesterday.

Well, I’m all Canucks’d out for now folks. If you or someone you know has a Canucks blog, reach out to me on Twitter and you could find yourself in the next edition of the Headshots. Always looking to help. Cheers.