Evening Headshots: January 28th

Hey folks, having made my mark (for better, and surely worse) on nearly every other Canucks blog in town, I felt the time had come for me to take my talents to Canucks Army. In what I hope is the first of many appearances, I’ll be highlighting work from around the interwebs in tonight’s version of the evening headshots. While the results from last night leave more than a little to be desired, the reaction and ensuing blogs from local writers do their best to soften the blow.

And in turn, I’ll do my best to showcase all their fine work right after the jump.

Canucks Army’s own, Dimitri Filipovic, recaps last night’s festivities in what I will generously describe as one of the more realistic, and consequently depressing, game recaps I have ever read. There are several salient points, well worth exploring, including a short tidbit about the Canucks ineptitude with controlled zone-entries on the power play, now that they are without Henrik Sedin. Oh, he also unfollows Ben Kuzma.

If, for whatever reason, you’re unsatisfied with the amount of links in this headshots post, have a look at the Pass it to Bulis version it’s full of good stuff, including the image I used for this post. They also recapped last night’s game, and their version is every bit as good as ours.

Got an extra hour or so to watch the video game version of the Canucks beat the crap out of each other? ‘Cause I know I do! Amazing work here from The Stanchion and Jay Bowman, as they pit teammates against each other in the Canucks Royal Rumble!

There isn’t any new or even new-ish Canucks content on The Flying V blog, but they’re another great little blog; they cover a lot more than just hockey, and generally put up great content. Check em out!

Looking for some Canucks content, with maybe a little more positive outlook? Look no further! Steve Lee of NorthWest Sports Beat chooses his three-stars from the last ten days

And back to the sobering reality that is the decline of your Vancouver Canucks, Ben Kuzma reminds everyone that the Canucks just aren’t contenders anymore. The worst part being he uses their rivals, the Chicago Blackhawks, as an example of consistency and dynastic management. Le sigh. 

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A personal favourite writer of mine, Jason Botchford, goes in on last night’s loss in The Provies, using a series of hilarious tweets to remind everyone just how bad things are in Canuck-Land right now… 

And here’s another remind to join the Canucks Army staff at The Pint tomorrow night. It’s for a good cause, and hopefully we’ll get to enjoy a great game of hockey. At the very least, some beers.