Want To Hang Out and Watch Some Hockey? How About The Canucks Army Event at The Pint!

The great thing about Twitter – well, other than being the wonderful source of entertainment and information that it is – is the fact that it provides you with an opportunity to take in sports spectacles with a wide array of different individuals that you otherwise would never have been exposed to. It can be frustrating at times, but for the most part it enhances the viewing experience. 

Two particular instances of this have come within the past 2 weeks; Tom Sestito’s debut in the team’s top 6 and 1st unit PP v. the Ducks (ultimately climaxing when he scored a PPG) and the Canucks/Kings fight night were two memorable moments for me personally, that were significantly augmented by exposed to the endless list of jokes online.

I don’t know about you but I enjoy the feeling of being a part of something, and the tightly knit online hockey community is just that. On Wednesday, January 29th we’ve been presented with an opportunity to take our collective relationship to the next level as the official watering hole of Canucks Army is kindly hosting a viewing party for us. 

Read on past the jump to find out what you need to do to make sure you’re there. And I assure you, you’ll want to be there; we’ve got an assortment of fun prizes and gifts to give away to you guys, as if we needed to sweeten the pot beyond hanging out, and drinking beer while watching the Canucks take on the Blackhawks.

In case you’re thinking "why would I want to come out on a weeknight when I can sit at home on my comfy couch, and watch the game at my own pace, being able to go for a pee break whenever I please?", then I’ve got a few reasons to hopefully sway your opinion. Let’s face it, if you’re still reading you’re probably up for hanging out, just trying to figure what exactly is in it for you..

Reason 1: You’re Going to Have Fun

It’s the Canucks and the Blackhawks, which is a matchup that kind of sells itself at this point. Myself and Cam will be there for sure, and it’s looking like Drance will be in town for the event, too. I also have a hunch that some of the other personalities you’ve seen on your feed, and perhaps socialized with in the past, will be there as well. This is also your chance to see for yourself that the blogger stereotypes aren’t true; we’ll be out of the basement, wearing pants, without calculators strapped to our belts.

I’m not just saying this because they’re good to us, but The Pint is a sweet spot to hang out and watch a game. @Sir_Earl won our ticket contest a while back, and did just that with us. I think he can vouch for us that we don’t bite (unlike some people we know..)

Reason 2: You’re Getting a Sweet Deal

We’ve secured a couple of fun goodies to sweeten the pot, as I mentioned above. If you decide to come you’ll be paying $15, but that comes with a Canucks Army tshirt (allowing you to flaunt your allegiances around town!), a complimentary highball, and 20% off of your food bill (to go along with the 40 cent wings they already have on the menu on Wednesdays).

Thanks to old friend of the blog Cam Davie has provided us with fresh, uncut game programs from the 2011 Stanley Cup Final that we can frame, and raffle off (with your name automatically entering the draw with a ticket purchase). Don’t worry, they’re from Games 1 and 2 so.. positive memories.

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There’s also something else..

Reason 3: You’ll Feel Better About Yourself

All of the proceeds from ticket purchases will be donated to a local charity, which is pretty cool. If you don’t live in Vancouver, or can’t make it, but would still like to help out a good cause then please feel free to contact me/purchase a ticket, and we can arrange sending you one of those snazzy Canucks Army t-shirts!

To summarize things:

  • Date/Time Wednesday January 29th. Game starts at 7pm, but we’ll be there by 6.
  • Location The Pint, at 455 Abbott St. (and Pender, just across from Tinseltown)
  • Deal – A Canucks Army tshirt, a complimentary highball, 20% off food, automatic entry into the raffle, a smile.


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We hope to see you there!