Vinny Prospal Watches Canucks Game for the 1st time this season, quickly says “Nah”

A video depiction of Vinny Prospal’s reaction last night. [GIF via The Stanchion]

"I’m out!", is what Vinny Prospal was probably thinking after finishing up his PVR recording of last night’s Canucks/Perds game. If you watched that game and thought to yourself, "you know what, this team is just one 39-year old winger away!" then I don’t know what to tell you (except to ask you what you’re on, because I want some!).

Less than 24 hours following the announcement that Prospal was signing a PTO with the Utica Comets, he has apparently reneged. Right now all that’s being reported is that he had some time to think on it some more, and speak with his family, and that’s how he came to his final decision. I’m thinking he did some Googling ("Abbotsford", "Utica".. no thanks..)


I’m okay with the Vinny Prospal Era as a whole. It gave us a chance to use the "Live Long and Prospal" headline, it allowed that gem of a GIF above to be resurfaced and reused, and most importantly, it added another hilarious chapter to what is quickly becoming a joke of a season in Vancouver. 

Obviously the fact that the Canucks are having veteran retreads rebuff them while the San Jose Sharks, a Pacific Division rival (in theory, but a team that’s on a completely other level than the current incarnation of the Canucks), are going out and signing two of their stars to (relatively) team-friendly extensions while retaining enough salary to be a serious player in free agency this summer probably won’t do anything to make you guys feel better.

At least it’s Friday?

  • stevedave37

    Ugh. I don’t think anyone thought Prospal was going to be the difference maker. It’s not like we missed out on the ‘aging Czech’ lottery. This just feels like asking out your safety date to the prom because you know she’ll say yes, then getting turned down. (Or like losing to the Preds 2-1 a week after losing to the ‘Yotes 1-0). Embarrassing.

    • Marsh

      The main reason to bring Prospal on board is to help a team on the cusp of missing the playoffs. Gillis must be desperate. If the motivation for a GM is to save his job ahead of what’s best for the team, it’s probably better if he is gone. However he would be leaving a situation where all the Canucks best veterans have no-trades, they are constantly at the cap with a full roster and they are still a thin team for prospects, especially for a moderately aging defense. Plus the ‘nucks have a coach who isn’t to many new GM’s taste signed for what, 4 more years. Oi!!!

  • The Benevolent Orca

    Prospal was a no risk signing anyways. He wasn’t the saviour, just a nice depth add on.

    I still say Cancuks need a BIG trade to shake that locker room up. I’m talking Top 6 trade.

      • FlamesRule

        Dalpe’s in the top six because three of the four *centres* ahead of him on the depth chart (Henrik, Santorelli, Schroeder) are injured. That’s not a situation most teams expect to be in.

        Besides I think Orca meant a trade to bring in a top 6 forward. The Canucks good defensive depth and middle-six depth – if they can package some of that up in exchange for a legitimate top-6 winger, that’d be lovely.

        I think the Canucks scoring problems this year can mostly be traced to a lack of another legitimate top-six winger. Burrows and Booth have struggled, the team’s lost Raymond, Kassian is coming along but isn’t quite there yet, and Higgins and Hansen are good players but are never going to be consistent scoring threats. The only serious offensive threat on the wing this year is Daniel. I like that the team has lots of middle-six depth – guys who can comfortably shift between a third line and second line role (Booth, Higgins, Hansen, Kassian, and unfortunately Burrows all fit this description), but they need another winger who isn’t shifting between lines 2 and 3 but is shifting between lines 1 and 2 – the kind of player Burrows and Booth used to be.

        Maybe one of the Canucks many good-but-not-great wingers can elevate their game and be that guy, but given the injuries and the fact that no one’s getting any younger, I’m not sure. The team needs a dynamic offensive winger (one on the right side of 30), and if they’ve got to give up a good defenceman, a middle-six forward, and a pick or prospect to get him, they should.

      • FlamesRule

        I’ve been hearing we need “top 6” for the last few years…and our “depth” as well. We have top 9 forwards playing in top 6 positions. Mike Gillis has ordered Peanuts and expects caviar from Torts. If we buy out Burrows and Booth…that’s 4.5/4.25m respectively. That’s a top 3 forward easy! We need to face the fact the Sedin’s are now top 6 players, and build a new top line around another star…and it’s not Kesler.

          • islander

            Yeah, I love all the comments that talk about all the trades for top 3 scorers that seem to be out there. Because teams want to give up on such players for all the ones that have worn out their welcome here, right? All we need to do to get an Evander Kane are some third liners and bottom pairing d-men, because the AI for the other GMs is still pretty poor.

  • Marsh

    In light of Thornton & Marleau’s extensions, it’s abundantly clear that the cap wizards jumped the market on Sedin extensions in their never-ending pursuit of mediocrity…

    • argoleas

      Can’t wait to see what sort of Karma Burke has coming after how he jacked Feaster and pretty much the rest of the league during negotiations. Feel free to stick around and talk hockey during the 5 year plan.

      • FlamesRule

        I’ll take a GM that does what he says over a GM that doesn’t / can’t (trade Luongo lately?) every day.

        On the bright side I’m happy to see you admit you’re at the beginning of your 5-year rebuild just like the Flames

        • FlamesRule

          I’ll take fighting for a playoff spot over fighting over a lottery pick…no matter the GM.

          On the brighter side, the fact that we’re icing a team in playoff contention during the rebuild is a bonus. Probably a foreign notion to a Flames fan.

  • FlamesRule

    First of all what has San Jose done in the last ten years that make them the. Franchise to look up to? At least the Canucks were in game 7 of the Sat let Cup finals, last time I checked San Jose vs …………. Have been in the finals. The other fact is the Canucks potentially have a lot of room also in FA over the summer. Booths 4.5 comes off the books and they still have a contract buyout and with Eddie lack playing pretty well , don’t be surprised to see Luo get bout out. Now if he wins a gold medal that might make for an uncomfortable conversation but 10. + mil in cap room will help a lot. I’m not happy watching this team play right now, but that article praising the Sharks and downing the Canucks was ridiculous. You can bash the Nucks and not praise a joke of a franchise. Also one thing Gillis has done is sign team friendly contracts …. The rest not so much. Again so much to bash Gillis about no need to praise a joke franchise. Journalistic integrity!

    • FlamesRule

      FTR, Booth’s $4.25 comes off the books next off-season (2015).

      If you think Francesco is going to write a cheque for $30 million to see Roberto get snapped up that same day by one of ten interested parties, I have a bridge that I would like to sell you. You are dreaming, buds.

      • jung gun

        Good old ” No standards Teddy”. Where would the Canucks be without you…oh wait, no where, which is where they’re at. The Sedins, two girls, no cups. LMFAO

        Enjoy the crapulence that is your Canucks, kool-aid man, you support it, and you deserve it.

  • FlamesRule

    where’s the wit now Dimitri? You are so smug after a victory, but after a loss you get all quiet and sullen? You are the epitome of a homer… not to mention a joke of a writer.
    This site would do wonders with you out of the picture

  • FlamesRule

    Gillis has done a good job. Not to recognize him for it is foolish drivel. However, the past is in the past. You can’t live forever on what you did yesterday. It is time for “bold moves”. Gillis has to make a hockey trade. To get something they need he’ll have to give up something he may not want to part him. This team is loaded with #2, 3 & 4 defensemen and checking forwards. Trade ’em for scoring.

  • islander

    In watching the Kings-Ducks game last night it was apparent that the Canucks are way behind those two teams in size and skill. Trading for Kassian appears to be a step in the right direction but I’m not sure that drafting smallish players like Shink and Boho while leaving the big Russian on the board was the right thing to do. Time will tell I guess but if you even look at a team like Dallas with their young big three to build around the Canucks are going nowhere fast.

  • jung gun

    Oh Ted,
    Would you please have them dress up in those inane green body suits as they shine laser pointers into my eyes as well?
    That way I won’t be able to say ” I seen this destruction coming”