The Log Off Podcast: “Dustin Byfuglien is a Big Blue Circle”

Sup? [GIF via Dan McQuade]

We’re back with the 2nd episode of the "Log Off Podcast" in which we discuss hockey ad nauseam until it’s time for us to, well, log off. Last time you heard from us was on Monday, when we spent the entirety of the show previewing what we thought Team Canada’s roster would look like.

Well, with a few days to let it all sink in and marinate, we now feel it’s a good time to take a quick look at who was "snubbed", and what kinds of adjustments we’d make. In case you’re looking for a cynical take on the team, then feel free to skip past the first 5 or 6 minutes.. because we seemed to share a fairly positive outlook on the result, all things considered.

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After that, we hopped around all over the NHL, talking about the mess that’s taking place in Winnipeg right now (spurred by the news that Dustin Byfuglien will be moving back to forward, despite a largely successful run as a blueliner over the past few seasons), the dry spell in Vancouver (and their weird season to-date), and the complete and utter tire fire in Toronto (which’ll hopefully conclude with Randy Carlyle being shot into outer space).. 

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    • jung gun

      I think a trade of one of the other defencemen is more likely, van. Personally, I’d ship off Bieksa, because we have two producing d-men in Edler and Garrison, who are both younger than Beiksa, though each has less character. Who gives a damn whether Bieksa has a good relationship with Murph and is candid on camera? I think Corrado is ready to make the jump, and definitely will be a competent 6th D by next season. I’d rather have him on the team, ship off big B, and pay Tanev a little bit more. It’s still problematic to have four lefties in our top six, but Hamhuis and Garrison would be a decent match, if Tanev was paired with Edler. Plus, we could get solid return for Bieksa, maybe something in the range of impressive 3rd liner to solid 2nd liner. That seems like a more logical move to me.

      • jung gun

        Except Kevin (along with Alex, Dan and Jason) has a No-Trade Clause, and Gillis has been adamant about not asking players to lift them.

        So if a defenseman is going anywhere, it will be one of Frank/Chris.

  • jung gun

    One interesting trade could be another Van-Rangers swap. Del Zotto is in AVs dog house and I’m sure a Bieska or Edler wouldn’t mind a trade to NYC to play for AV again. That being said, I don’t believe there will be any big trades on the horizon. With a healthy Burr the lines set up pretty well and the Canucks could save a lot of money this next off season. Booth expires and there still is a buy out which if Lack keeps playing well….. Luo could be a buy out guy. 10 mil in offseason could fill some holes and Gillis has said he hates giving up those 2nd round picks for rentals.

    • jung gun

      Still on the Lou buyout deal, eh? Keep dreaming.

      That is not going to happen. The day Francesco cuts Mike a $30M cheque in order to watch a dozen NHL teams line up to sign him is the day he hands Gillis a pink slip.

      You lot find it real easy to spend other people’s money, don’t you? I’ve got a better chance of winning the 6/49 lottery.