Evening Headshots: January 3rd

Why is Torts yelling? New glasses? No, can’t be it. Probably misses his old glasses.

Hey everyone, remember me? While it has certainly been a lengthy period of time since my last post on Canucks Army, I figured we could just forget it like the world forgot about Judy Winslow on Family Matters after she was killed in a horrific car crash.. or written off the show. I didn’t look, since research isn’t really my thing.

Anyways, I’m back with some linkage. Enjoy it after the jump.

Two things I enjoy: F-bombs and beer. This article has just one, and it’s not beer. But the Canucks are trying a new look power play that (finally) sees Dan Hamhuis sent to the second unit. [The Province]

Ryan Kesler probably isn’t too happy about his hair getting a little thinner. Who would be? Well, maybe those Wolf Boys who are covered head to toe, but that’s another discussion for another place. Kesler can be happy about getting his game back and making the 2014 US Olympic hockey team. [The Province]

Harrison Mooney spent some time talking about a sign at a Canucks game that made him angry, and with good cause. This sign is boastful and unnecessary. If I had my way, I’d kill everyone who looked at me cockeyed and brought signs to sporting events. [Pass it to Bulis]

Do you want a preview for tomorrow’s game against the Kings? Sure you do. So here’s Ian from Rob the Hockey Guy breaking it down. Sorry guys, I had to. I know Canucks Army does this as well, but Rob has pictures of me I don’t want anyone to see. EVER. [Rob the Hockey Guy]

And of course I wouldn’t be adequately prepared to rock if I didn’t mention the great content that is below Headshots. Josh W has his Weekly Prospects Report and Thomas Drance Catches up with Old Friends (Hint: He’s old, Finnish and got bit by a snake) [Canucks Army]

That’s all for me tonight, folks. Enjoy your night and maybe go get yourself worked up over who the third goalie for Canada will be next month in Sochi. Thanks for reading.

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