Brian Burke Is Running Cowtown

Brian Burke is running cowtown

His hair’s sticking out
He’s wearing a tie
Feaster is out
I’m telling you why
Brian Burke is running cowtown

He’s making a list
And checking it twice
Gonna find out who’s naughty on ice
Brian Burke is running cowtown

He sees you when you’re gritty
He’s gonna make a trade
He knows if you’ve been truculent
And if so you’ve got it made

O! His hair’s sticking out!
He’s wearing a tie
Feaster is out
I’m telling you why
Brian Burke is running cowtown
Brian Burke is running cowtown


Welcome back, Burkie! Christmas came early for us bloggers.

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    • flamesburn89

      Can’t even begin to understand this. Joke or…??? Sven is 21 years old, not to mention 11 points in 26 games this season is certainly not atrocious for a young kid.

      24 points in 51 games into his NHL career. I know it’s not all about points, but yeesh. Give the kid a break. People get frustrated when some commenters call Jankowski a bust; Sven was drafted 1 year earlier.

      Oh, and SVEN under Troy Ward is, I believe, gonna be a completely different player than the SVEN under Bob Hartley.

      As for Schroder, I hate the Canucks. I hope he turns out to be a huge

      • 24% body fat

        No joke this is up for two reasons,

        1. This article was on both the canucks and flames site. It is a nice measure to see the ratio of flames fans to canucks fans for the article

        2. On a reasonable expectations article earlier this year a said Sven would get 38 points and was extremely trashed for it. Flames fans predicted 50+. It turns out my predictions was actually over estimated and shows that flames fans either over rate this prospect tremendously or do not have reasonable expectations

        Baertshci will not be a consistant 50 point player in the NHL.

        And flames fans expectations of the Guadfather (OMG) he hasnt even played a geme yet, are ridiculous too.

        Call me a troll all you want. I hope I am creating traffic and reaction for a great network of sites here. But flames fans need to get a grip on reality when it comes to their prospects.

        I think Monohan is going to be a great player but injury aside it was going to happen that his numbers slow down in his rookie year with his percentages.

        • flamesburn89

          No offense, but I don’t really care what you predicted for Sven’s point totals this year, kinda sounds like you’re bitter because everyone trashed your prediction and now you feel like you can say I TOLD YOU SO. Also, your assertion that this guy will never be a consistent 50 point guy in this league makes absolutely no sense. He’s fricking 21 years old, and hasn’t even played a full season in the NHL. He’s playing against the best players in the world, and he’s not doing too badly. Troy Ward will have him up and running in no team in my view.

          People get excited about their prospects, not just Flames fans. I don’t think people are saying Gaudreau is gonna be a perennial all-star, but the kid’s talent is hard to miss. No wonder people are psyched to see him in the NHL.

          P.S. Sean MonAhan

        • beloch

          You want to compare Schroeder with Baertschi? Okay.

          This is Schroeder’s Draft+4 year and Baertschi’s Draft+2 year. Plenty of first rounders are still bouncing between leagues in their Draft+2 year. By their draft+4 year you should start to worry if a forward hasn’t established himself in the big league.

          Schroeder has played 34 NHL games and garnered just 9 points, for 0.265 ppg. Baertschi, despite being 2 years younger, has played 51 NHL games and put up 24 points, good for 0.471 ppg. Baertschi’s relative corsi is -3.4, vs Schraeder’s -15.1. Baertschi’s Corsi Rel Comp is -0.647 this season while Schraeder’s is -5.524.

          I could go on for a while, but if suffices to say that Sven Baertschi is superior to Schroeder in every stat I looked at, and he’s two years younger.

          Now, consider these players’ circumstances. Schroeder has 190 AHL matches under his belt, compared to Baertschi’s 32. Baertschi played his first NHL game at the age of 19, compared to 22 for Schroeder. Baertschi was rushed into the NHL direct from the WHL and perhaps he wasn’t ready. Schroeder was given ample time to mature in the AHL. This season Baertschi has been getting relatively little TOI and less shelter (he was always way less sheltered than Schroeder). Hartley has been after him, not to improve his offense, but to improve his play without the puck. That’s why he’s been benched, and why he’s going down to the AHL to mature a bit and maybe get some swagger. Schroeder has proven he can’t even offer offense at the NHL level.

          Baertschi is still a very promising player. He’s probably not elite, but he’s a solid hit for a mid first-rounder and could still make the top 6. Schroeder isn’t a scorer, isn’t a play-maker, isn’t a possession player, and doesn’t have the size to be a goon, so he might not become a NHL regular at all.

          So, now I am going to ask you Mr. Overpaid: Who is the bigger bust?

  • Brent

    Im not sure why Feaster is getting so much credit for drafting Monahan in the 6 spot; that was an absolute no brainier, every GM would have picked him there, even Edmonton would have got that right…..

    In fact: the only GM who would have been capable of messing that pick up would have been Feaster, and on draft day I was extremely afraid that he would go off the board again….


  • Truculence

    One thing I haven’t seen on this board is the gradual change in ownership. In the early years, the Flames had one of the classiest organizations in the NHL due in large part to classy owners in Doc and BJ Seaman and Harley Hotchkiss. Over the years, the ownership has changed and not for the better. The once classy ownership group has been replaced by majority owner Murray Edwards, who is well known as an arrogant, ego maniac and total jerk. Fast forward to recent hirings including Brian Burke who despite his talents, is considered an arrogant, ego maniac and total jerk. The reputation of the Flames organization does not compare to the early years and I shudder what the next piece of the puzzle looks like.

  • Truculence

    @Montana man

    standing o for that take!

    I have several family members that have worked in extremely proximity to Murray Edwards for many years and I’ve yet to hear a positive story.

    it was weisbroads/feasters arrogance that appealed to him and its the same thing that is appealing to him about Burke. Ken King is obviously in a league of his own and thus untouchable over these last few management “gaffes”

  • flamesburn89

    When Burke was hired he alluded to the fact that he wanted to be more behind the scenes; after 60 days or so his true colours are shining. He loves the headlines he loves the spotlight and is now back in his element. There are those who love him for it and then there are people like me who wish he would just go away. We will be back to drafting like Sutter; gritty hockey players from the WHL b/c we like gritty hockey players, yuck.