CA Postgame: John Garrett Jinxes Shutout, Still Loves Peanut Butter

Oh, John(s).. [Image via Legion of Blog]

Roberto Luongo was just moments away from recording his 3rd shutout of the season, and bringing his save percentage on the year right up to his career average of .919.. but then, John Garrett decided to deviate from his usual analysis of Peanut Butter and other Safeway products, and went out of his way to point the shutout bid out to the audience..

.. and of course, with just 8 seconds left in a 3-0 game, Jamie McGinn put home a totally meaningless goal to spoil all of that goodness. Oh well. I guess a 28/29 performance from Luongo, and a 3-1 win over a team currently holding a playoff spot in the packed Western Conference will have to do. It wasn’t the prettiest of performances, and the Avalanche almost certainly aren’t as good as their record would indicate, but it was a big win for the Canucks regardless.

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The Rundown

This is Mike Santorelli’s world, and we’re all just lucky enough to get to live in it. Thankfully Santorelli, who can’t seem to go through an interview without falling back on crutch phrases and dropping "yanno"s, is better at playing hockey than he is on the mic. His big night started just a handful of minutes into the game, after he put a sweet move on JS Giguere:

Higgins and Santorelli have pretty much played fantastic hockey together since being paired up just a few weeks into the season, but now they’re finally starting to get rewarded for their play with some results. The Higgins/Kesler/Santorelli trio combined for 3 goals, 6 points, 12 shots on goal, and a Haida hat. Except for Higgins not looking for Santorelli near the end of the game (instead opting to shoot the puck himself, and missing), they could do no wrong.

Santorelli was the only one of the three not to crack 20 minutes on the night, but he surely would’ve if not for having to leave the game after taking a hit during the 1st. Speaking of Kesler, here’s his 15th of the season:

Please, for the love of god, can we stop with the "Beastmode" thing? It’s over. There’s a significantly better alternative, which is quite fitting considering where Kesler has been doing most of his damage this season:

I’m strongly in favour of going with #creasemode, instead. Let’s let Santorelli, the $550k man, put a bow on this section as we head to the numbers..

The Numbers

Image via Extra Skater

In 35.7 minutes of 5v5 play in "score close" situations, the Canucks attempted 35 shots to the 33 of the Avs. Then, as you’d expect, with the Canucks up 2-0 the Avalanche took over from a shot attempts perspective as they tried to score a goal. I should also note that Patrick Roy – kind of admirably, by the way – pulled his goaltender with around 5 minutes left. Who cares whether your team loses 3-0 or 4-0? Why not give it a shot, right? 

The Sedins finished with a low-event, 60% Corsi night, but I was for the most part fairly unimpressed with their play at 5v5. It’s kind of hard to get on them too hard considering they’ve managed to continue producing on the scoreboard, but it certainly feels like it has been a while since we’ve seen a vintage, dominant Sedin performance. I think Tortorella is more than aware of this, as he switched David Booth off of their line after a few games there, putting Jannik Hansen on their right wing. 

Here are Daniel Sedin’s on-ice shot attempt differentials since that beatdown of the Blue Jackets back on November 22nd (for-against): 16-15, 8-9, 11-10, 13-15, 11-12, 11-15, 11-18, 12-8 (tonight). They’ve generated only 2 goals during that time, to boot. But they’ve earned enough of a leash with me over the years that I bet they’ll go on a torrid stretch any time now..

I tweeted this out after the game, but I’ll mention it here once again: since getting pulled in New York, Roberto Luongo has stopped 95 of 99 shots he has faced, bumping his save percentage on the season up to .918. His career save percentage is .919, by the way. I’d still wager on him finishing the year around the .920 mark, as I thought he would back in the preseason. He should have a chat with Garrett [thanks to @ChiefsHockey97]:

Andrew Alberts was on the ice for 4 shot attempts for, and 9 against in "close situations" in this one. He also played only 8:39. Dan Hamhuis is on the first unit PP, and Chris Tanev is on the 2nd unit. Yannick Weber was called up by the Canucks this morning, so.. it’s now or never for him?

The power play failed to score a goal for the first time 7 games, but then again, they only had 2 opportunities. It’ll have a chance to get back on track against the Carolina Hurricanes and their 21st ranked penalty kill unit tomorrow night.

  • Peachy

    That was a much better game than the Cyotes game. The Canucks didn’t let up with lead, instead they took advantage of the AVs pressing to catch up. If they can continue to play this way the confidence will be better when Burr and Ed return. Also if torts is going to play Alberts only 5-6 mins a night, why not play Webber. He is a defensive liability, but his shot would pair well with Garrison on the power play.

    • acg5151

      Yes, you can. In fact, I will say it too. The Canucks are better without Edler and his bonehead mistakes. I never got the hooha about Edler other than his boomer from the point, but then Garrison can do it too, and better perhaps, and doesn’t make so many egregious errors. Edler is not a happy camper playing for Torts I would venture to think. Something’s off there.

      • acg5151

        I’ve been saying this for a while. I can’t stand Edler anymore. I used to like him back when he was good but then he injured his back and I feel like he went downhill. It just feels like no matter who they pair with him, the pairing is a train wreck. The only guy that could figure out how to play with him was Christian Ehrhoff, and he hasn’t been a Canuck for a while,

  • acg5151

    Edler has never been able to put it all together. Unlike Garrison, he oozes talent. But he never seems to be able to use it effectively over the course of a full game/season. He’s a lot like Pavol Kubina, another talented, lanky defenceman who you would think would be a star. But like Kubina, he is overpaid and underwhelming.

    That said, once again Santo gets the job done. He is a gift from the hockey gods and the line of Santo-Kesler-Higgins is the second line Gillis has been searching for since he dealt away Samuelsson.

    And as an unashamed Booth basher, I will man-up and say he’s been playing much better over this last stretch, as a third line winger — because that is what he is — a third line winger. His brief play with the Sedins haven’t delivered much results and I’d rather see him used as a grind line kinda guy.

  • acg5151

    The Canucks are not better without Edler. They are running five D right now and have managed to minimize the impact of playing Alberts. Yes Edler makes some (sometimes many) mistakes and he doesn’t seem to have the impact that he’s often predicted to. He makes no more mistakes than Bieksa (both tend to go for big hits often ill-timed) and is still overall (in terms of passes out of the zone and offensive ability) probably their best. To think that Tortorella has lost confidence in him or that he’s somehow lost an edge is laughable — this isn’t AV (not) playing Ballard into the ground, it’s Tortorella giving him the biggest minutes on the team.

    On the shutout jinx, no one is blaming themselves more than Garrett. It’s hard to believe anyone could be crazier than Tom Larschied but Garrett is, and kind of lovably so with his strange appetites and stranger commentary. The closing the hand on the puck thing…

    • asdf

      Garrett can make you laugh with his ridiculousness in the middle of a dull game.

      What I’ve learned from Garrett:
      – He can shoot a puck over the glass from the other side of the rink
      – Peanut butter makes a great snack for all occasions
      – The refs don’t call the closing the hand on the puck penalty enough, it should be a penalty every time!
      – etc etc etc…

  • The Benevolent Orca

    Saying the word “Shutout” does jinx the goalie. It’s along the same lines as putting a tooth under your pillow.

    Canucks have a tough time finishing teams off. If they can improve this before the real hockey season starts in a couple months. They might have a shot at going deep.

    Come out strong and finish strong. Simple as that.