Evening Headshots: November 27th

Kesler cries blood. I just wish he could cry goals with that shot of his when he shoots 1-on-3.

Well, folks. It’s time for Headshots with your old pal Mitch. I can assure you that I’ve tucked my shirt AND balls in so I could bring you tonight’s edition of Headshots. There’s more after the jump. Shall we?

It appears the Ryan Kesler on the wing experiment is over, for now at least. Kesler is expected to start at center for tomorrow’s game against the Senators. [The Province]

Very rarely do you see a hockey player take a hit and do a full 360. Well, it happened, and it wasn’t at center ice and it wasn’t a late and dirty hit. Darren Archibald spun someone around. Literally. My old pal Wyatt has a clip of it and little summary. [The Province]

Having a hard time keeping up with the Canucks prospects? Don’t worry, Josh has got you covered with his weekly prospects report. I’m sad I wasn’t included. Apparently scouts don’t hang around Burnaby 8 Rinks looking for the next great Andrew Alberts. [Canucks Army]

Cam Charron is gearing up to ride the Oregon Trail aboard The Stajan Wagon. Hmm, that was a lot funnier when I thought about making an Oregon Trail reference. Damn. [Canucks Army]

This average looking fella rants a little bit about the Canucks having a mild interest in Martin Erat. [Northwest Sports Beat]

Daniel Wagner takes a look at the week ahead and Harrison Mooney talks about the worst homestand ever. [Pass it to Bulis]

Rob the Hockey Guy has a preview of tomorrow’s game against the Senators and talks about the five ways to fix the Canucks.

I think that’s all for me tonight, folks. We could talk about David Booth a little more.. or we couldn’t. I’ll go with the latter. If you want to suggest some good, lesser known Canucks blogs to me for posts on the Headshots, please do. Follow me on Twitter because it’s the easiest way to get a hold of me.

Thanks for reading.