David Booth added to active roster, Darren Archibald sent down

David Booth’s initial plan was to play on the team’s four-game road trip that just ended. He just overshot it by a day, and I can buy why the team wouldn’t want to make any big roster changes on the road. I don’t think it’s something that’s done often except in case of injury.

Anyway, Booth is back from his conditioning stint in Utica. He recorded one assist in three games, was a minus-one, and the team won its first two games on the season and why the heck are we pointing this out it’s only three games.

Darren Archibald, meanwhile, had two assists in eight games with the big club, which doesn’t look particularly great, but the Canucks scored on 15.6% of shots when he was on the ice and goalies had a .960 even strength save percentage. It’s safe to say that percentages made Archibald look slightly more NHL-ready than he probably was.

I’m still sticking to my guns when it comes to David Booth. Forget how he’s played in the last 50 games or so, or what his production has been like, he’s still a much better bet to be a game-breaking hockey player between now and the end of the season than any other healthy player you could stick on the Canucks third line. He hasn’t been shooting the puck often this year, and we’ll see if the conditioning stint has helped in *that* regard. He recorded six shots in the three-game conditioning stint, but whatever. The more pressing issue is that at the NHL, his shots per 60 minutes dipped from an excellent 10.773 from 2007 to 2013 to just 5.538 in 2014. That takes you from “elite” to “whatever the opposite of elite is” and I think it’s safe to say the team needs more out of him.

Still, he’s good at zone entries and defence, and the team out-shoots when he’s on the ice more than when he’s off, and he draws dem penalties. Let’s see how he plays until his next lower-body injury…

  • elvis15

    Booth is at least equal to Archibald (although really better) if you ignore the cap hits. And you’re right that unless we’re pulling someone like Higgins down from the top 6 (since he’s a great 3rd liner really) there isn’t anyone that’ll outperform him and have the same possible upside on the 3rd line. Grenier and Jensen are in the minors but are both RWs, so I don’t see a better option until we get other players healthy – even then that’d mean finding a way to move Booth and his cap hit out.

  • elvis15

    Booth still has more ability than our prospects at this point and we’re stuck with him for this year. Maybe one more if he isn’t bought out.

    Booth on line 3 might be a good thing. I like the potential. That line has size and some skill.

  • elvis15

    Agree that Booth is the best option right now. Definitely not the best allocation of cap space but we don’t have any alternatives. Let’s hope he gets his game back.

  • asdf

    To go along with Booth’s 1 assist and 6 shots over 3 games in Utica, Booth missed a wide-open net, rang one off the post, and was robbed of a terrific scoring chance. Typical game for Booth.

  • Peachy

    I believe that Burrows should go back up to the top line and have Kessler center the second line and Santorelli down to third. Figure out Higgins booth Kassian Richardson and where they belong. Balance approach to scoring has to be done. Santorelli isn’t a 2nd line center but a good third line center.

  • asdf

    I don’t quite understand the extent of the negativity surrounding Booth lately. I understand the concerns about his cap hit and his health but when it’s simply a question of whether or not he makes the team better when he’s in the lineup then I think he clearly does.

    At the very least, you can count on him to be a possession monster and to not give the opposition much O-zone time when he’s on the ice. His line may not score all that much but neither will the opposition when he’s out there. That alone makes him a pretty valuable 3rd liner doesn’t it?

    His dramatically decreased shots per 60 is obviously a concern but whatever. That almost feels like a bonus if he generates a lot of shots at this point. If he just stays healthy and comes out more or less even in goals for/against over the long haul then he’s very valuable as a guy who can reliably eat even strength minutes while our stacked top two lines take a breather. Even better if he actually manages to get a few bounces in his favor and puts some points up.

  • Peachy

    On a related topic, it’s heartening to note that Torts and Gillis appear to be making decisions based on underlying data more than on appearances.

    Mind, there’s still no good reason for Sestito to continue playing, and yet here he is, so maybe I should take the sign with a grain of salt.