Evening Headshots: November 6th

Torts is yelling because his team lost. He’s also taking the blame for it. A Canucks coach can do that?

Evening, folks. It’s that time again, where we all gather ’round the internet campfire and go over the day’s news for the Canucks. We have a little of this, a little of that and most of all, we see how many people can call me a knuckle-dragging sheep-fucker. It’s time for the evening headshots.

"John Tortorella looked like a New York City traffic cop on Wednesday. Standing at centre ice while waiving his hands…" No, Torts wasn’t having a jammer and calling for the medical staff to help him, he was giving the power play some new practice options, according to Ben Kuzma. [The Province]

Jason Botchford has the Canucks Hat Trick; discussing the potential of another trade with Florida. I’ll give you a hint, it doesn’t rhyme with trading David Booth back to Florida for the cost of the flight. Come to think of it, nothing rhymes with it. If you can think of something that does, you’ll get a cookie.

This handsome motherfucker talked about David Booth being sent down to Utica. Lets be real here, it’s a shameless plug and essentially everything you already know about SPF7 and his struggles to stay healthy long enough to stay in the lineup. So just go a head and have a look. [NWSports Beat]

Nicklas Jensen can’t have a good preseason, stay healthy or record a point in three games with the Utica Comets, but goddamn can he draw. And of course by draw you have to assume this is as good as it gets for a hockey player, or any athlete. [Pass it to Bulis]

Over at…uh, at…Oh, fuck it. It was a slow news day. This is as good as it gets after a loss to the Coyotes. Pretend like I put in a chart or used a series of back and forward slashes to make the Canucks logo. Hopefully after tomorrow’s game we’ll have a lot to talk about that isn’t Joe Thornton living up to his promise of what would happen if he scored four goals.

Thanks for reading.