Evening Headshots: November 4th

David Booth is headed to Utica, are the Canucks sending him there for good? No, it's not likely.

David Booth is limping his way to the AHL…for a conditioning stint

Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of headshots, but between real life and your emotionally crippling critiques I’ve been away for a while. Nevertheless, I’m back and that probably upsets you in some way or another. If it does, you’re doing the internet wrong. After all, all I’m here to do is provide you with the most relevant links of the day relating to your favourite hockey team in a tidy, efficient manner, and maybe, just maybe, make you chuckle a little bit. Here are the headshots for November the 4th.

Cam Charron talks about David Booth being assigned to the Canucks farm team, the Utica Comets. Apparently Jim Jamieson didn’t know that Booth could veto this, but hey neither did I. At least I’m not being paid to be wrong.[Canucks Army]

Dimitri Filipovic has a positive thing or two to say about Ryan Stanton.

Here’s a little something from Wyatt Arndt over at the Legion of Blog. In it Wyatt talks about Joffrey Lupul’s attempt to elbow Henrik Sedin in the head, a shot that would have probably ended his ironman streak and taken his head clean off his shoulders. [The Province]

Also from the Province The Crypt Keeper Tony Gallagher talks Bure’s jersey retirement. There’s so much silent tire pumping in there, but go a head and read it for yourself. Also while you’re at it, maybe you can beat to death the narrative that Trevor Linden planned to miss the ceremony intentionally? Yeah, do that a little more.

Speaking of beating the shit out of old narratives, Ben Kuzma has a little something from Oscar winning diver Coyotes goalie Mike Smith who discusses how he believes hockey in the desert can work.

This is the point where I would link to another feel good story about Mike Santorelli and how heartwarming it is for the hometown boy to be playing this well. But I don’t want to. I’m glad he’s playing well and fitting in with the team, but I’m fucking tired of this hometown stuff. I can’t be the only one here.

I’m going to end headshots tonight with something that’s a few days old and will probably send the people who need graphs, cones, pie charts and all kinds of other shit in their link dumps into a blind rage, but here it is anyways. Rob the Hockey Guy has been hosting Paul DeBron’s top six since he began his extended vacation in Naniamo. Ending the headshots tonight is the top six things Paul DeBron doesn’t want his daughter to be when she grows up.

That’s all from me tonight, folks. The swearing is toned down and the news is 90% news. Have a good night.

  • Dimitri Filipovic

    What? No stats? This is exactly what’s wrong with Canucks Army!

    I’m just joking, thanks for the article rundown. Keep up the good work. Don’t let the crippling critique keep you down.

  • VBS6935

    Hey Mitch, I am guessing you were just being sarcastic about the “emotionally crippling critique” as I haven’t seen any comments posted under your columns that even remotely resembles an actual “critique.”

    I enjoy your noting interesting sources that I otherwise wouldn’t see and appreciate your efforts.

  • Mitch

    Fella’s, I appreciate the kind words, but it didn’t bother me being called out, haha. Real life happened. But again, appreciate the kind words.

    I was born a swearer, 2gangsta2care, I’ll die a swearer.