Heeeeeeeee’s back!

Cam Charron’s favourite Canucks defence prospect not named Corrado or Subban is up. And there’s no telling why.

Seriously, things haven’t been this exciting since the Ludwig Blomstrand controversy.

One imagines that this is some more Gilman Magic, since Sauve will make it up, get injured and provide salary cap relief.

I think.

The exceptionally confusing part is that Jannik Hansen is injured, meaning that David Booth will surely draw back in to the lineup, ‘lesson learned’ or not. (Really, I’m pretty convinced that either his head is broken or his shoulders.)

Maybe Booth will draw in on D. That would be amazing.

Anyway, it also seems a safe bet that Yannick Weber draws back in, what after Andrew Alberts’ 37 seconds of disaster against the Islanders. Did you notice that removing him from the lineup was the obvious difference maker?

(Of course it wasn’t.)

So, Yann Sauve gets to traipse down to New Jersey, the scariest place there is, and probably fly on the plane to St. Louis. It’s the stuff dreams are made of. Does he come back to Vancouver? Or does he go back to Utica, ready to play a Friday night game against Hamilton? NHL money vs AHL money…Beaches vs the Erie Canal…

Oh ya, remember how Torts said he’d carry 7 defencemen? This is nine. NINE. It’s like Mike Keenan is re-born and is playing Chris McAllister and Jamie Huscroft AND Enrico Ciccone playing forward.

Serious moment – good for Yann Sauve. He had a brutal season last year, spending lots of time in the press box and in Kalamazoo. Remember how he’d actually made the NHL?

  • elvis15

    Honestly, who knows what this is. We need a forward and call up a D. Our best players apparently have been Corrado and Grenier but we call up Sauve.

    Maybe Torts has had enough with Alberts and needs to see who else he can use internally for a depth D. I’d expect at least a minor trade at some point as Torts asks to get one or two of his guys, so perhaps this is a precursor.

  • argoleas

    “It’s like Mike Keenan is re-born and is playing Chris McAllister and Jamie Huscroft AND Enrico Ciccone playing forward.”

    I had actually been repressing this era of the Canucks…until now.

    This team really can’t afford anymore forward injuries…

  • argoleas

    The team now says Sauve up is just for salary cap reasons. They get close enough to the cap with him on the roster to begin taking advantage of the cap space afforded by injuries.

    I assume this means Hansen/Schroeder are out for awhile and Burrows misses more than 10 games.

    It’s also probably an indictment of Sauve as they chose him as the guy that doesn’t need the icetime in Utica to develop.