Evening Headshots: October 16th

Ryan Kesler sobs with raw emotion after bumping slump.
Ryan Kesler sobs with raw emotion after bumping the slump.

Be gentle, it’s my first time here at Canucks Army. For those of you who don’t know, I’m Mitch; I blog, I enjoy a casual swear, and I have the grammar of a 9 year old boy. For those of you who do know me…well, you know everything I just said above is absolutely, 100% true and that in the right light it looks like former Canucks Christian Ehrhoff looks like he doesn’t have eyebrows. Enough is enough, let’s get you folks some news.

A little bit of chatter over at the Province about splitting up the Sedins. You’ve got Ben Kuzma and Jim Jamieson talking about it. Personally, I’ll go with Kuz, I haven’t forgiven Jim for the spam DM that made me think that people were posting nasty videos of me on the internet. [The Province]

Also on the topic of splitting the Sedins, Daniel Wagner from Pass it to Bulis has never wronged me over the internet or asked me to co-sign a loan for him to front a mini-tour across Canada, also talks splitting the Twins by weighing the pros and cons. [Pass it to Bulis]

More from the PITB guys, Scarrison Booney thinks the Sedins are on pace for the busiest season under John Tortorella. Jesus, I had to look how to spell Tortorella’s last night. I may or may not have spelt Tortellini by accident. (Shit, I totally did). [Pass it to Bulis]

ICYMI, Dimitri Filipovic (the guy who is crazy enough to let me do this) has some early season notes of player usage. [Canucks Army]

I’m going to close on a high note here, guys and girls. Jason Botchford from The Province has the Canucks Hat-Trick. In it he talks about…well, read it for yourself, folks. [The Province]

That’s all for me tonight folks. Once I get the hang of this I’ll add some more links, swear some more and have more grammatical errors than anyone can shake their head at.