Canucks Postgame: Luongos beat Schneiders in Overtime

There was a lot of talk heading into Tuesday night’s Devils-Canucks game about Cory Schneider and Roberto Luongo. Those guys will, for better or for worse, be linked to each other for a long time to come. Whenever one guy does very well or very poorly, people will make jokes suggesting that the Canucks should’ve stuck with the other guy. That’s a foregone conclusion.

So the 3-2 overtime win by the Canucks surely didn’t do anything do change that, especially since it’s just one game, and both guys played very well. But what it did do was provide the Canucks with 2 needed points in the standings – with the schedule about to get tougher, it was nice to bank a 3rd straight victory – and a much better all-around performance to build off of.

Read on past the jump for a quick recap of the game.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the start the Canucks got off to in this one. Overall they didn’t get outplayed or anything per se, but I thought that they did a really poor job of defending in their own zone. They were far too willing to play back, and that soft play in the defensive zone cost them on Jaromir Jagr’s goal to open the game. 

The 2nd period was kind of reminiscent of the 3rd period from Sunday night’s win in Calgary, as the Canucks really #flippedtheswitch and took their play to another gear. An unfortunate series of bounces – first off of the referee, and then off of Dale Weise – led to a cheap goal for Patrik Elias, but after that, it was all Canucks.

In fact, in that period the Canucks directed 22 shots on net to just 8 for the Devils, and had 8 scoring chances of their own while blanking the opposition. Daniel Sedin beat Schneider on a lucky bounce of his own off of a Devils defenseman, and then Edler made no mistake after being sent in by Daniel (with an assist to Ryane Clowe, who had trouble getting off of the ice creating an odd man advtange).

The 3rd period was pretty uneventful for the most part. In overtime, Jason Garrison scored his 3rd goal of the season from the point (which actually a seeing-eye shot of sorts that took a nasty re-direct from Marek Zidlicky in front of the net). For those keeping score at home now, Garrison needs just 12 goals in 78 games for Cam Charron to owe me a pitcher (we bet on an Over/Under of 14.5 to start the season). I feel pretty good about that right now, acknowledging that 2 of the 3 have been very favourable for me. But hey, at the end of the year they all count the same, right?

The Sedins were freakin’ awesome in this game, yet again. I noted that Daniel logged 23:18 in regulation tonight, which I can’t remember him doing in a long, long time. That makes 4 straight games to start the year where he has ecclipsed the 20-minute mark. Apparently, I was right that he hadn’t done it in a while:

Finally.. Schneider was excellent in this game. He made some big-time stops – with the most notable ones being sprawling to rob Henrik on a rebound, and stopping Hansen on a breakaway. He certianly didn’t disappoint in his return to Vancouver. He received a nice ovation from the fans before the game, but once it started, it was all business as the Rogers Arena faithful chanted his name. The Canucks play in New Jersey on the 24th, by the way. 

Check back tomorrow morning for a closer look at how the scoring chances totals (and some of the other more relevant underlying numbers) shook out.

  • andyg

    I thought it was an entertaining game with a good story line. Both Lou and Schneider looked great and the fans were very classy.

    I am very interested to see what this team will be capable of once they are used to Torts and we have Kassian, Burrows and Schroeder in the lineup.

  • pheenster

    I thought Ginger Jesus and a lucky bounce were all that prevented a 7-1 Canucks final score tonight. We get A-level opposition starting on Thursday though. That game should be a pretty good indicator of where the Canucks are really at.

    • pheenster

      There’s more to it than a lucky bounce. There are plays before the bounce, players how did or did not do what they were supposed to do. Don’t get fixated on the luck, there’s alot more happening before luck was involved.

  • pheenster

    Well at least Luongo’s kept his one stinky goal per game streak intact. Hey Roberto, keep your legs closed when the puck is coming from the corner, you’re supposed to be a goalie, not a hooker on Main and Hastings.

    Across the country AV’s Rangers lose another game. I saw AV giving his gum a real good chewing of anxiety. Hey AV, where was that concern during the finals? Oh yes, you’re more concerned with regular season games than winning the finals.

  • islander

    Boring game but it looks like a few players are starting to emerge such as Santorelli and Stanton. They need to solidify the bottom six of course but give them some time and see what shakes out.

  • antro

    So, four games in, everything that Thomas Drance wrote about Tortorella with NYR seems to be right:

    Despite all the hype about the Sedins doing everything now, there is an OZ line, the Sedins, over 50% OZ/DZ starts, while there is a DZ line, Kesler’s, doing the checking line work (around 40%):

    The top forwards are averaging above 20 mins a game (Sedins + Kesler), as well as top four Dmen (Edler, Bieksa, Hamhuis, Garrison), while the 4th line is seeing 5 mins, and the 6th D is seeing 13 mins:

    Here’s the list in terms of percentage of 5v5 time:

    In short, the major difference in terms of deployment, is running with the big guns. This is how Chicago does things, while I think LA tries to distribute across 4 lines more evenly.

    Anyway, I guess Torts is just ignoring the stats analysis from the Canucks front office regarding optimal player usage amounts, no?

    • andyg

      Torts may have figured out how to deal with Edler. The less time he has to sit on the bench the less time he has to fall a sleep.

      25 to 30min may be what he needs.

    • islander

      Couldn’t it partially be based on the (lack of) depth at least with the forward group?

      Maybe Torts does this anyway; but 4 games with a crap bottom 6 with which to work (and 3 tight games) doesn’t seem like enough to go on…

        • andyg

          The bottom 6 are Santorelli, Richardson, Weise in addition to Dalpe, Weber & Sestito.

          Until Burrows gets back, that’s a weak bottom 6.

          Of course, it’s been masked by the mediocre competition of the last 3 games…

          • andyg

            I’m not sure how much can be counted on from Kassian & espescially Schroeder.

            When Burrows comes back it will be a weak bottom 3-5 if every single forward is healthy.

            And it still won’t match up with SJ or LA among others…

          • andyg

            You don’t have to love these guys, and as a core I don’t either, but what’s not to like about Santorelli? He is contributing, and his 3 meaningful goals have helped the team win three games they were clearly the better team.

            I thought last night the Canucks were very unlucky on the Elias goal, but responded well. Schneider is the only reason that game was close at all.

          • andyg

            Well even with the weak bottom 6 they are still managing to get through mediocre competition, which is encouraging. Especailly considering we have been relying on our offense to pull out games, when I was expecting our defense to be the one carrying the load.

            With Burrows and Kassian back in the lineup (and maybe Schroeder) it does a lot to change the dynamic of the bottom 6.

      • andyg

        I wouldn’t call Santorelli crap, IMO he’s been holding his own and doing a fine job. I wouldn’t call Richardson crap either. Dalpe on the other hand I have no opinion on. Sure we’d love a better bottom 6, but calling them crap is inaccurate IMO. And oh, Stanton ain’t bad either.

          • andyg

            That is a fair statement, so let’s not call them crap until we get some more games in, and against better competition. All I’m saying is that it’s early and they ain’t doing so bad.

          • andyg

            I’m really only defending Santorelli, Richardson and Stanton, so far. They deserve a chance to prove themselves. Sometimes a new team can make all the difference.

          • andyg

            Your reply is a real let down.

            I expected a long winded and detailed reply full of all kinds of analytical nonsense.

            The game will be fun to watch no mater what happens and you may be right but with hockey you never know. That’s why we watch.

          • andyg

            Sadly, he just puts up random stats that are not relevant to the crap he is spewing. He just likes to put numbers to words. I think he posted Lotto 649 numbers the other day to support his post.

          • andyg

            If you expect the Canucks to go out and build a real good team after 45 years of what they’ve been doing, you definitely have not been following the Canucks.

            All they can do is change coaches. Fasto Gillis isn’t going to fire himself and the owners and management have no real intentions of building a winning culture when the fanboys keep shelling out their money year after year.

            Do you really seriously expect the Canucks to actually care about winning when they haven’t in 45 years?

          • andyg

            It’s not a question of out-chemistrying, it’s a question of getting better matchups which, as you know, is harder to do on someone else’s ice.

            Now I’m willing to agree that Richardson, Santo, etc. are poorly matched up against SJ’s 3rd line; however I would also not be surprised to see them perform significantly better, and the Sharks 3rd liners significantly worse, when McLellan isn’t able to force them into matchups with the top 6.

            San Jose has done no travel thus far this year, they’ve had final matchups for every game, they’ve never had to play their backup, and they’ve had no back-to-backs yet. They’ve had a very favourable schedule thus far and, give them props, they’ve capitalized on it.

            But their season is not over; like everyone else (including this lot), it’s barely even begun.

          • andyg

            There’s no reason to justify your rational position with NoMind00. He is the ultimate troll. He does not havea clue in regards to hockey and just spews rubbish. In his world, the season is already done and the Canucks finished in last; he also has crowned several other teams and it’s a week into the season. His brand of stupidity is not new but it entertains. Just sit back and poke fun at hime. Enjoy the ride.

          • andyg

            You know, I read these blogs and the comments every so often — sometimes there’s some good commentary or analysis or even some news on the team, but it’s certainly not on the top of my list to keep checking back here. You are on here constantly — do you have some kind of automatic response set up so that the moment a post goes up you’re ready with a submission? I’m just a little fascinated by your presence here. I think some of the responses to you are a bit over the top but I think I can understand them. At the end of the day this is a blog about a sports team that most (I think) are supportive of. I don’t entirely understand what pleasure you gain out of this constant doom-and-gloom oracle character you portray on this site. You may be right — the Canucks’ window may have closed, they may not be a top tier team anymore, maybe they don’t match up well against the Sharks or LA or the Blues or Hawks. Or maybe they will. Who knows? Many of the newcomers have looked much better than advertised (Stanton, Santorelli, Richardson), and I’ve seen a much better sense of hustle and energy out of the Sedins and some of the rest of the core than I remember from the past couple of years (though last year was an aberration in so many ways). They might still fall flat on their faces — but it’s only four games in. You have no more prescience than any other — no matter what your constant negative assertions might suggest.

            If I was you I’d just chill. Your position and your predictions are well-established. Why don’t you just sit back and watch the game unfold? Maybe even try to enjoy it? For all that Americans get bashed for being (among other things) relentless and obnoxious homers, I like the fact that some at least will support their team no matter what instead of constantly harping on all that’s wrong with them. We can talk about what’s wrong with the Canucks but at the end of the day it’s still just a freaking game and it’s just a sports team. You have some interesting perspectives, but perhaps if you didn’t beat the skeleton of the horse quite so much they’d be easier to take.

        • islander

          Yeah, Santo has been solid. Actually, he’s been quite good and has been coming up huge for the team; not sure if that’s an indictment on him or the team…

          I think the team will take another beating at the hands of the Sharks. I hope I’m wrong but I’m not putting $ on the Nucks.

          I’m hoping Dalpe develops. He was a highly ranked Carolina prospect so who knows. No harm in giving him a shot. Don’t let the local idiot00 get you down. He wasn’t born with a fully functioning brain.

          • andyg

            Hey Idiot00

            I am not too concerned about the window. It would be nice to see the Canucks win a Cup but, at the end of the day, it will not make a big difference to me. I am not playing in the league. I am not making the $. I am not hoisting the trophy. I enjoy watching sports and cheering for my teams. Not everyone wins and that’s OK. That’s sports. Maybe you should get a life and stop being such a whiner. You tend to think you know all the answers; I suspect you’ve never been remotely connected with any pro team ever and I know you have no idea what the hell you’re talking about on here.

            The Canucks are one of the more succesful teams in the league and have been solid for years. It’s a nice change from what they used to do prior to the 2000’s. So, NoMind00, I’m not concerned about the window, your stupidity and your negativity. However, I do enjoy watching you make an ass of yourself everytime you post. Keep up the good work!

          • andyg

            Relax man. He is not able to write negative things about his home teems the oilers or flames because every one knows that they suck, so he picks on the Canucks.

    • antro

      Whatever he is doing is seems to be working from an offensive front.
      The Sedins are looking extremely dangerous whenever they are on the ice. Could it actually be helping by using them is all situations? I mean it certainly cant help them get into a flow of a game if they are not on the ice for long stretches at a time.

      There are some big positives with this team right. 100% PK on 15 short handed opportunities for the opposition is certainly one of them, as well as the 2 shorties.

      I think when we get Burrows and Kassian back into the lineup you will start to see a bit more time given to the 3rd and 4th lines.

  • andyg

    Solid effort from the team. They’re missing on some close chances but still got the job done. Yes, they faced a tired Devils team and made it close but…a win is a win.

    I hope Torts doesn’t wear out the top guys. He likes to ride his horses. Let’s hope he hasn’t ruined them come April.

    They should be a solid 3 line team when Kass, Burr and Schroeder get back. Some moves will have to be made. I am suspecting Alberts gets tossed as one of those moves. Not sure what else will be done since most of the NHL team would have to clear waivers to get to Utica.

    NoMind00, loving your commentary. Just verifies my previous comments regarding you 🙂