Canucks claim D Ryan Stanton off waivers

This seems odd, unless Ryan Stanton is secretly a centreman. I’d assumed that the Canucks would play with seven defencemen, and they were mostly locked in after Frankie Corrado was cut and sent to Utica. Evidently not, as the Canucks will carry around a 6’2″, 196-lb defenceman who has recorded 256 penalty minutes in his last two AHL seasons with the Rockford Ice Hogs.

I don’t pretend to know a lot about Stanton other than he shares a name with baseball’s most powerful home run hitter Giancarlo:

This is a move that gives the team “toughness” or whatever, but I have a hard time thinking that he’s better than any of the seven defencemen the Canucks currently have on the roster. Stanton was undrafted after five seasons in Moose Jaw and doesn’t boast noteworthy offensive numbers in Rockford.

Unfortunately, he is not Giancarlo Stanton.

  • I don’t understand why you’d claim Stanton when a guy like Colby Robak was available on waivers too. Yeah, Robak has ugly +/- numbers, but we all know that +/- is misleading at best, useless at worst.

    Robak is bigger, younger, was in the black in terms of possession last year, has a longer NHL track record, scored more in junior, and probably still has some upside. Stanton just looks like a career AHLer.

    • elvis15

      I wouldn’t have minded Robak either, but perhaps they felt Stanton was more likely to be able to actually stick in the NHL. No point claiming someone you think will have to pass waivers again in a month.

      But Stanton sticks with Alberts and Weber both staying as well (at the expense of Shinkaruk, who was going to go back soon enough anyway). That could well be short term until Schroeder’s healthy again, and then they make a decision on who to keep from the D.

  • The most logical plan is to outscore the Oilers when they ice their “tough” lineup on Saturday.

    I suppose the next most logical plan is to engage in fights all night and hope the bench grows 10 feet tall…

  • Fred-65

    Can’t say the Canucks are loaded with toughness maybe come the play-offs when the rule book gets thrown out the window he mght fact he might help now. One of Weber or Alberts are on notice…which is not a bad thing

  • elvis15

    Have you guys checked out his fights on You Tube? He doesn’t back down from anyone and can throw with either hand. I like Alberts for his try, but no one is afraid of him, and he is really up and down in his performance. Stanton was a final cut from the best defense in the league. I think Gillis got a steal and he’s only 24.

  • elvis15

    Not a bad pick up. Stanton is tough and likes to fight. I’m pretty sure Torts loves a physical, tough team (remember that line brawl that happened before the game even started when he coached NYR?). I’m guessing that’s why we’ll get more of Sestito than we’re used to and Stanton may draw in over Weber from time to time.