Chris Tanev to KHL? Swiss League? Narnia?

Chris Tanev

It could happen.

Both The Province’s Jim Jamieson and the Vancouver Sun’s Brad Ziemer tweeted around lunch time that Tanev’s agent got out his pots and pans by suggesting that his client doesn’t want to go to Russia, but that he’ll go there if he doesn’t get a fair deal from the Canucks.

A mea culpa and a few other details after the jump.

So, I have to be honest. Two months ago I wrote about Tanev adding an agent; I figured at the time it was most likely he was close to signing. (Though, in fairness, Cam Charron did back me up by pointing out how little leverage a guy like Tanev has.)

Seems I was wrong.

Cue Jim Jamieson, who, admittedly has been doing this far longer and remains far better than I (ok yes, I work with him now, but I wouldn’ve said that anyway!). There’s this:

.. and this:

That’s a lot of smoke. It’s fair to say that these parties aren’t all that close, especially if Tanev is seriously considering a move to the land where they don’t like demonstrations but they did once purport to love workers.

So he may go, he may not. Is he replaceable? Probably? Would it be a loss? Yes, it most certainly would. Solid NHLers on cheap contracts are very valuable, and his role on the team’s back-end can’t be overlooked. But it wouldn’t be a disaster. 

  • VC

    The question is, which Edler will come and play next year?. While Tanev isn’t as offensively gifted as Edler, there is no question, that defensively, Tanev outplayed Edler last year.

    IMO, if we get the Edler of last year and the year before, then it becomes a bigger loss. I don’t expect Edler to fold under the pressure that Torts is likely to put on him, however, stranger things have happened.

    I think while Tanev may #5 on our depth chart, when the so-called top four struggled, AV had no issues transplanting him in the top four. I believe Torts will have the same approach. If we lose Tanev to the KHL or SEL or one of our top four get’s injured for any meaningful length of time, and if we are relying on Weber, Corrado and whoever else to step it up…it could be a long season.

  • Mantastic

    This is a bit ridiculous! Taney has no real leverage since no other team has signed home to an offer sheet. The reason why is that he hasn’t proven very much. The agent works for the player and Tanev needs to stop this Tom Foolery righ away. Unless you as a player are ready to go the Russia and play for Mobsters…. Don’t pull that card, Tanevs best move is to sign a deal that will be a raise and improve. Simple if you improve your offense, then a big fat paycheck will be waiting. This Euro league/Russia stuff smacks of desperation.

    • Mantastic

      It’s not tom foolery.

      It’s an alternative workplace.

      The reason Tanev hired an agent is likely because Gillis and co are lowballing him.

      It’s a business not a charity. Tanev is under no obligation to sign a contract he feels is detrimental to his career.

      • Mantastic

        I know people that played in the KHL and unless you are a Russian star you are treated like cattle. If Tanev has a problem with the CBA, Gillis is not the one to complain about. He has no options unless he gets a offer sheet from another team and that’s not going to happen, I like Tanev and believe he will get better, but no team is going to give him 3+ mil a year for his skills and the time he has spent in the league, I’m hoping he gets that he has no leverage and going to Sweden will not help his contract situation. He will be a RFA when he gets back. I have no problem with players getting what they can, but you shouldn’t pick a fight if you know you can’t win.he will get a raise AND if he improves his shot and offense….then he will make his big money. Not this year though.

        • Mantastic

          It’s both the KHL and the Swiss league.

          He’s a free agent. He has the ability to negotiate with all 30 NHL teams and employers in Europe.

          That is the definition of ‘leverage’.

          He is well within his rights to explore his career options and I doubt he is scouring the blogosphere for opinions on what he should do with his career.

  • Mantastic

    Agent making a really, really weak attempt at negotiating through the press. Does anyone really believe Tanev wants to go live in Russia? Particularly given the fact that it would crater his earning potential in pro hockey?

    The way to make real money is to prove you can play in the best league in the world. He hasn’t finished doing that yet. If a guy really wanted to bolt to the KHL for cash, he’d create a reputation as a full-time NHL player first.

    This is just nonsense and it shouldn’t affect anything. If he won’t take what he’s worth based on NHL comparables, then he can leave. Can’t set a precedent by having this sort of threat affect value.

    • Mantastic

      No one said a thing about “huge demand”. It’s not unrealistic that he signs with, say, a Swedish club in the hopes that the Canucks get desperate. It would hardly be the first time it’s happened, even though it would put a dent in his earnings in the short-term.

      I am curious if the Canucks are really low-balling him (like in the NHL minimum salary range). I can’t believe he would quibble over a couple hundred thousand on, say, a two-year contract when he’ll be making far more money than he ever has before, with a chance at much more.

  • Mantastic

    If there’s no real demand league-wide for him now, how does he think that’ll change by playing a season in Switzerland?

    Good riddance, I don’t even want him on the team anymore. A guy who has proven little other than the ability to defend as the 6th/7th defenseman, and who certainly hasn’t come close to accomplishing anything offensively in the league sure does think highly of himself.

    • JCDavies

      “Sure does think highly of himself” based on what?

      You have no idea what the Canucks are offering him or what he is requesting.

      It’s amazing that people think Tanev should do this or Tanev should do that.

      It’s TANEV’s career. You and I are merely customers.

      • JCDavies

        Customers who pay out the nose for tickets and merchandise, and enable the league to make billions of ad revenue. It matters how much a player is paid because as customers, the cap hit affects the team, and that affects my enjoyment of the product. If Tanev takes 3 million of a cap hit, I sure won’t be thanking him for handcuffing the team and my enjoyment of the product.

        The idea that the negotiations exist in a vacuum is a falacy.

        • JCDavies

          “Customers who pay out the nose for tickets and merchandise, and enable the league to make billions of ad revenue.”

          The NHL will do just fine if you do not enjoy their product.

          Just look at how the fans came back after the lockout.

          Again, what Tanev chooses to do has nothing to do with what people on the blogosphere thinks he should do.

          It’s his career not yours.

          “The idea that the negotiations exist in a vacuum is a falacy”

          Who says it does?