Morning Rumour Round-Up: Edler Notes, Goalie Updates

Could power play anchor Alex Edler be on the move?
Image via wikimedia commons.

It’s draft day, which means a potentially major news day and certainly a big rumor day. Canucks Army’s Thomas Drance is on the frontlines at the draft but a few others will be checking in with any news updates as the day moves along.

The big rumors this morning are carry-overs from last night. Namely, there are indications that the Canucks are feeling out a potential Cory Schneider move instead of a Roberto Luongo deal (a move which makes sense in basic economics terms, since you’d maximize your total assets that way, but it’s one that might not be plausible). There are also the somewhat newer rumblings that defenceman Alex Edler could be on the move.

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More updates after the jump.

Edler, of course, has been a power play stud for the Canucks for a handful of years now. He’s consistently finished in the top-30 in power play goals, points and minutes, but his occasional defensive lapses, his $5M cap hit for the next six years and the relative depth the Canucks have on the back end have created a reasonable narrative to moving Edler.

As Ben Kuzma points out on Twitter, there’s another small incentive for the Canucks to move Edler this week if they plan to move him at all over the next six years:

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That’s something Bob McKenzie refered to as "Getting Carter’d," bringing John Travolta to mind, which is never cool Sylvester Stallone to mind, which is awesome.

The reasoning to shop Edler makes sense given the current cap and roster construction. However, Edler is a valuable asset, and he’s not the likeliest player to move just for the sake of making a move given his on-ice value. Dreger confirms that the Canucks aren’t just going to give him away for cap relief:

A few different people on Twitter have suggested the New York Rangers as a possible destination due to Alain Vigneault’s presence behind the bench. I’m not sure what the Rangers would send back in such a scenario, though the Canucks could use additional forward depth. 

Skeptical about the chances of such a move? Bobby Mac is not, which tells me there’s something to the rumblings (although really, on a day like today everyone is being discussed, I’m sure):

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As far as the goalie situation goes, there’s nothing new on that front yet this morning. Drance broke down the initial report earlier this weekend and then followed up on whether or not a deal would solve the Luongo situation. He added a few more details and thoughts here, and those three pieces should bring you up to speed.

In short, the Canucks are doing their due diligence on all fronts. It’s certainly encouraging that they’re at least open to looking at new directions if it makes the team better.

As the day moves along, check back to Canucks Army for updates. It’s also worth following Drance who will probably be active on the Twitter machine throughout the day.

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    • No indication really…I get the feeling it’s east for the insiders to suss out who is available but much harder to figure out what teams are willing to pay (makes sense). I can’t imagine Letang’s 8-58 deal hurts the Edler market, though.

  • VC

    One thing doesn’t make sense about an Edler trade…..why the hell didn’t Edler’s agent have his NTC kick in straight away? See:

    Harrison Mooney ‏@HarrisonMooney
    @Real_ESPNLeBrun How in the world did Perry’s NMC for a deal that starts next year go into effect yesterday?

    Pierre LeBrun @Real_ESPNLeBrun
    @HarrisonMooney new wrinkle in CBA that allows NMC/NTC to get activated right away upon signing extension

    Seems like a bit of a blooper by that agent. (oh, and classic Gilman)

    • My only guesses would be that Edler either wasn’t worried about being dealt, his agent wasn’t aware of the new wrinkle (unlikely) or the deal was just tasty enough that when the language of the deal came in with “extensions starting in 2013-14, X terms NTC etc” they just agreed and that was that.

      It IS kind of odd, but I can’t blame his side for not thinking he’d be dealt before the extension even kicked in.

  • I think dealing Edler, Burr and Higgy would be a good idea. Hate the idea of having so many players with no trade clauses on the team. Edler would get you a very nice return given the amount he signed for, length of deal and he is only 26.